Peace Fest

Aug 12, 2016 to Aug 13, 2016
Mel Lastman Square
5100 Yonge Street
43° 46' 2.3772" N, 79° 24' 53.136" W
Peace Fest encapsulates our passion for social justice and hopes for a brighter future as we shed light on the dark chapters of the history of the Second World War in Asia.
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Should Iraq War report get its own thread?

There are already "bombs" going off about the forthcoming Chilcot report, which stands to implicate Bush, Blair and lots of people in the UK, US and elsewhere who supported the war on Iraq (including Hillary Clinton, and some right-wing Labourites). I don't want to create more thread proliferation, but think this might warrant its own thread. What do others think?

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The Chilcot Inquiry: The final judgement on Tony Blair

...from Middle East Monitor....


It’s unlikely that the Chilcot Inquiry will provide meaning to an enormous personal loss, but will it at least heal the political and social trauma caused by Tony Blair? To mend Iraq’s wounds in any meaningful way there has to be a sense that justice has been seen to be done for what was a deception of enormous magnitude and consequence. The final judgement of Tony Blair has to be nigh.......

May all the war criminals receive their final justice...let us remember the war criminals in Canada responsible for the wars in Libya and The Autonomous Republics of Ukraine!

Jun 29, 2016
Burn This Puppy Down!

Burn this puppy down! #Brexit

Green Majority Radio
Between Trump, Bernie Sanders, the Brexit vote, the various "springs" around the world etc., one thing is certain: people are pissed and are lashing out.


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