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'The world must jettison neoliberal ideology': A globalization wake-up call | Sep 30 2016 | Murray Dobbin | If recent mainstream economic reports are to be taken seriously, some of the big brains managing global capitalism these days are starting to lose faith in their neoliberal ideology.
CRTC goes full-Internet with #EndDataCaps Reddit consultation | Sep 29 2016 | Katy Anderson | Make their #2016 effort pay off (so they do it again) -- weigh in on the online forum now, all while speaking out against differential pricing.
With judges like Robin Camp, how impartial is Canada's justice system? | Sep 29 2016 | Pro Bono, Shelina Ali | An inquiry into the conduct of Federal Court Judge Robin Camp when he presided over a sexual assault trial raises some hard questions about the impartiality of the Canadian justice system.
Drops of water
Paste stickers, fund the camp, stand up for Lelu Island, Flora Bank and for Ontario water | Sep 29 2016 | The Liberals are showing their true colours again. Let's stand for our environment!
Rally for decent work
Why rally for Decent work on October 1? | Sep 29 2016 | Some recent stories that should get you interested.
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Referendum simply wrong tool to resolve complex questions on electoral reform | Sep 29 2016 | Linda Leon | First Past the Post is a broken system. But a referendum can't fix it. Deep public consultations, surveys and full disclosure by the special committee are a better way.
Tar Sands Healing Walk. Photo: taylorandayumi/flickr
Unrestrained resource extraction isn't ancient history -- it's a crime still in progress | Sep 28 2016 | Naomi Klein | We have a new federal government, a new tone around First Nations and the environment. But when it comes to concrete action on lowering emissions and respecting land rights, much remains the same.
Why our work at the Supreme Court matters: A case study | Sep 28 2016 | Meghan Sali | Not only is OpenMedia defending your digital rights at the Supreme Court, but our work will help to eliminate cases of censorship-by-copyright online.
Tabakoto North Underground Gold Mine - Mali, West Africa
Foreign aid helps Canadian corporations dominate the global mining industry | Sep 28 2016 | Yves Engler | Public money masquerading as "foreign aid" has financed private interests through mine-related educational activities abroad, mollified resistant communities and liberalized local legislation.
Neal Hancock, in mufti, with Jason Kenney
'Bernard the Roughneck' campaign has been in preparation for months, may soon target Rachel Notley | Sep 27 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Will the "Bernard the Roughneck" campaign continue now that "Bernard" himself has proved to be both more and less than original advertised? Oh, probably …
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'Gold with yield': A primer on land-grabbing | Sep 27 2016 | Lois Ross | Land use, access to agricultural land, and who stewards land, are key issues in food production. Land-grabbing is a growing concern because it determines not only access but also how land is used.
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Household debt is far too high -- and why it's going to go higher still | Sep 27 2016 | David Macdonald | When the National Balance Sheet came out this month, the focus was on the need for households to pay down that debt... somehow. But we need to look at the broader debt picture across all sectors.

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how do I search the Ontario Elections site for a list of contributors? mark_alfred said... Hi folks.  I've been trying to find the information on who (either person or corporation or...
Canada's pot legalization bill to be introduced in spring 2017, minister tells UN 2 alan smithee said... Marc Emery is an idiot. Just thought I'd throw that out there. in
Why politicians must explain there are costs and sacrifices needed to combat climate change Sean in Ottawa said... I think it may be even better if this thread could focus on how to build that communication to...
Canadian Submarine Fleet Needs Billions To Stay Afloat Sean in Ottawa said... CanadianEh19 wrote:http://www.nationalpost.com/m/search/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/news/...
Kellie Leitch takes a page from Harper with divisive politics alan smithee said... When is this  Liberal 'majority' going to take a page from Harper and tell the Cons to sit in...
Open letter to Elizabeth May Sean in Ottawa said... I hope May will answer as these are important questions. I trust that you would publish her reply...
Current position of the NDP with Greens voting for BDS and Trudeau courting unions Mr. Magoo said... I'm not saying this to heckle, but realistically, how important do you think that Israel/Palestine...
Leap Manifesto: 'A Call For A Canada Based on Caring For the Earth and One Another' 2 epaulo13 said... Scotland just produced enough wind energy to power it for an entire day For the first time on...
Rob Ford: The mirror...er...cracked part 2 alan smithee said... The video is fantastic. It shows the true face of corporatist right wingers. On a side note,has...


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