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Image: Wikimedia Commons
Environment | Politics in Canada | Pipeline politics muddle the Fraser Institute's reading skills | Mar 28 2014 | Elizabeth May | The Fraser Institute's Kenneth Green set out to make Elizabeth May look uninformed based on her submission to the U.S. State Department on the proposed Keystone pipeline. He didn't do such a good job.
Photo: Ryan Brook
Environment | Grain shipping is for the bears: Oil by rail to Churchill not worth the risk | Mar 28 2014 | Eric Reder | Omnitrax, the company that owns the rail line to Churchill as well as the seaport, says it is pushing forward with the oil-by-rail plan in Manitoba's north, despite widespread community opposition.
Image: Garth Lenz, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Environment | It is now legal to drill oil and build pipelines in B.C.'s provincial parks | Mar 28 2014 | Carol Linnitt | A little-known bill, the Park Amendment Act, that will drastically alter the management of B.C. parks became law Monday, opening provincial parks to industrial development.
Feminism | Breaking cycles: Devaki Jain and Andrea Smith at Women's Worlds 2011 | Mar 28 2014 | The F Word | The F Word airs lectures by Devaki Jain and Andrea Smith from the Breaking Cycles plenary at Women s Worlds 2011 in Ottawa, unceded Algonquin territory.
Feminism | Political Action | 2013 Women's Forum speaker: Nora Loreto | Mar 28 2014 | Tanya Hill | Nora Loreto is an activist, writer and musician based in Québec City. She spoke about the challenges youth face when engaging and organizing.
Photo: flickr/Yi Su
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Uh, shouldn't Canada's new sex work legislation include workers' voices? | Mar 28 2014 | Celine Bisette | The development of new sex work laws in Canada is very important and the government should take their approach to policy development more seriously and include all perspectives.
Photo: Laura Taylor/flickr
Food & Health | Why fructose sugar makes us sick | Mar 28 2014 | Ole Hendrickson | Fructose is produced in huge amounts and added to a wide range of processed foods and drinks -- and thousands of studies now point to it as the main culprit in multiple diseases.
Food & Health | How to host a Vegan Challenge | Mar 28 2014 | Getting folks to go veg isn't as hard as it seems.
Photo: flickr/Paul Townsend
Labour | Media Matters | Why Canadian unions want you to talk about TV | Mar 28 2014 | H.G. Watson | Why are Canadian media unions concerned about the potential watering down of CRTC regulations? Why, they're worried about protecting jobs of course!
Photo: flickr/ExeterAnna
Labour | Politics in Canada | The federal budget just ended up in court | Mar 28 2014 | H.G. Watson | Boom! C-4 Budget bill ends up in court thanks to Public Service Alliance of Canada who announced Thursday that they are mounting a legal challenge.
Photo: flickr/кiт-кaтн Halкeтт
Labour | NDP | Politics in Canada | World | NDP should use Venezuelan revolution as inspiration for Canada's labour struggles | Mar 28 2014 | Camilo Cahis | Instead of supporting the Conservative demonization of the revolution, the NDP should be working to inform the rest of the labour movement of the Venezuelan revolution's successes.
Media Matters | Capitalism's intellectual sell-outs | Mar 28 2014 | Gary Engler | Pity the sycophants of the rich and powerful because they are nothing more than the intellectual prostitutes of an economic system that tries to buy, sell and profit from everything.
Photo: flickr/Mary Kosta
Political Action | Politics in Canada | 2014 People's Social Forum takes aim at austerity and the Right | Mar 28 2014 | Roger Rashi | The 2014 People's Social Forum aims to be the launching point for building an extra-parliamentary opposition that will endure long after the conference has ended in August.
Politics in Canada | Alberta Premier needs to apply his leadership candidates' rules to secretive cabinet committee | Mar 28 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta’s new premier might live up to his government's commitment of transparency and disband a labour relations committee that functions like a secret society.
Politics in Canada | Tory MLAs, reporters, right-wing ideologues all take aim at Alison Redford for PC Party's woes | Mar 28 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | What an irony if it turns out Alberta's PCs would have done better in the next election led by Alison Redford, for all her troubles, than with whomever they choose to replace her!