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Arts & Culture | Modern self-mastery | Apr 10 2013 | Thomas Ponniah | What does it mean to be modern? In terms of the individual, the adjective "modern" denotes a psyche that takes its orientation from an ethic of self-control.
Economy | Federal budget 2013: Stubbornness and hidden secrets | Apr 10 2013 | Guillaume Hebert, Simon Tremblay-Pepin | Reactions to the federal budget differed in Québec in comparison with the rest of the provinces. We will review the budget as whole then measures which caused a big uproar in Québec.
Environment | BRICS summit as a 21st-century 'scramble for Africa' | Apr 10 2013 | Mary Galvin | While five heads of states of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) met last week for the developing nations' summit, civil society organizations gathered as "brics-from-below."
Environment | Environmental Defence holds telephone town hall on Enbridge's Line 9 proposal | Apr 10 2013 | John Bonnar | On Tuesday, the environmental action organization held a town hall on the risks of Enbridge's Line 9 proposal.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Climate-justice organizing with an anti-colonial focus | Apr 10 2013 | Scott Neigh | Teresa Diewart of Rising Tide Vancouver/Coast Salish Territories talks about her group's emphasis on movement-building, direct action, and support of indigenous struggles as it opposes climate change.
Feminism | LGBTIQ | Queerly political: Activism, feminism, Marxism and queer politics | Apr 10 2013 | rabbleTV | How can we build a united movement that respects difference and autonomy, and also advances common struggles against oppression and exploitation?
Labour | Politics in Canada | Will Ontario act on Law Commission's advice to address precarious work crisis? | Apr 10 2013 | Lori Theresa Waller | A "landmark" report on precarious work released last week by the Law Commission of Ontario gives academic confirmation to what workers' advocates have been saying for years.
Labour | Union organizing | Apr 10 2013 | How to unionize your workplace or create a new union local while dealing with union busting.
Politics in Canada | Most of us are happy at 29 … but maybe not Alberta's premier | Apr 10 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Premier Redford seems to be labouring under the impression that if she can persuade U.S. President Barack Obama to OK the Keystone XL pipeline, all will be forgiven. Not necessarily.
Politics in Canada | No one should have a friend die on the streets | Apr 10 2013 | Mick Sweetman | Some people choose to live on the streets of Toronto throughout the winter. But the choice they make is a Hobson's choice.
Politics in Canada | Baird's support for regime in Bahrain: All part of Canada's 'royal' foreign policy | Apr 10 2013 | Yves Engler | Since the "Arab Spring" democracy struggles that began in 2011 Stephen Harper's government has gotten down right scary, apparently supporting the divine right of kings over rule by the people.
Economy | Politics in Canada | The Harper government's tough posture and weak rules on tax havens | Apr 9 2013 | Linda McQuaig | Why would our government bother supporting serious global efforts to eliminate a system that facilitates despicable crimes and robs national treasuries, when it can look tough by crossing its fingers?
Photo: PoYang_博仰/Flickr
Economy | B.C.'s Auditor highlights big differences between the Evergreen and Canada Lines | Apr 9 2013 | Keith Reynolds | With all of the uproar over the British Columbia Auditor General's report on the Pacific Carbon Trust in late March there was a second report that didn't get as much attention as it deserves.
Economy | Labour | Thatcher championed greed, and we all suffered | Apr 9 2013 | James Clancy | Our most cynical politicians are paying enthusiastic tribute this week to Thatcher's legacy: she showed them how easy it can be to seize power by appealing to people's basest desire.
A protest against RBC's investments in the tar sands.
Economy | Labour | Capitalism as usual: Why RBC's outsourcing isn't really a surprise | Apr 9 2013 | Kevin Edmonds | The outrage is certainly understandable -- as one would think that RBC with its more than $2 billion in first quarter profits could afford to retain these workers -- but the surprise isn't.