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Joe Ceci
Conservatives have to tie themselves in knots to sustain their narrative about Alberta's fiscal situation | Sep 1 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | "The previous Conservative governments weren't able to balance Alberta's budget in five of the last six years when oil was averaging about $90 a barrel" -- NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci.
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Balanced budget myopia breaks both ways | Sep 1 2015 | Angella MacEwen | Deficits are left wing and balanced budgets are right-wing austerity, right? Not so fast. "Deficits good vs. deficits bad" discourse misses the whole host of choices that go into budgeting.
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Justin Trudeau is right about infrastructure spending. Fair corporate taxes would help. | Sep 1 2015 | Stephen Kimber | We do need to close what has become a $123-billion infrastructure gap. But the longer-term answer is to equal the tax playing field, so corporations pay their fair share too.
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Beyond speed: Who is talking about access to e-government this election? | Sep 1 2015 | Suzanne Smythe | What we need in this election is for someone to articulate a vision of digital inclusion that goes beyond the digital management of populations and attends to the digital rights of all Canadians.
rabble radio episode 168: Get out and vote! | Sep 1 2015 | Victoria Fenner | The "thanks for wrecking our summer with your stupid election call, Stephen Harper" edition.
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As Mulcair gains momentum, NDP and Liberals trade places and policies | Sep 1 2015 | Gerry Caplan | It seems that before our very eyes, the two opposition parties are exchanging some of their most distinguishing stripes.
Stephen Harper
'Event logisticians'? Give us a break! They're bouncers! What's that tell you about the Tories? | Aug 31 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Do we really want to elect a political party to the important job of running our country that needs to hire bouncers for its own invitation-only affairs?
Peter Lougheed, Aug. 30, 1971
On this day in 1971, Alberta woke up to an unexpected PC government | Aug 31 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | No one can deny that Peter Lougheed's political victory in 1971 resulted in a long and successful run for his PCs before they succumbed to the same flaws that led to the demise of Social Credit.
Prime Minister in Whitehorse; no tuba players please | Aug 31 2015 | Lewis Rifkind | The Prime Minister is coming to Whitehorse on Friday and he will not be meeting the non-Party electorate.
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Liberals trot out Paul Martin to decry NDP's 'far-right' swerve | Aug 31 2015 | Nora Loreto | Paul Martin's assertion that the NDP has moved to the 'far right' doesn't hold water. Although he would know.
Mowat, Trimbee, Tertzakian, Hanson, McQuaig-Boyd
NDP deftly picks royalty panel as media freaks out about low-key welcome for 'lightweight' U.S. politicians | Aug 29 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | It will be hard for the opposition to do much but praise the appointments of a respected energy economist, a former Alberta finance deputy minister and a small-town mayor to the panel.
We Stand with the Unist’ot’en | Aug 28 2015 | The Unist'ot'en camp and community are on high alert. Support the camp.

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Defacing political placards alan smithee said... She could make a case about sexism. But my feeling is that even if it were a male candidate,the...
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Maclean's national leaders debate: Thursday, August 6 -- 74 days before the election NorthReport said... Two things come to mind about this debate: 1 - 74 days, or over 10 weeks before Election Day, may...
Harper to call election as early as Sunday jerrym said... With Harper calling the election early (probably Sunday), the Cons will be able to spend a lot more...
August 6 leaders debate sherpa-finn said... So next week will be the first leaders debate, effectively kicking off the 2015 Election Campaign....
Newest Supreme Court judge named laine lowe said... Harper, the gift that keeps on giving...   Quote:... In his early 50s, Justice Brown gives Mr...

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