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Kathleen Yearwood
Politics in Canada | Kathleen Yearwood: Goosebump worthy many times over | Jan 6 2014 | Bob Wiseman | Sometimes, rarely, art and politics get married and it’s perfect. Nobody could dream up anything better than Kathleen Yearwood.
Economy | Labour | Video: Idiot Capitalism | Jan 5 2014 | Gary Engler | Ernie Peshkov-Chow explains how and why capitalism tries to turn us into idiots.
Labour | CUPE: Make 2014 the Year of the Organizer | Jan 4 2014 | Nora Loreto | How should CUPE make right the union drive at Carleton University?
Fred Horne
Politics in Canada | Alberta Health minister's flu-jab count: thoughtful response to a health problem or quick fix to a political crisis? | Jan 4 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | This whole scenario smacks of another scheme sketched out on the back of a napkin by the PCs’ political advisers to quickly fix an emerging political crisis.
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Politics in Canada | Supreme Court ruling stirs national debate on sex work | Jan 3 2014 | Priya Sarin, Pro Bono | This case is a victory because it recognizes that the current legal regime of prostitution in Canada has penalized and caused harm to the very individuals it was supposed to protect.
Image: Grant Thornton UK LLP/flickr
Economy | Feminism | Unlucky, lazy, or just female? Why there aren't more women in the top 100 | Jan 3 2014 | Kate McInturff | Imagine finding $7.96 million in your stocking on Christmas morning. For Canada's top 100 CEOs, that happy day has arrived. But if you are a woman, odds are you are not on that happy list.
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Environment | Indigenous Rights | The Jackpine Mine expansion: Justified for whom? | Jan 3 2014 | Harrison Samphir | Who will the Jackpine Mine expansion justify in the end? Though 700-plus jobs may be created, are they enough to justify complete environmental degradation of Indigenous land?
Photo: flickr/Chris Yakimov
Environment | Are pipeline politics undermining Canada's democracy? | Jan 3 2014 | James MacGregor | Canada's democracy is eroding because of pipeline politics! There were 1,159 against and only two in favour of the Northern Gateway pipeline, so why was it approved?
Feminism | Music Moguls: Exclusive interview with Grammy nominated record producer Cookie Marenco | Jan 3 2014 | Andrea Jackson | The Whirling Girlish interviews Grammy nominated record producer about her contributions to the world of music, and hi resolution digital recordings.
Labour | Political Action | World | In solidarity: the Canadian labour movement in the world | Jan 3 2014 | rabble staff | A short documentary about how Canadian workers through the Canadian labour movement have built solidarity linkages throughout the world.
Photo: Joe Strouth/flickr
Media Matters | Karl Kraus: What a century-old literary critic can teach us about journalism | Jan 3 2014 | Rick Salutin | Today newspapers aren't the dominant journalistic force they were in Karl Kraus's Vienna. But they can still play a vile or almost angelic role in the grand drama of public life and debate.
Steve Rhodes Flickr via Creative Commons License
Political Action | Working with Sex Workers | Jan 3 2014 | A toolkit on working with sex workers
Photo: Tigana/flickr
Politics in Canada | A cynical view of Conservative politics and voters | Jan 3 2014 | Joyce Arthur | Why isn't there more widespread awareness and opposition to how Stephen Harper is transforming Canada to conform to his narrow ideological agenda?
Image: University of Lethbridge
Politics in Canada | Why I voted for Jim Coutts in 1984 and probably would again, a lesson in retail politics | Jan 3 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Farewell to Jim Coutts, who died on New Year's Eve at 75. He played a big role in Canadian history, never forgot his hometown and made a big impression on this blogger.
Photo: Bruno Cordioli/flickr
Technology | An old friend for the new year: Revisiting the Apple Newton MessagePad | Jan 3 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | The MessagePad was a bellwether for a new generation of personal digital assistants and then, with the iPhone, the screen-centric smartphone. Using it back then you could see and touch the future.