People don't need Peeple: The rise and fall of a fictional app | Oct 7 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Last week the Internet lost its shit over Peeple. And, last week Peeple was, according to the two Calgary-based women who came up with idea, a "Yelp for people." That all changed over the weekend.
Image: Rosaura Ochoa/flickr
Social media gives a limited picture of political candidates | Oct 6 2015 | Stephen Kimber | Is it past time for a statute of limitations on social media stupidity? Or at least for a more nuanced understanding than what may have been expressed in the heat of a long-gone 140-character moment?
Image: Facebook/Ryan McMahon - Comedian
Indian and Cowboy lays the foundation for an Indigenous media revolution | Oct 6 2015 | Roshini Nair | What is Indian and Cowboy? An Indigenous multimedia network led by Ryan McMahon that is changing the face of media in Canada. Read this exclusive interview with McMahon.
Investing in our digital future is critical to strengthening Canada's economy | Oct 1 2015 | David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | Whether it's ensuring affordable Internet access, safeguarding our online privacy, or protecting free expression, this election will shape our digital future for the coming decades.
Photo: Norman James/Toronto History/flickr
Star Touch, Kinky Boots and Hotel California: Toronto Star's digital gamble | Sep 30 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Star Touch is a free, iPad-only app that totally repackages Toronto Star content for an Apple tablet audience. But who was it really made for?
Photo: marvelousRoland/flickr
How content blockers are the Jericho missiles of the web | Sep 23 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | New content-blocking technology in iOS 9 allows users to block ads, trackers and other pieces of code at an operating system level. With that, Apple is now the Stark Industries of web advertising.
Bridging the age divide in digital technology | Sep 22 2015 | Frieda Werden | Rose Marie Whalley interviews Communications Professor Kim Sawchuk, researching aging and mobile technology, about ways to bridge the age divide in communities.
Photo: Isriya Paireepairit/flickr
An Apple fan opens himself to Windows | Sep 16 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Cloud-based services, inexpensive hardware and a vastly improved Microsoft OS are all making it harder to justify the Apple tax you pay for elegance and ease-of-use.
Will Generation Z give us superheroes for the planet? | Sep 15 2015 | David Suzuki | By helping young people get outdoors, care about others and make a difference, we won't just be raising healthier and happier children, we'll be raising a generation of superheroes for our planet.
Demand a better internet and digital policy from the federal government | Sep 11 2015 | Support OpenMedia's Our Digital Future campaign
Photo: flickr/ Marcie Casas
National online survey launched: Stewarding community media into the digital future | Sep 8 2015 | Michael Lithgow | A national citizen's group has launched an online survey to ask people across Canada what they think about community media, the first of its kind in Canadian history.
2015 election needs to focus on our digital future | Sep 2 2015 | Digital Freedom Update, Laura Tribe | This election represents our best chance to shape Canada's digital future. It's our chance to safeguard our privacy, encourage affordable access to Internet services, and protect our free expression.

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B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union
B.C.'s social welfare software system failing, says Auditor General
British Columbia's social welfare software system is failing to fulfill its intended role, the B.C. Auditor General said in a report.

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