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Niagara wetlands
Environment | Urban sprawl threatens Ontario's Greenbelt | Sep 2 2013 | John Bacher | 500 acres of prime grape-growing land, Carolinian forests and extensive wetlands are vulnerable to urban sprawl inside the "Black Belt" of the Niagara escarpment.
Environment | Labour | Politics in Canada | Naomi Klein: Unifor should fight for a green labour revolution | Sep 2 2013 | Martin Lukacs | Naomi Klein urged members at the founding convention of Unifor in Toronto to take the lead in ushering in a green labour revolution, setting out a bold vision to reverse the damage of neoliberalism.
Martin Luther King
Labour | Labour Day 2013 in North America: Facing up to improving society for everyone | Sep 2 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Things aren't so different for working people in 2013 than they were in 1963, when Martin Luther King gave his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech. On this Labour Day, much remains to be done and can be.
1856 Labour banner
Labour | Happy Labour Day, rabble-rousers. Now it's time to organize! | Sep 2 2013 | Meghan Senese | My five favourite labour-related Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit articles.
Arts & Culture | Labour and creativity: Changing spaces changes where you're at | Sep 1 2013 | Holly Adams | How changing the world you view can alter how you view the world.
Arts & Culture | Indie Inside: Esmerine | Sep 1 2013 | rabble staff | Montreal's own Esmerine will release a new album, Dalmak, this week. It was recorded predominantly in Istanbul and will be released on Constellation Records.
Labour | Politics in Canada | Unifor officially takes shape at historic union convention | Sep 1 2013 | H.G. Watson | Saturday CAW and CEP joined together as the largest private union in Canada. But questions about diversity and future steps still abound.
Labour | Unifor sets out long-term strategy at their convention | Sep 1 2013 | H.G. Watson | Day two of the Unifor convention focused on defining Unifor going forward, with the help of some high-profile speakers.
US Politics | Video: Chris Hedges and Paul Jay on Obama's Decision to attack Syria and 'Give Congress a voice"' | Sep 1 2013 | rabble staff | Chris Hedges responds to the decision made Saturday by President Obama to attack Syria.
Karlee Sapoznik on slavery
Anti-Racism | CommonCauses | Labour | Karlee Sapoznik on slavery and social change | Aug 31 2013 | David Peck | In this episode Karlee gets passionate about social change, making a difference and how slavery is something we should not turn a blind eye towards.
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | We need to have more conversations about deportation and our community | Aug 31 2013 | Migrant Matters Radio | More and more people are denied access to citizenship and refugee statuses by Canada. Many wanting to stay face deportation. From his experience as an ally, Matthew Behrens talks about deportation.
Rob Mills
Arts & Culture | Media Matters | Technology | Rob Mills on Canadian Show Biz and the trick for getting your film funded | Aug 31 2013 | David Peck | oin us for a fun conversation as Rob tells about why he got into Canadian show business, the trick to getting your film or TV show funded and why there’s hope for Television.
Labour | Fast food walkouts spread across the U.S. as workers fight for a living wage | Aug 31 2013 | Peter Rugh | Fast-food workers walked off the job in about 50 U.S. cities on Thursday, the latest show of force from a unionization campaign that began with a one-day strike involving 200 people in New York City.
Theary Seng on Cambodia and human rights
Anti-Racism | Theary Seng on Cambodia and human rights | Aug 30 2013 | David Peck | Theary Seng talks passionately about the country she loves, Cambodia's future and why human rights should matter to us all.
Kalyanee Mam; from law to filmaking
Arts & Culture | Media Matters | Kalyanee Mam on film-making and social change | Aug 30 2013 | David Peck | Kalyanee talks about her move from law to film-making, how to remain hopeful, social change and the future of Cambodia.