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Jim Prentice
Term limits on Alberta MLAs? 'I think Jim Prentice is trying to lose…' | Aug 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice roared: "We can take back our party, and we can set it right, my friends!" All around me, the room was full of the same old Tory hacks.
Photo: European Court of Human Rights. Credit: marcella bona/flickr
Poland in the torture hot seat: Is Canada next? | Aug 22 2014 | Matthew Behrens | A little-noticed European Court of Human Rights decision regarding Polish complicity in torture may well have ripple effects on this side of the Atlantic and, hopefully, produce some accountability.
Photo: Mohammad Jangda/flickr
The perils and politics of acting human for public figures | Aug 22 2014 | Rick Salutin | What's the real problem with being yourself or "human" as a public figure? Nothing fails like trying to look human or show your human side: it's inhuman to attempt to prove you're human.
Albertans have a right to ask questions about the integrity and preservation of their government's records | Aug 21 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | With an election looming, Albertans may be right to worry about a fleet of shredder trucks descending on the Legislature between now and election day.
The Peoples' Social Forum: The first day | Aug 21 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Highlights from the first day of a gathering of activists, journalists, artists and thinkers in Ottawa from across Canada.
"On to Ottawa" trekkers disembarked at this spot
Crossing the Prairies with the 'On to Ottawa' caravan | Aug 21 2014 | John Haggerty | The third and fourth days of the "On to Ottawa" caravan were spent crossing the vast Prairie provinces.
Doug Horner and Dave Hancock
No, this is not the Fringe Festival! Premier's line on airplanes and Sky Palace descends into theatre of absurd | Aug 20 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | This government is bleeding in the water and even the normally docile Press Gallery sharks are starting to circle a little closer.
Photo: Simon King/flickr
Dismantling the myth of Canada's economic recovery | Aug 20 2014 | Jim Stanford | Ever since the global meltdown of 2008, it's been an article of faith in Canadian economics that we somehow handled the whole mess better than the rest of the world.
Candidates Prentice, McIver & Lukaszuk
A few slaps were landed, but last night’s Alberta PC leadership debate was no donnybrook | Aug 19 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Cut through the verbiage, and there was very little to separate any of the candidates on genuinely important issues other than how to run AHS.
Photo: flickr/Giuseppe Milo
Why won't Canada help the injured children of Gaza? | Aug 19 2014 | Bahija Réghaï | Is there any hope that our Prime Minister will pause in his sideline cheerleading for Israel long enough to act constructively on behalf of Gaza's wounded children?
Reinventing Democracy to Save Canada, part 2 | Aug 19 2014 | Victoria Fenner | An event co-sponsored by rabble.ca and the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives on August 12, 2014, called "Living Consciously: Reinventing Democracy to Save Canada."
Photo: Flickr/Buddhabless
Anger escalates over migrant arrests during vehicle safety checks | Aug 18 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | Anger continues to escalate over the controversial arrests of undocumented workers by the Canada Border Services Agency during a commercial vehicle safety blitz.

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