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Anti-Racism | US Politics | Watch: Ferguson erupts after grand jury clears officer in Michael Brown killing | Nov 25 2014 | Democracy Now! | A grand jury in St. Louis, Missouri has chosen not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager.
Anti-Racism | US Politics | Watch: Legal expert decries handling of Wilson grand jury | Nov 25 2014 | Democracy Now! | "I don't think we can take away anything from this decision not to indict other than that it is now officially open season on black folks when it comes to police violence."
Image: Flickr/Shawn Semmler
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | On Ferguson: The system isn't broken, it was built this way | Nov 25 2014 | Anne Theriault | White people have been taught for their entire lives to believe in the system. But every time something like Ferguson happens, white folks see glimpses of how completely fucked the system is.
Anti-Racism | Sundown Nation: America laid bare in Ferguson | Nov 25 2014 | John Baglow | What just went down in Ferguson is far worse in its way than Jim Crow. Back then, the lines were clearly drawn for all to see. Now everything is blurry.
Photo: Taber Andrew Bain/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Nova Scotia tax breaks borrow from Common Book of Corporate Prayer | Nov 25 2014 | Stephen Kimber | Will "rewarding risk-takers, dreamers, doers and builders" really boost entrepreneurship and investment, or just fund more winter golfing vacations?
Economy | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | A generation of broken promises: The 2014 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Nova Scotia | Nov 25 2014 | Christine Saulnier | Will our governments heed the evidence of the last 25 years, re-commit themselves to ending child poverty, and most important of all, take concrete action to keep the promise this time?
Economy | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | It's time to seriously tackle child poverty | Nov 25 2014 | Iglika Ivanova | One in five B.C. children lives in poverty. This is the sobering finding of the 2014 BC Child Poverty Report Card released on November 24.
Photo: Patrick Imbeau/flickr
Elections | NDP | Politics in Canada | Tom Mulcair's election-ready tour | Nov 25 2014 | Duncan Cameron | For Mulcair, those Canadians looking to get rid of Stephen Harper need look no further than the NDP. The Liberals, he said, "flash left at election time, then turn right when they hold power."
Wynne and Couillard announce their conditions on the Energy East pipeline. Photo
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Win! Ontario government strengthens position on Energy East pipeline | Nov 25 2014 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians is pleased that Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne has agreed with the Quebec government on stringent conditions for the proposed Energy East pipeline project.
Image: Environmental Defence Canada/flickr
Environment | Politics in Canada | Tar sands pipeline politics -- now it's Energy East | Nov 25 2014 | Ole Hendrickson | TransCanada is pushing its Energy East pipeline, which would convert the Canadian Mainline pipeline to carry diluted tar sands bitumen to Eastern Canada. But are provincial governments on board?
Environment | Clean drinking water should be a human right in Canada | Nov 25 2014 | David Suzuki | Shoal Lake 40 First Nation sits on Winnipeg's main drinking water supply, but the community has been on a boil-water advisory for decades. This is a national shame and must be resolved immediately.
Photo: flickr/Andy Melton
Feminism | Media Matters | Political Action | #BeenRapedNeverReported: I refuse to stay silent | Nov 25 2014 | Mary Ann Davis | Mary Ann spoke out on twitter about her experience with sexual assault using the hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported. Here is her story.
Feminism | Shameless Magazine celebrates 10th anniversary | Nov 25 2014 | Redeye Collective | Shameless Magazine is an independent Canadian voice for young women and trans youth. It’s run by volunteers and guided by a feminist and anti-racist approach.
Feminism | Media Matters | Politics in Canada | In business, as in politics, women's voices matter | Nov 25 2014 | Kaity Cooper | Why women's voices matter in politics, business and media and who is responsible for making them heard. Reflections on a talk by Kim Campbell, Canada's first and only woman Prime Minister.
Chantal Bilulu, Coordinator of the Women and Children’s Program for Héritiers de
Feminism | World | When a woman is no longer silent | Nov 25 2014 | Chantal Bilulu | For Héritiers de la Justice, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is a great opportunity to empower Congolese women to speak out about sexual violence and to awaken their fellow sisters.