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Photo: Karsten Saunders/The Brunswickian
Education | Labour | Media Matters | How to cover a campus labour dispute | Apr 8 2014 | Cherise Letson | How do student journalists cover labour disputes happening on their campus? What is the relationship between student and university? These questions were discussed at the March #CUPchat.
Photo: Parti Québécois/flickr
Elections | Politics in Canada | A significant 'no': PQ government defeated | Apr 8 2014 | Duncan Cameron | The defeat of the minority PQ government led by Pauline Marois means Quebec will have a majority Liberal government led by Philippe Couillard.
Photo: jthornett/flickr
Environment | UN panel says climate change has implications for North America's water supply | Apr 8 2014 | Brent Patterson | The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations organization that assesses the impacts of climate change, has released a new report, the second part of a larger assessment.
Photo: jetsandzeppelins/flickr
Environment | Food & Health | Banning lawn pesticides for cancer prevention | Apr 8 2014 | Gideon Forman | There's a simple measure Manitobans can take to reduce their risk of cancer: urge the province to ban lawn and garden pesticides this spring.
Environment | Food & Health | Political Action | Get ready for the Vegan Challenge April 14-21 | Apr 8 2014 | Steffanie Pinch | Every year, we encourage folks to take action to get more involved in the environmental impact of their diets. Are you ready for a challenge?
Feminism | Waterloo activist fights rape culture with consent-positive panties | Apr 8 2014 | Steffanie Pinch | With problematic messages commonly found on women's underwear, a new campaign is offering a consent-based alternative.
Photo: Sprinno/Wikimedia Commons
Food & Health | Labour | The nurses' strike is over but the issue of patient care is not | Apr 8 2014 | Stephen Kimber | Even if Nova Scotia's new essential services law offered a reasonable route to a contract, there is a still larger issue this legislation doesn't even mention.
Photo: flickr/"Grain fields" by Richard Taylor
Food & Health | Labour | Politics in Canada | Federal UPOV '91 agenda closes Cereal Research Centre | Apr 8 2014 | Glenn Tait | The Harper government's systematic path of destruction through Canada's public agriculture institutions continues with the closure of the Cereal Research Centre.
Gaza | World | Reflections on Gaza, Syria and the bigger picture | Apr 8 2014 | Eva Bartlett | While this blog is called "In Gaza," it's time to reflect on how Syria figures in the region's geopolitics.
Ken Hughes
Politics in Canada | Municipal Affairs Minister quits Alberta cabinet -- presumably to run for PC leadership | Apr 8 2014 | David J.Climenhaga | If more candidates don’t come forward soon, the Alberta PCs may have to adopt a 'negative option leadership candidacy' policy or risk an extremely boring race!
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Sister Spit Ramblin' Roadshow Part 2 | Apr 7 2014 | The F Word | WARNING: This show contains swearing and sexual content. The F Word airs performances from the queer feminist spoken word and performance art collective Sister Spit's Ramblin Roadshow.
Photo: GTD Aquitaine/Wikimedia Commons
Economy | Labour | Ontario's labour market: Part-time gains, long-term pain | Apr 7 2014 | Kaylie Tiessen | Job numbers continue to tell the story of uneven job creation across the province and a labour market that is shifting away from full-time, goods-producing jobs to more jobs in the service sector.
Economy | Labour | Wage slavery, the commons and the future of our planet | Apr 7 2014 | Gary Engler | To accomplish the great change necessary today requires social labour be recognized for what it is, the common property of all.
Photo: flickr/ Márcio Cabral de Moura
Economy | Politics in Canada | Progressives need to step up to the plate | Apr 7 2014 | Mark Taliano | It's time to dethrone corporate power and open up dialogue for a better Canada. Progressives need to address the issues, clarify the confusion and offer bold alternatives to this neoliberal agenda.
Elections | Politics in Canada | Harper's (Un)Fair Elections Act could be a useful crisis of democracy | Apr 7 2014 | Murray Dobbin | Perhaps the best possible response of democracy activists to this loathsome piece of legislation would be to treat it as a useful crisis and use it to galvanize the electorate.