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Jim Prentice
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice plucks the low-hanging fruit -- now for the hard stuff… | Sep 19 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | If Alberta Premier Jim Prentice wants to persuade Albertans he's making real change, he'll have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. So far, he's just talking.
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Politics doesn't stand a chance in the Ford family psychodrama | Sep 19 2014 | Rick Salutin | Here's what's truly unforgivable about the Fords. It's their implacable need and ability to suck up attention in the public arena so there never seems room for anything or anyone else in the city.
B.C. teachers ratify agreement, strike ends | Sep 19 2014 | BC Teachers' Federation | Members of the BC Teachers' Federation have voted to ratify the agreement-in-committee reached on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, with the BC Public School Employers' Association.
Searching for human rights at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights | Sep 19 2014 | Kimlee Wong | It's called the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. But with how Indigenous issues are presented there, it really doesn't live up to its name.
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Act now, Canada, or lose your reproductive rights | Sep 19 2014 | Jarrah Hodge | On Monday, Sept. 22, New Brunswick will go to the polls. On Saturday, Sept 20., people will take to the streets to ask "Where'd our reproductive rights go in Canada?"
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Yukon fracking moratorium threatened by Harper Government | Sep 19 2014 | Brigette DePape | The Yukon, like B.C., is home to some of the largest shale gas deposits on the planet. Now the Harper Government has set its sights on the moratorium on fracking, in place since 2012.
Au moment où le NB se prépare à voter, le Conseil des Canadiens dévoile la position des partis sur le gaz de schiste | Sep 19 2014 | Conseil des Canadiens | Au moment où le Nouveau Brunswick se prépare à voter, le Conseil des Canadiens dévoile la position des partis sur le gaz de schiste, les conservateurs manquent à l’appel
Monday’s New Brunswick election a litmus test for the rest of Canada on shale gas | Sep 19 2014 | Maude Barlow | New Brunswickers head to the polls in what seems to be another PC versus Liberal tête-à-tête this Monday. But this province’s election could also be key to determining Canada’s future and the future o
Les élections au Nouveau Brunswick sont une épreuve décisive pour le reste du Canada dans le brûlant dossier du gaz de schiste | Sep 19 2014 | Maude Barlow | Les élections de lundi au Nouveau Brunswick sont une épreuve décisive pour le reste du Canada dans le brûlant dossier du gaz de schiste
NDP brings debate on inquiry into missing and murdered women into Parliament | Sep 19 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The Official Opposition used a procedural maneuvre to force a debate on the need for an inquiry into the systemic issues that have caused the tragedy of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.
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Dear Scotland: Do whatever you think is best…but remember, The Globe never has your interests at heart | Sep 18 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | We may have come from all over to Western Canada, but after a generation or two we became Scots without even realizing it.
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Think-tanks and the right-wing quest to shape public debate | Sep 18 2014 | Linda McQuaig | The CCPA keeps churning out quality research exposing the fallacies of right-wing arguments. What choice is there for a controlling, undemocratic, right-wing government but to call in the auditors?

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