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Capitalism Itself Choosing Sides
Capitalism itself choosing sides | Jan 17 2017 | Daryn Caister | Interview with Nathan Phillips from Boston University about "Sleeping Giants," a Twitter group that is pressuring brands advertising on hate sites like Brietbart.
WATCH: Art Manuel on the struggle for Indigenous rights and sovereignty | Jan 17 2017 | Democracy Now! | Art Manuel speaks with Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman about the struggle for Indigenous rights and sovereignty in the context of the G20 summit in 2010.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza
The Canadian government should replace NAFTA, or scrap it | Jan 17 2017 | Louise Casselman, Raul Burbano | Revision to NAFTA's terms must have at its core the objective establishment of fair trade, not free trade, and economic relations based on social justice, sovereignty and sustainable development.
Image: Facebook/Jason Kenney
Oilsands phase-out freak-out explained: Conservatives think road back to Ottawa runs through Edmonton | Jan 16 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Decarbonization? No problem! Wait! That was then. This is now.
Nirmala Naidoo
Alberta Liberals launch leadership race as Tory contest takes an acrimonious turn | Jan 16 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Also, Alberta NDP lead fundraising results for fourth quarter and full-year 2016.
Image: Art Babych. Used with permission.
Justin Trudeau promised changes to draconian Bill C-51. We're still waiting | Jan 15 2017 | Dennis Gruending | During his 2015 election campaign Trudeau promised to repeal the nastiest aspects of the anti-terror law. Why hasn't he done so yet?
Top 10 ways you helped save the Internet in 2016 | Jan 14 2017 | David Christopher | As we face the challenges of 2017, let's all be inspired by these amazing examples of how you helped save the Internet last year
Image: Colin Smith
Supreme Court ruling in Ernst fracking case poses threat to Charter rights | Jan 14 2017 | Emma Lui | Today the Supreme Court of Canada rejected Alberta landowner Jessica Ernst's legal challenge to sue the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for denying her right to freedom of expression under the Canadian
Jason Kenney
The Jason Syndrome: Conservative candidate melts down over Hollywood star in bid to derail NDP strategy that's working | Jan 13 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Thank you, Jane Fonda! Former Harper minister touts celebrity visit to prop up implausible argument that visibly effective NDP climate strategy doesn't actually work.
Google v. Equustek at the Supreme Court of Canada: Dispatch from the hearing | Jan 13 2017 | Cynthia Khoo | As you may recall, OpenMedia intervened in a landmark Internet and free expression case at the Supreme Court of Canada, Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions. Here's a recap.
Image: Facebook/Ahmed Hussen
Trudeau's new immigration minister must tackle Harper's nasty refugee reforms | Jan 13 2017 | Karl Nerenberg | Harper's refugee reform legislation unfairly discriminated against many asylum seekers. John McCallum was ready to make big changes. Now the ball is in Ahmed Hussen's court.
John Ashton
Five things you need to know about Alberta's latest Electoral Boundaries Commission | Jan 12 2017 | John Ashton | A useful primer on the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission by former NDP Caucus director John Ashton.

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Craig Scott pens op-ed - Stéphane Dion, a great Canadian, dishonoured by Prime Minister Trudeau Mighty Middle said... Dismissal of Stéphane Dion reveals the ruthless and calculating politician in Prime Minister...
Liberals brought Nazi vets to Canada: Glorifying Ukrainian-Canadian Veterans of OUN/UPA Terrorism Richard Sanders said... The main organization in Canada of the fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists -- OUN(M) --...
Cabinet shuffle Martin N. said... No. No. McCallum is going to China in exchange for leaving cabinet gracefully plus he is raising...
Renegotiating medicare's exemptions under NAFTA Kaspar Hauser said... Thomas Walkom believes that Medicare is up for grabs in NAFTA renegotiations: https://www.thestar....
NB NDP Leader Resigns Amid Unhappiness With Fed Party Position On Syria Mighty Middle said... Portion of Dominic Cardy statement The NDP is a one-stop shop. When you join the provincial NDP you...
Chrystia Freeland set for free trade talks with China NDPP said... So scary I screwed up the URL... try this: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/freeland-china-free-...
Canadian arms exports to Saudi Arabia ignore the Elephant in the Room NDPP said... Canada Defends Record $11B Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia in Court http://rt.com/news/371151-canada-arms...
Waffen-SS Galician Division still Revered by Canada’s Ukrainian Right MegB said... Richard, I've had a complaint against your thread. I think I need to remind you that the purpose of...
Canadians are the most brainwashed people on Planet Earth ikosmos said... OK, I will admit that the well documented public surveys indicating that Filipinos love the USA...
A Century of Struggle between Left-Right Camps in the Ukrainian Canadian Community Timebandit said... Richard, you shouldn't be posting whole articles. Give a brief quote and a link, and those who are...

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