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Heavy Radicals presentation and signing

Jan 17, 2016
Spartacust Books
3378 Findlay Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 16.0668" N, 123° 4' 4.6092" W
British Columbia CA
Aaron Leonard will be presenting a slide show and signing books for his and Conor Gallagher's book, "Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on America's Maoists."
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Donald Trump Tells Israel lobby group he cant be brought


“You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” Trump told members of the Sheldon Adelson-funded hardline pro-Israel lobbying organization.

He went on to mock rival Jeb Bush for taking money from interest groups and then toeing their line. “That’s why you don’t want to give me money, OK, but that’s OK, you want to control your own politician. That’s fine, good,” he concluded.

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Decriminalization of sex work might reduce victimization and unsafe practices.

Decriminalizing indoor prostitution could improve the bargaining position of female sex workers relative to clients, leading to lower rates of victimization. Research from the late 1990s found that indoor sex workers are victimized considerably less than outdoor street walkers. The legal quirk in Rhode Island only applied to indoor sex work, which could have resulted in some prostitutes abandoning outdoor business for its decriminalized — and safer — counterpart.

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Why does Obama want Trans-Pacific Partnership to pass so badly?

In promoting a proposed trade pact covering 12 Pacific Rim nations, President Obama has cast the initiative as an instrument of equity. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would, in his words, “level the playing field” and “give our workers a fair shot.” But critics argue that within the hundreds of pages of esoteric provisions, the deal -- like similar ones before it -- includes a glaring double standard: It provides legal rights to corporations and investors that it does not extend to unions, public interest groups and individuals.


Theatre performance: 'Re:Union'

Jun 6, 2015 to Jun 10, 2015
Academic Hall, University Ottawa
135 Séraphin-Marion Private
Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 30.486" N, 75° 41' 11.1264" W
Ontario CA
Re: Union is a thought-provoking political drama inspired by the real-life story of American Quaker and academic Norman Morrison.

Celebrating the Freedom of ALL the Cuban 5 Heroes!

Jan 6, 2015
Joe's Café
1150 Commercial Dr. at Williams St.
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 26.2632" N, 123° 4' 10.308" W
British Columbia CA
The return of all of the Cuban 5 to Cuba is an enormous historic victory not only for the Cuban people but also a great victory for human rights!
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911 - Fuel melting Steel?

So I was wondering...

...can jet fuel melt steel?


I mean usually when I thinks of buildings on fire, I either see a wooden hut collapsing or a steel building just burning, but not collapsing.


Is it true that jet fuel cant melt Steel? ( Or is that false?


Most people online (Google) say that kerosene burns around 240-270°C tops... and steel should theoretically not be affected by this low a temp?


100th Monthly Protest to Free the 5 Cuban Heroes!

Mar 5, 2014
U.S. Consulate
1075 West Pender Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 17' 14.1144" N, 123° 7' 9.9876" W
British Columbia CA
Join the March 5 Day of Action to mark Vancouver's milestone 100th monthly picket action to free the Cuban 5.
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Chicago: Northwestern University football players seek to unionize

For the first time in the history of college sports, athletes are asking to be represented by a labor union, taking formal steps on Tuesday to begin the process of being recognized as employees. Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association, filed a petition in Chicago on behalf of football players at Northwestern University, submitting the form at the regional office of the National Labor Relations Board. Backed by the United Steelworkers union, Huma also filed union cards signed by an undisclosed number of Northwestern players with the NLRB -- the federal statutory body that recognizes groups that seek collective bargaining rights. ESPN's "Outside The Lines" first broke the story.


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