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Rip offs at Best Buy

Interesting.  Looks like Best Buy has a class action lawsuit against them in New York claiming that their price match guarantee is a scam.

Well, I'm not surprised.  I just experienced it myself.  Here's my story:

I won a $250 gift card to Best Buy.  I was thrilled, because I've been wanting a good digital camera instead of the cheap point-and-clicks I've been buying up to now.  I wanted one with really good zoom, etc.  So I thought, I'll put that gift card toward a decent camera.  Not high-end, just not low-end.

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Сантехник. Киев.

Видеокроки по монтажу систем водопровода и канализации.

[link removed by moderator but Russian retained for aesthetic purposes]

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Introducing the app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad! And how you can win an iTouch!

Hey folks,

Today is rabble's 9th anniversary - and to mark we launched a free app for the iPhone!

In partnership with developer Spreed Inc., we are very excited to announce the launch of our iPhone, iTouch and iPad application. It is a whole new way of experiencing and interacting with the content on using your mobile device.

And more: Don't already have a device that can use the app? Follow rabble on Twitter this week and learn how you can win an iTouch!

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Cleanse Thyself

A new supplement has just been released and it's known as New Life Cleanse. It's a colon cleanser that uses all natural ingredients to safely break down, remove, and flush out waste products, parasites, and toxins that need to be removed in order to have proper digestive health.

Inside of New Life Cleanse are pro-biotics, healthy bacteria, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. These give healthy results that are guaranteed by the company to help with digestion and even with weight loss through the natural detox process that occurs when you use it as directed.



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