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Photo: flickr/Karen Stintz
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Are johns the new 'fags' because of Bill C-36? | Jul 4 2014 | Alice Klein | While Toronto celebrated Pride beauty, the federal government was busy unleashing a new moral panic in the form of Bill C-36.
Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Federal Court rejects bogus cuts to refugee health | Jul 4 2014 | Jesse McLaren | Two years of mobilizing have won a Federal Court decision, but continued mobilizing will be necessary to reverse the cuts
Media Matters | Politics in Canada | Technology | The TPP goes on tour | Jul 4 2014 | Meghan Sali | Only a week before the upcoming Canadian round of TPP negotiations in begin, organizers quietly switched the venue from Vancouver to Ottawa.
Media Matters | Politics in Canada | The TPP so far | Jul 4 2014 | jason hjalmarson | As Trans-Pacific Partnership talks reconvene in Ottawa, Canada, your OpenMedia team has launched several efforts to bring transparency and citizen voices to the negotiations. Here’s how it’s been goin
Media Matters | Now is the time: We only need 75 more supporters to reach our goal! | Jul 4 2014 | rabble staff | As our annual supporter drive nears its end, we are only 75 monthly supporters short of making our goal. Will you be the one to help us make it?
Jeff Johnson
Politics in Canada | Who will rid Alberta's Tories of their turbulent Education Minister? | Jul 4 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton's report could be Premier Hancock's opportunity to rid himself of a turbulent Education Minister who refuses to play by Alberta's new rules.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Politics in Canada | Time to scrap Ontario's archaic Taxpayer Protection Act | Jul 4 2014 | Trish Hennessy | The single most positive move a newly minted government could do is to finally repudiate the most powerful and lasting relic of the Mike Harris era: the 1999 Taxpayer Protection Act.
Politics in Canada | NDP’s anti-Palestine sentiment is part of a much wider problem | Jul 4 2014 | Tyler Levitan | The NDP's allegiance to Canada's Israel lobby is a testament to the disproportionate influence of the lobby in Canada, which needs to be openly discussed
Photo: flickr/Morgan
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Roma family granted stay of deportation on humanitarian grounds | Jul 3 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | A Roma family that fled from Hungary to Canada due to anti-Roma discrimination was granted a reprieve and stay on humanitarian grounds and will not face deportation to Hungary.
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Bill C-24: The Stealing Citizenship Act | Jul 3 2014 | No One Is Illegal | Bill C-24 makes citizenship, already out of the reach for most migrants, much harder to get and much easier to be taken away at the discretion of immigration officials.
Arts & Culture | Environment | Political Action | Pipelines: The answer is still no! | Jul 3 2014 | Meg Borthwick | No pipelines, no tankers! Read the collected thoughts of long-time activists, new converts, Indigenous resistors and, you know, all those people the Harper government considers "terrorists."
CommonCauses | Fighting to Win: People's University at the Peoples Social Forum | Jul 3 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | A full day of workshops exploring the big questions for activists in Canada, brought to you by the Nouveaux cahiers de socialisme and Canadian Dimension Magazine.
CommonCauses | Good News | Political Action | VIDEO: Peoples Social Forum - Update on plans for Ottawa in August | Jul 3 2014 | rabble staff | Discussion of plans for the forum including plans for marches, opportunities for groups to propose workshops, and plans for convergence assemblies to address common goals and strategies.
Economy | Environment | Labour | Political Action | On the environmental question, Sam Gindin has got it wrong. | Jul 3 2014 | Brad Hornick | Sam Gindin explores the lost potential of the workers in socialist politics. Quick to identify its shortcomings, he overlooks the promising incipient mobilization of the working-class is well underway
Education | Labour | No winners in sight for B.C. teacher strike | Jul 3 2014 | Rod Mickleburgh | The teachers have legitimate grievances, says Rod Mickleburgh, but they have found themselves on an indefinite picket line against a government that is prepared to leave them out there.