Photo: Obert Madondo/flickr
Occupy Rogers! Occupy Bell! Let's make telecom public | Sep 1 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Bringing Bell and Rogers and Telus and Shaw under public ownership? Now that's a cause worth marching for. Everyone's mad as hell at these guys, so why do we still have to take it?
Image: Daniel Zeevi/flickr
Interactive graphics are the new kid in town | Aug 27 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | In the midst of a Big Data sea, tools that allow the visual display of quantitative information will be an asset to anyone who wants to crowdsource the discovery of the narratives in the numbers.
Nearly half of Canada's lowest-income earners don't have broadband access | Aug 21 2014 | John Bonnar | ACORN Canada members are calling on the federal government and the CRTC to ensure home broadband prices are affordable for low-income families.
Photo: flickr/Chris Isherwood
I, for one, scoff at our robot overlords | Aug 20 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | Robots that can walk, run, skitter and swarm are already among us. Should we be very, very afraid? Nah, not really.
Share the Gaza Everywhere Map | Aug 14 2014 | A simple map app to help visualize Gaza's relative size in comparison to locations around the world
This Conservative MP thought he could pull the wool over the eyes of Canadians about government spying. It’s not working | Aug 14 2014 | David Christopher | Canadians are tired of hearing tired and discredited government talking points when it comes to surveillance.
Photo: Kenny Louie/flickr
Consumer electronics and the miracle of materials | Aug 13 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | Who, three decades ago, would have imagined that the materials that would change consumer electronics would be glass, ABS plastic, sapphire, graphite and aluminum?
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Did Canada cave on the pharmaceutical patent ISDS issue in CETA? | Aug 8 2014 | Michael Geist | For the second time in less than a year, Canada and the EU have announced that they reached agreement on the Canada-EU Trade Agreement. But was anything really resolved?
Photo: remediate.this/flickr
Photographs and the illusion of the frozen moment | Aug 6 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | The frozen moment is a centuries-old illusion, or even as old as vision itself. Why? Because today's camera sensors work like our own eye/brain partnership when it comes to making sense of the world.
ACORN Canada members fight for affordable Internet! | Jul 31 2014 | Operation Maple | How ACORN Canada members are fighting for reliable high-speed Internet in everyone's homes.
Photo: Phoenix Dark-Knight/flickr
We can't get no satisfication: Computer systems, complexity and human nature | Jul 30 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | These two realities: humans are social and crave simplicity, should be key guideposts for any kind of computer system or process that hopes to attract the interest and adoption of its users.
What you said about free expression online | Jul 30 2014 | Meghan Sali | Read on to hear from Internet users what they think the top five most concerning issues are with the TPP.

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National Union of Public and General Employees
Supreme Court defends Internet privacy, forcing government to rethink Bills
In a unanimous decision the court has given a strong endorsement of Internet privacy, underscoring the importance of privacy for subscriber information, the right to anonymity and more.

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