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Artur Pawlowski
Anti-gay pastor, denied by Ric McIver, endorses the PC leadership candidate anyway | Jul 24 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | The important question now, though, is whether Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s endorsement and the votes of his flock will help or hinder Ric McIver’s PC leadership bid.
Photo: John Bristowe/flickr
In Harper's Canada, charities face intimidation while tax evaders go free | Jul 24 2014 | Linda McQuaig | The Harperites may be inept at using audits to collect vast sums of revenue hidden by the rich -- but they sure know how to beat up on defenceless groups trying to promote the public good.
Canada went to war. But why? | Jul 24 2014 | Stephen Dale | What kind of values really drove a generation of young people to sign up in huge numbers for one of the bloodiest episodes in human history? Stephen Dale examines this question in 'Noble Illusions.'
Ric McIver
PC candidate: No to green light speed enforcement; yes to booze sales at 4 a.m.; maybe to chain gangs | Jul 23 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | While Alberta Tory leadership candidates Jim Prentice and Thomas Lukaszuk have offered 5 largely meaningless platitudes as priorities, Ric McIver has his own ideas. Unfortunately, they're pretty bad.
Photo: nanovivid
The pain and suffering behind Canada's immigration inventory | Jul 23 2014 | Matthew Behrens | In a sign that the government has gone overboard with its anti-migrant policies, even the Federal Court of Canada has been left with no choice but to try and rein in some of the more odious decisions.
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
B.C.'s controversial contract obligations dwarf its debt | Jul 23 2014 | Keith Reynolds | The value of B.C.'s contractual obligations going into the future has dwarfed the value of future debt. And much of the spending is far more questionable than the things our debt will buy us.
Photo: flickr/Laurel L. Ruswwurm
This labour campaign stopped Tim Hudak. Next is Stephen Harper. | Jul 23 2014 | Sid Ryan | The Ontario election did solidify one thing: Canada's politicized labour movement is ready to defend the rights of workers. It stopped Tim Hudak and now it's taking aim on Stephen Harper.
Photo: flickr/Tyler Nienhouse
Why B.C. Liberals want to push to privatize public education | Jul 23 2014 | Bill Tieleman | The political equation driving Premier Christy Clark is solved. The B.C. Liberals have already saved $100 million from the teacher's strike. Money that can be spent anywhere but education, it seems.
Photo: flickr/GGAADD
'The Right to Protect' and the loss of Parliament's moral compass | Jul 23 2014 | Jim Manly | The Conservatives have become more and more unbalanced in their support for extremist Israeli actions, and opposition parties, fearing a Zionist reaction, have also been thrown off balance.
telephone poll
A classic example of Big Telecom screwing over the Canadian public | Jul 23 2014 | Josh Tabish | Big Telecom is mismanaging funds collected explicitly to deliver Internet services to rural and remote communities across Canada.
Photo by krystalline kraus
Family of Sammy Yatim files million-dollar lawsuit against Toronto police | Jul 23 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Anyone who knows anything knows that justice cannot be found when the police shove fistfuls of money into the wounded hole of a person, family or community.
Peter Goldring
Russia must be stopped! And Peter Goldring's just the man to do it! | Jul 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Whenever you think it's safe to start ridiculing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford again, Peter Goldring opens his mouth.

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