Photo: flickr/ Gobierno de Chile
Four steps the Liberal government must take now that the TPP is signed | Feb 5 2016 | Michael Geist | Canadians must understand the costs and benefits of the TPP before then can provide useful feedback. And, unfortunately, the government is painting a misleading picture of the agreement.
Photo: flickr/ Backbone Campaign
Without mandated safeguards, Canadian exporters face unbalanced border measures | Feb 5 2016 | Michael Geist | Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Minister of International Trade, has stated that the government is committed to a robust Parliamentary and public review of the agreement.
Photo: Tom Cole/flickr
Spotlight: The movie, the web and the state of journalism | Feb 3 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | Fifteen years after the Internet disrupted journalism, the spotlight is now falling in the wrong place. The web is hardly an upstart, though many newspapers act like the threat was born yesterday.
Photo: flickr/ James Brooks
Canada caves on controversial trademark infringement extension in TPP | Feb 3 2016 | Michael Geist | Canada has recently passed new rules specifically designed to provide enhanced borer measure provisions for trademarks. If they TPP is raitfied, we'll have to change domestic law.
Why is Netflix cracking down on essential privacy tools? | Feb 2 2016 | Digital Freedom Update, Meghan Sali | When Netflix announced recently that the company would be cracking down on users who employ privacy tools while using the service, you could practically hear the groans reverberate across the globe.
Photo: flickr/ Jimmy Emerson, DVM
Canada bullied into complying with U.S. demands in TPP | Feb 2 2016 | Michael Geist | The U.S. is requiring Canada provide a report card every six months on its customs activities, meet on the issue whenever the U.S. demands, among other things.
Photo: flickr/ Marco Assini
Canada failed to advance tech sector through TPP side agreements | Feb 1 2016 | Michael Geist | Why did Canada fail to make digital inroads in TPP countries when most other countries did?
Photo: flickr/ Joseph Gruber
False positive: TPP net neutrality rules lack enforceability and impact | Feb 1 2016 | Michael Geist | One of the TPP's selling points has been that it helps preserve and "open and free Internet." However, upon close examination, it doesn't advance the issue at all.
Your Internet-connected devices are shockingly insecure | Feb 1 2016 | What's Left Editors | The latest edition of What's Left This Week looks at insecure Internet devices, the end of the Liberal honeymoon, massive rally in solidarity with retired Steelworkers and more.
Photo: flickr/ Anonymous Account
Benefits from e-commerce provisions in TPP actually non-existent | Jan 28 2016 | Michael Geist | A closer look into the "benefits" from the e-commerce provisions in the TPP reveal they are pretty non-existent. Find out why here.
Photo: Tsahi Levent-Levi/flickr
Technology, journalism and the disruption of business as usual | Jan 27 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | A lot of thinking about disruption in general, and the disruption of the newsroom in particular, is facile and just plain wrongheaded.
Photo: flickr/ Martin Krolikowski
Service interrupted: TPP intervenes in Canada's Internet governance | Jan 26 2016 | Michael Geist | The Trouble with the TPP? Well one thing is it contradicts Canada's longstanding policy on Internet governance.

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B.C.'s social welfare software system failing, says Auditor General
British Columbia's social welfare software system is failing to fulfill its intended role, the B.C. Auditor General said in a report.

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