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Canada's coup-supporting corporate cowboy diplomacy | Apr 23 2014 | Matthew Behrens | The Ukraine debacle represents the latest in a pattern of Stephen Harper and John Baird supporting coups and ignoring human rights violations as a nasty but necessary part of doing business.
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Grain, trains and autocrats: Farmers pay the price of dismantling the Wheat Board | Apr 23 2014 | Dean Harder | There is a direct correlation between the loss of the farmer-elected Canadian Wheat Board and the current rail transportation boondoggle which will cost Prairie farmers over $5 billion in sales.
The unbearable lightness of being progressive | Apr 23 2014 | Michael Laxer | The progressive agenda in North America has become so insignificant in its aims that if it got any less so it would simply cease to be.
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Canadian cities and the future of democracy | Apr 23 2014 | Tobi Nussbaum | Canada is now past 80 per cent of the population living in urban areas. Cities are showing a capacity to solve problems together and now is the time for Canadian cities to be more ambitious.
Why the New York Times 'richest middle class' title may not be all good news | Apr 23 2014 | Kayle Hatt | This week the New York Times published a study on U.S. income inequality and the middle class which reported that America's middle class is no longer the 'world's richest' -- Canada's middle class is.
Ken Hughes
Waiting to ambush PC leadership candidate Ken Hughes: Ghosts of health-care disasters past and present | Apr 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Whether the government wants it or not, health care and the catastrophic role of Alberta Health Services is going to be an issue in the next election -- bad news for leadership candidate Ken Hughes.
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A new direction for Canada | Apr 22 2014 | Duncan Cameron | A new direction for Canada means rebuilding the inter-generational bargain between young and old; focusing spending on improving social determinants of health; and making the economy climate-friendly.
Over 2.7 million people now demanding leaders Stop The Secrecy before it's too late | Apr 22 2014 | Josh Tabish | This is a crucial week for negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Groups from across the political spectrum have launched the online Stop The Secrecy campaign.
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Harper on Russia: America's useful idiot? | Apr 21 2014 | Murray Dobbin | Is Stephen Harper just a useful idiot to the U.S. -- ranting and raving about Russian expansionism and imperialism so that the U.S. position looks more reasonable by comparison?
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Last chance to stop Halifax convention centre follies | Apr 21 2014 | Ralph Surette | Finally, unease about the Halifax convention centre -- which will cost taxpayers nearly $400 million over the next 25 years -- has a chance to come to proper public attention.
Harper and Netanyahu: Foreign Policy as BFFs
Harper continues to bring shame on Canada's foreign policy with Central African Republic | Apr 21 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Harper has turned Canada's foreign policy in to a joke -- half bewildering, half tragic. And now, says Gerry Caplan, he is flouting the call for needful action in the Central African Republic.
Justin Trudeau
Trudeau's rise jeopardizes Harper's tenure | Apr 21 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | Trudeau's popularity has lasted long beyond the honeymoon phase, because he has has established himself as a serious politician and a genuinely likeably person -- unlike Stephen Harper.

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