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Arts & Culture | The Brain and the Ballet Dancer: Dr. Crystal Dilworth on brain chemistry and the co-dependency between art and science. | Sep 16 2014 | Andrew Sayo, Charlene Sayo, Eirene Cloma | Does art need the structure of science? Can science grow without creativity? For Dr. Crystal Dilworth, the attraction between opposites is all about the brain and a little bit of chemistry.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Arts & Culture | World | Harold Innis goes to war | Sep 16 2014 | Mel Watkins | The famous Canadian historian was deeply touched by the First World War and it affected his career and philosophy for the rest of his life.
Source: CANSIM 281-0027
Economy | Labour | Of rising tides, sinking boats and workers' bargaining power | Sep 16 2014 | Angella MacEwen | Recently, Jason Kenney took to Twitter to defend his decision to limit the number of precarious workers entering Alberta through the TFWP. His changes do little to fix the actual problem though.
Photo: Toby Scott/flickr
Economy | Labour | $15 minimum-wage movement spills into Canada | Sep 16 2014 | Trish Hennessy | Today, the federal NDP is slated to use its Official Opposition Day to table a motion that would have Parliament Hill vote on a proposal to reinstate the federal minimum wage.
Education | Feminism | 'We have enough feminism' response from UBC Student Union unacceptable | Sep 16 2014 | Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki | The attitude among UBC student politicians that we have "enough" feminism, that we've reached our "feminism quota", so to speak, is regressive and deeply offensive.
Elections | NDP | Politics in Canada | Olivia Chow speaks about transit in Toronto | Sep 16 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Olivia Chow speaks solo at a mayoral debate sponsored by the Ryerson Students' Union and TTCRiders: A Voice for Transit Riders.
Photo: flickr/Climate March
Environment | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Our government doesn't speak for us when it comes to climate change | Sep 16 2014 | Leehi Yona | The Harper government's inaction on climate change is a big, big problem. Join the People's Climate March this Sunday September 21.
Environment | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Let’s tell Ottawa: Make climate change a priority! | Sep 16 2014 | Let’s make this session the most “green” yet
Environment | More Mobilization Against Tar Sands Transport in Quebec | Sep 16 2014 | Jon Milton | As Line 9 is readied for use by Enbridge, and other carbon-fuel projects emerge throughout the province, citizens' resistance is on the rise.
Environment | More Mobilization Against Tar Sands Transport in Quebec | Sep 16 2014 | Jon Milton | As Line 9 is readied for use by Enbridge, and other carbon-fuel projects emerge throughout the province, citizens' resistance is on the rise.
Labour | Watch: Baristas rise up and support workers' rights | Sep 16 2014 | Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council | Feel like listening to a catchy song and learning about how low-paid and precarious workers can organize? Well here you go!
Image: Steff Pinch
Political Action | Politics in Canada | Why local politics should matter to progressives and moderates | Sep 16 2014 | Brenna Slawich | But if, for whatever reason, you think that local politics don’t matter, think again. There are a number of reasons that we should not ignore municipal politics.
Politics in Canada | Parliament talks minimum wage, and considers growing inequality | Sep 16 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The NDP's motion to raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour was an opportunity to talk about poor Canadians. Conservatives touted their economic record. Some Liberals gushed over their leader.
Stephen Mandel
Politics in Canada | Strap on your seat belts? Jim Prentice's cabinet is more like a drive down memory lane | Sep 16 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Sorry, but if you want real change in Alberta, you're going to have to vote to change the government.
Photo: Ross G. Strachan/flickr
World | Scotland the Brave: What does the future hold? | Sep 16 2014 | Duncan Cameron | In a momentous referendum this Thursday, some five million Scottish voters will decide: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" At stake is the ability of Scotland to control its future.