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Politics in Canada | Activist Communique: It took nine shots for police to kill Sammy Yatim | Jul 30 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | Dead at eighteen. Early on Saturday July 27, 2013. At the hands of Toronto police. Nine shots in fifteen seconds.
US Politics | Wikileaks attorney on Bradley Manning: Blowing whistle on U.S. war crimes is not espionage | Jul 30 2013 | rabble staff | U.S. Army whistleblower Bradley Manning was found guilty today of 20 charges in total, including espionage, but he was acquitted of aiding the enemy, the most serious charge.
Civil Liberties Watch | Economy | Technology | Extreme Internet censorship proposals challenged | Jul 29 2013 | David Christopher | Citizens take action on the ground and online to challenge Big Media’s extreme Internet Censorship proposals
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Don't be fooled by cabinet shuffle spin: 15 reasons why Harper is a fake feminist | Jul 29 2013 | Kathleen O'Hara | When Stephen Harper stands in the House of Commons, he is surrounded by women. Earlier this month, he made a big to-do about promoting four new women to his cabinet.
Indigenous Rights | Human Rights Museum or Harper propaganda? Genocide in Canada denied | Jul 29 2013 | Pamela Palmater | If the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights will not use the term genocide to describe what Canada has done to Indigenous peoples in Canada, then its own credibility will be called into question.
Photo: Darren Kuropatwa/flickr
Indigenous Rights | Confronting the ugly truths of Canadian history | Jul 29 2013 | Ralph Surette | The issue is the treatment of aboriginal populations, and of the mind-numbing kind that would produce the series of historic evils of which this is only the latest.
Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Canada's history awash with crimes against First Nations | Jul 29 2013 | Gerry Caplan | On any day of the year the media could easily lead with yet another shudder-inducing horror story involving Canada's First Peoples. But it just ain't news.
Photo: photoswebpm/flickr
Politics in Canada | Is Harper's enemies list the beginning of the end? | Jul 29 2013 | Elizabeth May | Unexpectedly, it was the leak of the compilation of an "enemies list" that distracted us from the dazzling brilliance of the Cabinet makeover.
Afghanistan | Arts & Culture | Economy | Indigenous Rights | Labour | Media Matters | Politics in Canada | US Politics | This Week on Media Mornings: Jul 27—Dave Zirin on Trayvon—Cindy Blackstock on Child Welfare—Dirty Wars—Lac Mégantic & Deregulation | Jul 28 2013 | This Week on Media Mornings | A weekly independent Canadian and global news hour
Civil Liberties Watch | Activist Communique: Emergency Vigil/March Tonight! - Justice for Sammy: End Police Violence | Jul 28 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | UPDATED: This is an emergency vigil/march to demand justice for Sammy and an end to police violence.
Environment | Photos: Toronto Pig Save Vigil | Jul 28 2013 | John Bonnar | On Sunday, Toronto Pig Save held a vigil to bear witness to pigs transported to Quality Meat Packers in Toronto.
Photo: Gawker
Media Matters | Was journalist Michael Hastings murdered? | Jul 28 2013 | Ethan Cox | Hastings death might have been, and quite likely was, an accident. But there's more than enough evidence to the contrary to demand a full investigation.
Arts & Culture | Politics in Canada | Are you on Harper's Enemy List? | Jul 27 2013 | Franke James | Wear your new ENEMY status proudly! Buy a tank top or t-shirt designed by blacklisted artist Franke James.
Labour | New anti-refugee government policies in Australia | Jul 27 2013 | Diana Beaumont | Labour news, plus interview with activist and former refugee Mohammad Ali Baqiri, about the Labor Party's new policy of processing and re-settling boat arrivals in Papua New Guinea.
Politics in Canada | Activist Communique: Federal Conservative Flier for the Blind Contains Fake Braille | Jul 27 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | The Harper government, in order to promote its dis/abilities initiatives, has been distributing a flier that contains fake Braille.