Opportunity is knocking: Let's end data caps in Canada | Aug 23 2016 | Katy Anderson | Here in Canada, none of the Big Three wireless providers even offer unlimited data as an option -- and that's simply not fair. Now is the time to end data caps in Canada.
Photo: Martin Abegglen/flickr
The coming demise of Star Touch | Aug 17 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | What can we learn from the sad fate of the Toronto Star's Star Touch tablet fiasco and its imminent demise?
How Tinder is watching and sorting our intimacy | Aug 16 2016 | Kyle Curlew | Algorithms in dating and hook-up apps are fundamentally changing what it means to live in a modern society -- only we can't see these changes.
Naming the origins of our home on native land | Aug 15 2016 | A list of traditional territories upon which our major cities were built.
Our last, best chance to restore our rights and repeal Bill C-51 | Aug 1 2016 | David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | This is it, folks. Over a year since it was forced through Parliament by the Harper government, Canadians will soon have a chance to finally overturn Bill C-51.
Photo: Virginia State Parks/flickr
Gotta catch 'em all: The deep layers of Pokemon GO | Jul 20 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | At first blush Pokemon GO looks like a simple, engaging and remarkably social pastime. But below the surface are deep levels of complexity, intention and future prospects.
Web manosphere and revolt of the beta-men | Jul 17 2016 | Aoife Cooke | There's a geeky new sexism espoused by the gender-fluid generation says Irish journalist Angela Nagle.
Photo: VFS Digital Design/flickr
When worlds collide and boundaries bleed: Intersections between online and real life | Jul 13 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | Last week we witnessed two liminal moments in the space between the online and real worlds. In two very different ways, the edges bled beyond the boundary of one to the other.
Six ways to support the work of Black Lives Matter across Canada this week | Jul 10 2016 | Allies and community, let's keep the momentum going!
Québec is gambling with Internet censorship: What is Bill 74 and how can we kill it? | Jul 8 2016 | Meghan Sali | Blatant censorship of the Internet for financial gain.
U.S. Net Neutrality ruling sends a clear message to the CRTC | Jul 8 2016 | Erin Knight | June's "open Internet" win in the United States may be a sign of what's to come for the CRTC's Net Neutrality review.
Digital media creates tumultuous environment for Canadian politics | Jul 7 2016 | Alex Marland | The news media landscape is changing. Rapidly. As digital media brings much good to the citizens how are the political elites using it to control the message?

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B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union
B.C.'s social welfare software system failing, says Auditor General
British Columbia's social welfare software system is failing to fulfill its intended role, the B.C. Auditor General said in a report.

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