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Politics in Canada | Harper still has not answered the toughest question on the Senate affair | Nov 6 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | The PMO communications team has been busy coaching Duffy and Harper about the Senate scandal. But, one rehearsed answer still needs delivering: why were Duffy and Wallin appointed in the first place?
Bob McClelland
Politics in Canada | A tale from the political crypt: A tip o' Broadway Bob's Top Hat to Hizzoner Rob Ford | Nov 6 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Don't cry for Rob, Ford Nation! His landing will be a soft one. Meanwhile, Alberta and B.C. premiers are now BFFs!
Politics in Canada | Activist Communique: A Rally to Save Toronto from Rob Ford (Nov. 13) | Nov 6 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | Meet at Nathan Phillips Square on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 12:00pm with posters, chalk, bells, and your voice.
Photo: flickr/Jason Verwey
Politics in Canada | On lying; Or, why Rob Ford should keep his job | Nov 6 2013 | Michael Stewart | All politicians lie. It's not simply a truism, it's our day-to-day reality. So why should we be surprised or invested at all when Rob Ford, of all people, is caught in a lie?
Image: Justice fo Hassan Diab
Civil Liberties Watch | The Extradition Case of Dr. Hassan Diab | Nov 5 2013 | Matthew Behrens | Hassan Diab continues to remain hopeful that the Canadian legal system will prevail and he will not be extradited to France for questioning about his alleged role in a 1980 Paris bombing.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Technology | Everybody's talking about it | Nov 5 2013 | David Christopher | We’re off to a great start! Just weeks after the launch of Canada's largest-ever pro-privacy Coalition, it seems the whole country is demanding answers on the government's out-of-control surveillance.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | What's the Canada-EU trade deal all about? | Nov 5 2013 | Iglika Ivanova | The agreement-in-principle signed in Brussels in mid-October touches on virtually all aspects of economic life, including many that are only loosely related to trade.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Honduras: Trade and investment at the expense of human rights | Nov 5 2013 | Raul Burbano, Stacey Gomez | As Canadian-based civil society organizations working for social and environmental justice as well as human and labour rights, we strongly oppose the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Technology | See you in court, Big Telecom | Nov 5 2013 | David Christopher | Your team is intervening on the side of Canadians to protect hard-won cell phone customer protection rules that are under legal threat from Big Telecom conglomerates.
Graphic: Beyond Coal and Gas/flickr
Environment | Carbon budgets and Canada's share of global reserves | Nov 5 2013 | Marc Lee | The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the first time set out a carbon budget (or a few possible budgets with associated probabilities of staying below 2 degrees C).
Photo: flickr/rabble
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Grassy Narrows wants justice for destructive logging and mercury poisoning | Nov 5 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | Grassy Narrows First Nations continues the fight for the protection of their land by challenging the Ontario Court of Appeal and speaking out about mercury in their land.
Photo: Toban Black/flickr
Environment | Oil shipments on the Great Lakes, now and to come | Nov 5 2013 | Brent Patterson | Are 400-foot-long barges on the Great Lakes each carrying 118,000 barrels of tar sands oil in our future? Maybe.
Environment | Getting dirty may be healthy | Nov 5 2013 | David Suzuki | Natural diversity may be more important to human health than we thought. A new study shows children who grow up surrounded by nature are less likely to develop allergies.
Aaron Paquette presents David Schindler with a painting he made in his honour.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Idle No More allies will answer clarion call to keep our water safe | Nov 5 2013 | Aaron Paquette | David Suzuki and David Schindler warn against the dangers of radiation and Fukushima to our water supply. Aaron Paquette sees their alarm as a call to action.
Photo: Eva Bartlett
Gaza | Suffering, tragedy, joy and hope: Observations from occupied Palestine, part 1 | Nov 5 2013 | Eva Bartlett | Eva Bartlett in the first part of a long reflection on her time in Palestine, where she has lived in different areas throughout the occupied territory since 2007.