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The inevitable autonomous auto | May 27 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Humans are dreadful drivers. That's why companies like Google, Ford and Uber want cars to drive themselves. So, are autonomous autos inevitable?
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Test your skills: Play the Organizing Game | May 27 2015 | Use this great interactive game to see how good you are at recognizing issues that matter to people.
Periscope and Meerkat | May 21 2015 | Livestreaming and Bearing witness
Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/flickr
Why the World Wide Web is like an ice shelf | May 20 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | These days the World Wide Web looks a lot like Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf -- a large, open mass disintegrating at the edges because of human interference.
Coming (very) soon: We've got a plan to restore our privacy rights | May 15 2015 | David Christopher | Next Wednesday we're launching a crowdsourced pro-privacy action plan packed with positive ideas about how to stop out-of-control surveillance, roll back Bill C-51, and restore our privacy rights.
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Microsoft's pie in the cloudy sky | May 13 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | At its recent BUILD conference, software giant Microsoft showed off Windows 10 and a new browser. Has it finally found its groove, or is it a desperate wannabe consumer brand?
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Conrad Black's advice to newspapers is fish wrap | May 6 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Black's op-ed on newspapers is filled with such choleric invective, anachronistic error and purblind irony that to let it lie would be a gross dereliction of one's obligation to the fifth estate.
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Digging science: Citizens amplify knowledge about the natural world | May 5 2015 | David Suzuki | NatureWatch revamped its website and WormWatch, FrogWatch, PlantWatch and IceWatch programs. For the first time, people can use phones or tablets to record, submit and view data.
Canadians have united to reject fear and stop Bill C-51. Will the government listen? | May 4 2015 | David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | In the space of a few short months since Bill C-51 was announced, hundreds of thousands of people have taken action to stop it. Is the Harper government listening?
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Facebook and the news publishers who flirt with heartbreak | Apr 29 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | We've come to a pretty pass when publishers like the New York Times and the Washington Post are thinking about getting hitched to that lyin', cheatin', two-timing heart, Facebook.
Small businesses across Canada are speaking out about the impact of Bill C-51 on our economy | Apr 27 2015 | David Christopher | Over 100 businesses, large and small, have joined the over 200,000 Canadians speaking out to #StopC51.
Photo: Margherita J. L. Lisoni/flickr
Newsrooms have glance journalism up their sleeves | Apr 22 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | The advent of wearable technology like smartwatches has ushered in what's been called "glance journalism." Newsrooms are beginning to give special attention to the glance.

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B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union
B.C.'s social welfare software system failing, says Auditor General
British Columbia's social welfare software system is failing to fulfill its intended role, the B.C. Auditor General said in a report.

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