rabble news July 14
Meagan Gillmore | Manitoba unions have filed an injunction to stop a recently passed law that would freeze public service employees' wages, saying it violates their constitutional right to freedom of association.
politics July 14
Justin Trudeau participates in discussion at Canadian Labour Congress National Young Workers Summit. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | It has been a long time since the Canadian labour movement has had the opportunity to applaud the actions of a Canadian federal government. And yet recently the Canadian Labour Congress did just that.
rabble series July 12
Image of Guy Caron. Courtesy of Caron campaign
Karl Nerenberg | NDP MP Guy Caron has two distinct advantages in the party's leadership race: he is the only Quebecer in the race and the only one who can lay claim to being a professional economist.
rabble news July 10
Steve Price-Thomas | The G20 meeting wrapped up in Hamburg on Saturday evening with only incremental changes planned to address the world's most pressing problems.
arts/media July 7
Wide shot of participants at table. Photo: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Helene Vosters, Elizabeth Littlejohn | Stitch-by-Stitch's Unsettling Canada Day Sewing Circle was held in solidarity with Unsettling Canada 150 National Day of Action by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land.
rabble news July 7
Meagan Gillmore | A tentative agreement has been reached between slot machine workers at Woodbine Raceway in Toronto and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Members will vote on the agreement this weekend.
rabble news July 6
G20 Oxfam photo demo. Photo: Mike Auerbach/Oxfam
Steve Price-Thomas | This is a time for seriousness and substantial answers to huge problems. Can the G20 come up with any of them?
rabble series July 5
Charlie Angus Got Your Back Tour 2017. Image: Facebook/Charlie Angus
Karl Nerenberg | Charlie Angus is perhaps best known as a passionate and articulate advocate in Parliament for Indigenous people. He wants to create a discourse that will cross the many lines of division in Canada.
rabble news July 4
Centennial College - HP Campus. Photo: JasonParis/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | The summer months are providing little reprieve for staff and representatives at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) who work with college instructors.
rabble news June 30
Meagan Gillmore | A new report from CUPE details problems with scheduling, overwork, and patient care experienced by medical technicians.
in their own words June 30
Photo of walk participants courtesy of Albert Dumont
Albert Dumont | On June 23, Algonquin elders took part in the Faith is Peace walk from Victoria Island to Parliament Hill, joined by the region's faith leaders in support of the struggle for sacred Akikodjiwan.
politics June 23
Photo of Jagmeet Singh by Mitchel Raphael (via Olivia Chow/flickr)
Meagan Gillmore | NDP leadership candidates reinforced their commitment to workers and the labour movement at a debate hosted by the United Steelworkers in Toronto on Thursday night.
politics June 23
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | Is the Trudeau government merely Harper-lite or is it a beacon of democratic, humanistic internationalism? Based on its record this past year, and at the mid point in its mandate, it is neither.
rabble news June 21
Image: Mathieu Côté/Wikimedia Commons
Meagan Gillmore | In a paper released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Lynne Fernandez and Jim Silver describe the history of Indigenous people in labour.
rabble news June 20
Photo: Premier of Ontario Photography/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | The Ontario government's recently announced strategy to increase employment of people with disabilities lacks concrete details about how to meet the complex problem, disability advocates say.
politics June 19
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | A year ago, the Trudeau Liberals were still new to power, and yet they seemed to be slipping into the arrogant habits for which they had fervently criticized their Conservative predecessors.
rabble news June 15
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Meagan Gillmore | The federal government's recently announced national child-care framework is a far cry from the kind of universal child care that PSAC, and many other unions, want the government to establish.
rabble news June 13
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Heryka Miranda | Volunteers from the Migrant Worker Summer festival speak to the need for mobile clinics and culturally sensitive care for seasonal workers.
rabble news June 12
Image: Flickr/aa440
Meagan Gillmore | Manitoba's labour leaders are pushing back against new legislation they say drastically reduces workers' rights and puts Manitobans' health care at risk.
rabble news June 12
Image: Flickr/breadfortheworld
Heryka Miranda | The Migrant Worker Summer Festival brings together farm workers and community members in the Niagara Region.
rabble news June 9
Photo: Andy Miah/flickr
Karl Nerenberg | If nothing else, Thursday's U.K. election proves that it is not electoral poison for a party and a leader to take a clear, left-of-centre stance, one that includes expansion of social benefits.
rabble news June 8
Photo of Peggy Sattler via United Steelworkers/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | A 2014 study found that a third of respondents had experienced domestic violence. Of those, more than half said they'd experienced it at or near their workplaces.
rabble news June 2
Photo: United Workers/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | Ontario introduced changes to the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and Labour Relations Act (LRA) on June 1. The proposed changes to labour laws are good, but they won't benefit everyone.
in their own words June 2
Photo: Mike/flickr
Rita Wong, Hiromi Goto | Depending on how one sees it, this is a critical moment in the decolonization and survival of Turtle Island or a re-containment of Indigenous people in the state apparatus of Canada 150, or both.
rabble news May 31
Photo of Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn via mama! mia!/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | Businesses have nothing to fear about the government's proposal to hike minimum wage to $15 an hour, say some Ontario small businesses and worker advocates.
rabble news May 29
Photo: Michael Cory/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | Ontario's Changing Workplaces Review doesn't do enough to recommend protections for the collective rights of workers in the reality TV industry, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) says.
rabble news May 25
Image: Paul Ford/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | Workers in reality TV often work in unsafe and unhealthy environments, contributing to professional and personal drama that can rival the action on the shows they create. And, for now, it's legal.
rabble news May 24
Images: Fronteiras do Pensamento; Velcrow Ripper/flickr
Resh Budhu | At the fifth Tommy Douglas Institute, environmental justice activists Vandana Shiva and Clayton Thomas-Müller ask: Unless we stand up for the planet we stand on, how can we stand for anything else?
rabble interview May 23
Photo: OFL Communications Department/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | The Canadian Labour Congress must continue to adapt if it wants to thrive, recently acclaimed president Hassan Yussuff says. Increasing the number of people in the movement is his "ultimate priority."
rabble news May 16
Photo: United Church/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | Indigenous child advocate Cindy Blackstock was awarded the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) award for Outstanding Service to Humanity at the congress's 2017 national convention in Toronto last week.