Spread the word about out of control CSEC spying! | Sep 22 2014 | Take action against CSEC spying
Spread the word about CSEC spying on Canadians | Sep 22 2014 | rabble staff | Today we're supporting Open Media's new viral video to expose just how CSEC could be monitoring Canadians everywhere.
Photo: Caro's Lines/flickr
Hanging out in meet space: Tools for online collaboration | Sep 17 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | Hanging out with other humans is what humans like to do best. And, we have hundreds of ways and places to do it. Here are some ideas for taking it online.
Image: Justin14/Wikimedia Commons
The digital crown affair: Apple unveils stylish new lineup | Sep 10 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | The Apple Watch's digital crown is a perfectly Apple piece of industrial design. And, it was only one of a handful of design details that demonstrates how much the company cares about user experience.
Photo: flickr/Marcelo Graciolli
Take action on the Internet Slowdown | Sep 10 2014 | Do you love your internet? You can speak out by signing this petition on Internet Slowdown Day.
CCPA Monitor: The battle for the Internet and what it means for Canada | Sep 5 2014 | David Christopher, Steve Anderson | A battle to save net neutrality is brewing in the United States with implications for the global Internet
Photo: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones/flickr
Join the fight for net neutrality with the Internet Slowdown! | Sep 4 2014 | Amy Goodman | Next Wednesday, Sept. 10, if your favourite website seems to load slowly, take a closer look: You might be experiencing the Battle for the Net's "Internet Slowdown," a global day of grassroots action.
Photo: Fatima/flickr
Apple and the mystery of the big white box | Sep 3 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | In about a week's time, Apple will announce its new iPhone or iPhones. Rumours have been swirling for months and, as usual, Apple has had nothing to say. But, they have been building something.
Photo: flickr/Elvert Barnes
Canadian spy agencies are running reckless | Sep 2 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | How much does it concern you that your emails, texts, social media and phone calls might be monitored? Probably a lot, right?
Photo: Obert Madondo/flickr
Occupy Rogers! Occupy Bell! Let's make telecom public | Sep 1 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Bringing Bell and Rogers and Telus and Shaw under public ownership? Now that's a cause worth marching for. Everyone's mad as hell at these guys, so why do we still have to take it?
Image: Daniel Zeevi/flickr
Interactive graphics are the new kid in town | Aug 27 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | In the midst of a Big Data sea, tools that allow the visual display of quantitative information will be an asset to anyone who wants to crowdsource the discovery of the narratives in the numbers.
Nearly half of Canada's lowest-income earners don't have broadband access | Aug 21 2014 | John Bonnar | ACORN Canada members are calling on the federal government and the CRTC to ensure home broadband prices are affordable for low-income families.

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Sat, Oct 25, 2014
Glen Greenwald speaks in Ottawa

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National Union of Public and General Employees
Supreme Court defends Internet privacy, forcing government to rethink Bills
In a unanimous decision the court has given a strong endorsement of Internet privacy, underscoring the importance of privacy for subscriber information, the right to anonymity and more.

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