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Child welfare funding on reserve now in hands of Human Rights Tribunal | Oct 30 2014 | Jocelyn Formsma | The First Nations child welfare case is the most important Indigenous children's rights case. Why? Here's three reasons.
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Toronto election results reveal a polarized city | Oct 30 2014 | Dr. Kara Santokie | The Ford era is over for Toronto (for now). But as bleary-eyed Torontonians return to reality, what are they really waking up to?
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Harper tries to intimidate us into perpetual war | Oct 30 2014 | Linda McQuaig | Stephen Harper insisted last week that we will not be intimidated by terrorism. He then did everything he could to ensure we will be intimidated by terrorism.
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Canada loses to Mexico: Was Ford ever planning to invest in Windsor? | Oct 30 2014 | Ella Bedard | Given the current state of the North American Auto Industry, automakers have no incentive to invest in Canada.
Do police and spies need more power? | Oct 29 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | In the wake of last week's events, the Conservatives are planning to bring in legislation giving the police and the spy agency more power to combat terrorism. Does the actual threat justify that plan?
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Good first steps, but further poverty reduction efforts needed in Manitoba | Oct 29 2014 | Kirsten Bernas | There is some good news in the Province's recently released second annual All Aboard report, which tracks poverty and social exclusion in Manitoba. However, it's clear that much more needs to be done.
Join Niki Ashton for the Women's Forum 2014 | Oct 29 2014 | Niki Ashton | The Women's Forum 2014 will be hosted tomorrow October 30. Can't make it? No problem! Join us online!
Tell Ontario to ban medical tourism | Oct 29 2014 | Michael Butler | This morning, numerous health organizations across Ontario called on the provincial government to ban medical tourism
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Canada stands to lose plenty in European free trade deal | Oct 28 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Thank heavens Germany finally blew the whistle on this CETA scam, says Gerry Caplan.
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Ottawa shooting: Putting security before liberty | Oct 28 2014 | Duncan Cameron | The never-ending war on terror launched by an American president has inspired the Conservatives and their supporters. That way lies fear as the source of public policy decisions.
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No safe haven: Canada's 'managed migration' | Oct 28 2014 | Harsha Walia | Canada is often cast as a liberal counterpoint to aggressive U.S. immigration enforcement tactics. But, the U.S. has actually pointed to Canada as the model to implement for U.S. migration policy.
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Journalism and the Ottawa shooting: We need to remain calm and Canadian | Oct 28 2014 | Stephen Kimber | In the wake of the events in Ottawa, we can't give in to the everything-is-changed-forever-and-we-must-change-everything-forever hysteria. We need to remain calm and Canadian.

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