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US Politics

Jul 16, 2010

Haiti reparation hoax riles France: A statement

« Le Comité pour le Remboursement Immédiat des Montants Envolés » d’Haïti
The far bigger hoax is how little France, the U.S. and Canada have offered Haiti in earthquake relief, relative to what Haitians are owed in reparations.
Jul 14, 2010
United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti's Brazilian peacekeepers and United States soldiers distribute food and water in the slum of Cité Soleil, Haiti, on Jan. 24, 2010. Photo: Sophia Paris/United Nations Photo/Flickr

Help Haitians help Haiti: An open letter

Jean Ellie Déralciné/ Cyril Baudelais/ Vilmond Joegodson Déralciné/ Paul Jackson
Residents of earthquake-devastated Cité Soleil respond to a Le Devoir article by the head of the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation, saying they want to build their own future.
Jul 14, 2010
Presidents Porfirio Lobo of Honduras (left) and Álvaro Colom of Guatemala (right) at the World Coffee Conference in February 2010.  Photo: Gobierno de Guatemala/Flickr

Canada supports an undemocratic post-coup Honduras

Jason Tockman
One year ago last week, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya woke up with a gun pointed at his head. Even the U.S. has expressed concern over human rights violations, but the Harper government is silent.
Jul 13, 2010

Checkpoint: American hegemony

The world's politicians, in the post-G20 spirit, have abandoned creativity, empathy, intelligence and ultimately, reason itself in their quest follow the American dream.


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