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Laurie Blakeman
Maneuver to derail Alberta gay-straight alliance bill shows Prentice Tories will tolerate bullying for political gain | Nov 28 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Sometimes rights are in conflict. Sometimes you have to make a decision. Jim Prentice and the Alberta PCs have -- the wrong one. There just ain't no way to square this circle!
Bill 6 moratorium on fracking passes in Nova Scotia | Nov 28 2014 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians is pleased that Bill 6 -- which places a legal moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing -- has passed in Nova Scotia.
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Bill C-2 spreads Harper's misinformation about harm reduction | Nov 28 2014 | Denise Denning | Let's get one thing straight: If Bill C-2 is passed it will only present new barriers to health care for people with addictions.
Photo: Tracy Glynn
Abortion restriction in New Brunswick lifted but access still a problem | Nov 28 2014 | Tracy Glynn | Newly elected Liberal Premier Brian Gallant has announced the removal of certain barriers to abortion in New Brunswick. While this is great news, there is still a lot of work to be done.
Woeful literacy rates show Aboriginal children deliberately left behind | Nov 28 2014 | Charlie Angus | We continue to see Aboriginal students falling behind and giving up. They aren't the failures. The failure lies with the policies of this federal government.
Jim Prentice
Alberta Tories swing right, paradoxically because of the implosion of their right-wing brethren | Nov 27 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | The plain fact is, as hard as this may be for Alberta's progressive voters to digest, if they want progressive policies, they're going to have to vote for progressive parties.
Anti-terror bill C‑44: Pushing the limits of Canadian rights | Nov 27 2014 | Pro Bono, Shelina Ali | Bill C‑44 is a systematic attempt by the Harper government to circumvent the limits Canadian courts have placed on its investigative and surveillance powers, through legislative amendments.
Canadian Youth Delegation Open Letter to Government // Lettre ouverte au gouvernement canadien | Nov 27 2014 | Aleah Loney, Alex Cool-Fergus, Brenna Owen, Bronwen Tucker, Katie Perfitt, Kelsey Mech, Megan Van Buskirk | This open letter by the CYD has been signed by over 60 environmental non-profits, labour groups and youth organizations, calling on the Government of Canada to take action on climate change.
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We landed on a comet, so why can't we stop climate change? | Nov 27 2014 | Linda McQuaig | The difference between the incredible advances made in space exploration and our minuscule advances on tackling climate change boils down to nothing more than political will.
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Government stops thousands of refugees far from Canada's borders -- Harvard study | Nov 27 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | For more than a decade Liberal and Conservative governments have had systems in place to prevent asylum-seekers from ever getting to Canada. Over a decade, they managed to stop more than 70,000.
Rachel Notley
Collapse of rickety Wildrose coalition could be a bad-news/good-news story for Alberta NDP | Nov 26 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Rachel Notley's task is to get enough Albertans who are fed up with the PCs' sins and not yet ready for an increasingly extreme Wildrose Party to rally round the NDP.
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Militarism degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy | Nov 26 2014 | Matthew Behrens | As the Canadian government plays at fighting wars in Iraq/Syria and in eastern Europe, we see daily examples of how militarism ultimately degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy.

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