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Feminism | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Liberation movements then and now: Interview with author and activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz | Apr 23 2014 | Tanya Hill | Interview with author and activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz about the history of liberation movements, her work with the UN Indigenous Rights working group, pipelines and the state of activism today.
Photo: Jeremy Hall/flickr
Labour | Temporary foreign worker policy lets low-wage firms have their cake and eat it too | Apr 23 2014 | David Green | The current policy allows firms to operate low wage and benefit workplaces without worrying about turnover costs, which provides a clear incentive to adopt a bad jobs model.
Photo: David Sim/flickr
Labour | Media Matters | Technology | Toronto Star's digital journalists and the market devalue of journalism | Apr 23 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | A digital journalist is still a journalist and must be doing the same work as a print journalist. So why is one employee paid less just because his or her work doesn't end up as ink on cellulose?
Media Matters | Our 2013 annual report is out | Apr 23 2014 | rabble staff | Every year goes big with its annual report.
NDP | Politics in Canada | The unbearable lightness of being progressive | Apr 23 2014 | Michael Laxer | The progressive agenda in North America has become so insignificant in its aims that if it got any less so it would simply cease to be.
Political Action | World | Learning for peace and justice: The Canadian School of Peacebuilding | Apr 23 2014 | Scott Neigh | Valerie Smith and Jarem Sawatsky talk about their Winnipeg-based summer school for peacebuilders from Canada and around the world.
Political Action | Politics in Canada | Technology | Your OpenMedia team is now on Tumblr! | Apr 23 2014 | Eva Prkachin | OpenMedia has launched a StopTheSecrecy Tumblr to share exclusive photos of our bat signal in Washington. You can see it for yourself at
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Politics in Canada | World | Canada's coup-supporting corporate cowboy diplomacy | Apr 23 2014 | Matthew Behrens | The Ukraine debacle represents the latest in a pattern of Stephen Harper and John Baird supporting coups and ignoring human rights violations as a nasty but necessary part of doing business.
Arts & Culture | Evan Greer and Anne Feeney bring radical tunes to B.C. | Apr 22 2014 | Tania Ehret | Evan Greer and Anne Feeney travel through Cascadia to sing energetic songs of protest. Come out to the Heartwood Community Cafe this Saturday afternoon, April 26, for their matinee show!
Photo: Esti Alvarez/flickr
Economy | Environment | Climate change, capitalism and our climate crisis mismatch | Apr 22 2014 | Naomi Klein | We are suffering from a terrible case of climate-related mistiming -- because the climate crisis hatched at a time when conditions were uniquely hostile to a problem of this nature and magnitude.
Photo: Preserved Light Photography/flickr
Economy | Environment | Politics in Canada | A new direction for Canada | Apr 22 2014 | Duncan Cameron | A new direction for Canada means rebuilding the inter-generational bargain between young and old; focusing spending on improving social determinants of health; and making the economy climate-friendly.
Economy | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Over 2.7 million people now demanding leaders Stop The Secrecy before it's too late | Apr 22 2014 | Josh Tabish | This is a crucial week for negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Groups from across the political spectrum have launched the online Stop The Secrecy campaign.
A herd of buffalo at  Arrowwood National Wildlife Reserve, North Dakota.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | 'If you know our land, you know our life': An Earth Day call for reconciliation | Apr 22 2014 | Sara Stratton | In March I travelled to Edmonton for the last National Event of the TRC. I am on a journey of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, which is also a journey of reconciliation with the land.
Environment | Only with political will can we avoid the worst of climate change | Apr 22 2014 | David Suzuki | The latest chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment says there's still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The good news is that there are many benefits to taking action.
Feminism | Conversation with author of 'Misogyny Re-loaded' | Apr 22 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy speaks with Abigail Bray about her new book, 'Misogyny Re-loaded,' which has been described as 'an explosive manifesto against the resurgent sexual fascism of the new world order.'