Jul 28, 2014
Gaza invaded 2014, Wikipedia image

The war in Gaza: History does matter

Dennis Gruending
Israel has invaded Gaza yet again. Partisan explanations for these recurring conflicts provide us with too little history.
Jul 26, 2014

Gaza: Some revised history

J. Baglow
The killing of three Israeli teens was not carried out by Hamas. The rationale for hostilities in the Middle East, initiated by Israel, has disappeared. Peace talks, anyone?
Jul 25, 2014
Photo: flickr/Adam Nieman

Gaza and the politics of forgetting

Paul Di Stefano
The invasion of Gaza must not be detached from the history of Israeli occupation. We have to recall the history of colonization in Palestine.
Jul 24, 2014
Vladimir Putin

Blundering in Ukraine: Putin's strategic debacle

Christopher Majka
Upon careful examination the results Putin's "Ukrainian campaign" range from calamitous to disastrous. Almost every aspect of the Putin doctrine has been greatly undermined by this Ukrainian debacle.


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