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Photo: Christopher Long/flickr
Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | The case for distinguishing between human rights and group rights | Nov 21 2014 | Rick Salutin | The legal decision that denied chemo to an Aboriginal girl based on her parents' Aboriginal rights makes it sound like a noble but tragic conflict between two rights -- but these rights are not equal.
Source: Manitoba Housing and Community Development
Politics in Canada | How affordable is affordable housing? | Nov 21 2014 | Josh Brandon | Despite high demand for housing in Winnipeg, some new non-profit housing projects are having difficulties filling some of their suites. Frontline housing advocates are rightly concerned.
Danielle Smith
Politics in Canada | The bloom is off the (Wild)rose | Nov 21 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | If this keeps up, it’s hard to believe Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith won't soon be thinking seriously about pulling the plug on politics.
World | Residents fight plans for new base in Okinawa, Japan | Nov 21 2014 | Redeye Collective | The island of Okinawa has been a military outpost for the United States since the end of World War II. Now there are plans to build new bases. Okinawan residents are resisting fiercely.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Food & Health | Canada's complicated relationship with pro-choice politics | Nov 20 2014 | Michelle Reid | Access to abortion is a right in Canada. While we do have an active anti-abortion minority in Canada, pro-choice people are also guilty of silencing women's choices at times. Why?
Photo by Cisco StreetLenz
Arts & Culture | Feminism | L.A.-based MC and artist Asa Lianess on love vs. sex and being real in hip-hop | Nov 20 2014 | Andrew Sayo, Charlene Sayo, Eirene Cloma | The Los Angeles-based poet, singer, MC and henna artist shares her thoughts about love and sex in hip-hop, spirituality, sisterhood and going global.
Arts & Culture | Environment | Kinder Morgan solves 'Not In My Backyard' problem by taking backyard | Nov 20 2014 | Scott Vrooman | Scott Vrooman is back with another hilarious video on #KMface, angry butt faces and the delegitimization of protest itself.
Photo: flickr/Chadica
Civil Liberties Watch | Gaza | Politics in Canada | World | High-end condos for sale... in occupied Palestinian territories | Nov 20 2014 | Paul Weinberg | There has been a deluge of construction projects of homes in and around East Jerusalem. Is this in order to maintain a geographic stranglehold on a united Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish state?
Civil Liberties Watch | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Health-care activists snubbed by Joe Oliver's constituency office staff | Nov 20 2014 | John Bonnar | On Tuesday morning Health for All, along with representatives from other signatory organizations, tried to deliver a letter to Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s constituency office in Toronto.
Civil Liberties Watch | Economy | Politics in Canada | New report outlines the threat of CETA's corporate rights protections | Nov 20 2014 | Scott Harris | A new report warns that expansive new protections in CETA's investment chapter could unleash a corporate litigation boom against Canada, the EU and individual EU member states.
Economy | Income distribution and inequality: How the pie is sliced in B.C. | Nov 20 2014 | Marc Lee | One great thing Statscan has done in recent years is to make its data freely available, so Marc Lee went to dig deeper on national, B.C. and Vancouver trends. Here are some key takeaways.
Photo: Book_Maiden/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Nova Scotia Tax Review: Eroding tax fairness | Nov 20 2014 | Christine Saulnier | On balance, the tax package proposed in this report will result in a regressive and unfair tax regime in Nova Scotia that will harm the economy and make current problems worse.
Photo: flickr/john
Economy | Food & Health | Political Action | World | The 2014 G20 summit: What did it achieve? | Nov 20 2014 | Stephen Price-Thomas | Will the impact of decisions made by G20 leaders last weekend be transitory?
Photo by Stephen Thomas, Nov. 2014
Education | Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Push for fossil fuel divestment gains momentum | Nov 20 2014 | Jennifer Mills | Will divestment from fossil fuels in Canada stop extreme resource extraction? Maybe not, but it's a step and an important part of the change!
Photo: Steven Lee
Education | Labour | Politics in Canada | Students demand action on student debt and youth unemployment | Nov 20 2014 | Ella Bedard | The Canadian Federation of Students say that politicians are willing to pay lip service to student issues, but offer little more than that.