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Jean-Marie Le Pen does it again!

His daughter Marine has been working hard on giving the fascist Front national a veneer of respectability.

But count on dear old Dad to crack his usual unfunny racist jokes. To pledges by performers such as Yannick Noah (the former tennis star) and Patrick Bruel not to perform in France if the FN should come first in the polls, after something I didn't get about calling Noah a pig, he added "on en fera une fournée", (we'll make them an oven batch). Noah is Black. Bruel is Jewish.

Jun 6, 2014

Interview with Ava Homa

The F Word
Helen Polychronakos speaks with Ava Homa, a Kurdish writer who writes about resistance against that country's oppressive regime, and against patriarchy.
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Cons attack Sheila Copps after she finds Cheryl Gallant NATO briefing binder at airport

Detailed information about Canada’s foreign affairs policy and discussions by NATO nations sat around Ottawa’s airport for hours last week after Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant inadvertently left her briefing binder in the airport lounge.

The more than 200-page binder, containing everything from information about NATO’s challenges to details about conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, Russia and China was found by former Liberal cabinet minister Sheila Copps.

Copps said she gave the binder to former Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal who was at the same meeting in PEI and asked him to get it back to Gallant. Grewal’s wife, Nina Grewal, currently serves as a Conservative MP.

Copps is still somewhat surprised Gallant left the binder at the airport.


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