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Civil Liberties Watch | The story of Omar Khadr | Jan 9 2014 | Redeye Collective | Edmonton lawyer Dennis Edney says he has never met anyone like Omar Khadr. Edney says that despite everything that's happened to him, he's never heard Khadr say an angry word about anyone.
Photo: Chris-Håvard Berge/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | US Politics | Long-held secret about FBI spying casts light on NSA surveillance today | Jan 9 2014 | Amy Goodman | This week, more news emerged about the theft of classified government documents, leaked to the press, that revealed a massive, top-secret surveillance program.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Legal expert warns Canada-EU deal could damage sovereignty | Jan 9 2014 | Stuart Trew | An assessment contradicts assurances from the European Commission and the Harper government that there will be more protections in CETA for the so-called "right to regulate" in the public interest.
Photo: VJ Beauchamp/flickr
Economy | Class warfare: An economic primer | Jan 9 2014 | Robert Chernomas | It is not really about budget deficits or government debt; it is about cutting workers' wages, taxes, social programs and environmental regulations.
Education | University partnerships with industry compromise academic principles | Jan 9 2014 | Samantha Montgomery | A recent report by the CAUT reveals that multiple industry partnerships violate standards for academic integrity.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Indigenous peoples have the law, but government has the power | Jan 9 2014 | Brian Ward | The Elsipogtog Nation's protests have forced SWN to leave the province until 2015 when they will continue their fracking. What continues to drive these colonial projects across Canada?
Feminism | Political Action | #2014: Fetishist Disavowel | Jan 9 2014 | Amy Saunders | 'What would Beyonce think? What would Zizek do? What should we do, if anything?'
Politics in Canada | NDP-Grit coalition to defeat Rob Anders? Unlikely! This is a Tory civil war | Jan 9 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | The job of Liberals and New Democrats and Greens in Calgary Signal Hill is to find a way to defeat the Conservative candidate, whether or not his name is Rob Anders.
Economy | Labour | The myth of the skills shortage in Canada's labour market | Jan 8 2014 | Jim Stanford | Canada's politicians are fond of trumpeting that our economy has performed better than almost any other jurisdiction. But the numbers indicate that Canada's jobs performance has been ho-hum at best.
Photo: Travis S./flickr
Economy | Environment | Alternative Person of the Year Award for 2013: Pipelines | Jan 8 2014 | Guillaume Hebert | Our chosen 'person' of the year stands out mainly for the weakness of the arguments in its favour. Pipelines reveal themselves to be an open highway to accelerate oil production, nothing more.
Feminism | Labour | Oral histories, labour and feminism in Manitoba | Jan 8 2014 | Scott Neigh | Scott Price talks about the history of the labour movement and feminist struggle within the labour movement in Manitoba, and about the importance of oral history for social movements.
Photo: flickr/Jason Verwey
Feminism | Food & Health | Fat-shaming, sexism and Rob Ford: A discussion on fatphobia and bullying | Jan 8 2014 | Connie Russell, Gerald Walton | Rob Ford has been subjected to wide scrutiny for his scandals, and baseless attacks on his weight. But what if he were a woman? Would these attacks be more pointed and hateful?
Indigenous Rights | First Nations resist fuel and mining developments to protect us all | Jan 8 2014 | Andrea Palframan | First Nations are bringing their cases before the Canadian judiciary and standing as a formidable barrier against the Harper government's fossil fuel expansion agenda.
Indigenous Rights | Lubicon Lake Nation continue anti-fracking campaign | Jan 8 2014 | rabble staff | Lubicon Lake Nation continue to fight against fracking and the injunction granted in favour of Penn West Petroleum.
Media Matters | You can make 2014 the Year of Indie Media | Jan 8 2014 | rabble staff | With your help we can make 2014 the Year of Indie Media. Chip in a few dollars right here to make it happen!