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Photo: UK in Holy See/flickr
Economy | The Pope, the WTO, food security and locking in 'a new tyranny' of the market | Dec 10 2013 | Stuart Trew | Last week, Pope Francis recognized the locking-in effect of global trade rules, though he did not go as far as some on the ground in Bali in demanding that the WTO be junked altogether.
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Conservative Senator Hugh Segal on why unions are important | Dec 10 2013 | rabble staff | Conservative Senator Hugh Segal spoke to the Unifor Ontario Region Council Dec. 7, 2013.
Photo: flickr/Seth Anderson
Environment | Celebrate the gutting of the Fisheries Act with Throw Some Shit in a River Day! | Dec 10 2013 | Jimmy Thomson | The changes to the Fisheries Act explicitly removed fish habitat from protection. So now, Canada can celebrate its newest holiday Throw Some Shit in a River Day!
Environment | Politics in Canada | Let's raise the bar for 2014 | Dec 10 2013 | David Suzuki | From Rob Ford to Senate scandals, from war to environmental catastrophe, it's been a strange year. It's time move beyond the madness and personal attacks and have some rational discussion.
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Demand an apology from Senator Dagenais | Dec 10 2013 | Bernadette Wagner | An update on the call for an apology from Senator Dagenais regarding his personal attack on MP Charmaine Borg.
Photo: flickr/infomatique
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Who's influencing reproductive policy in Canada? | Dec 10 2013 | Meg Borthwick | The perception of Canada as a mild right-wing, 'abortion paradise' is just not true. Though we may not see much evidence of a debate over reproductive rights, it doesn't mean it's not happening.
Gaza | On Human Rights Day (and every day...), remember freedom of movement for Palestinians | Dec 10 2013 | David Heap | The fundamental right to freedom of movement is systematically denied to Palestinians, especially in Gaza.
Protester with a megaphone playing the drums
Indigenous Rights | Tools for success on the one-year anniversary of Idle No More Day of Action #INM1yr | Dec 10 2013 | Steffanie Pinch | Today is the anniversary of the first Idle No More day of action. It's also the perfect time to look back at the tools that Idle No More has used, adapted and created in such a short amount of time.
Photo: flickr/Andrew Rusk
Politics in Canada | Who's rogue now? Canada's response to the Iran nuclear deal | Dec 10 2013 | Ted Snider | John Baird delivered Canada's address to the opening session of the UN General Assembly. When it came to Syria and Iran, the speech traded in unverified assumptions, omissions and deception.
A protester holds up a sign that says: Time to stand Idle no more Canada
Anti-Racism | CommonCauses | Economy | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Idle No More | Dec 9 2013 | Idle No More is a grassroots social movement founded in 2012, that began partially as a reaction to Bill C-45.
Arts & Culture | Environment | Tar sands funding pollutes snow exhibit at Museum of Civilization, says Frosty the Snowperson | Dec 9 2013 | Council of Canadians | The Council of Canadians, Ecology Ottawa, and the Polaris Institute organized an action to raise concerns about the $1-million contribution to the Museum of Civilization from CAPP.
Economy | Labour | Grading Canada's economic recovery: Underemployment in post-recession Canada | Dec 9 2013 | Kayle Hatt | A commonly accepted definition of a "good job" is one that is full-time and that is a permanent, long-term position. Using this definition, we can examine the quality of jobs during the recovery.
Photo: International Monetary Fund/flickr
Economy | Flaherty's funny math with the EI surplus | Dec 9 2013 | Angella MacEwen | A new report from the PBO suggests that the Conservatives will balance the budget ahead of schedule. But, and it's a big but, if there were no EI surplus, there would be no balanced budget in 2016.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Technology | Fresh leaks show U.S. bullying in the TPP is intensifying | Dec 9 2013 | Noushin Khushrushahi | New TPP leaks show just how far the U.S. is willing to go to ram through their Internet Censorship Plan.
Photo: flickr/Francisco Diez
Economy | Don't believe the hype, Canada's banks can't weather another recession | Dec 9 2013 | Nick Fillmore | If Canada's banking regulations are not substantially toughened by the time the next global financial crisis hits, our Big Six banks may very well find themselves in serious trouble. Again.