July 9
Murray Dobbin | A plan to develop a private water filtration plant in greater Vancouver went down in flames recently. The best part about it? Free trade is being blamed for the defeat.
July 6
Kate Heartfield | America's insatiable appetite for oil, gas and electricity could mean big profits for Canada - they're already running out of oil drills in Alberta. Trouble is, with the increased greenhouse gas emis
rabble news July 5
Judy Rebick | John Clarke is suspected of messing up somebody's files, pushing desks around and maybe throwing a microwave oven out the window. Mike Harris is suspected of implementing policies that caused the dea
rabble news July 5
Judy MacDonald | Privatizining water; blame for Rwanda's genocide; the dangers of genetically modified foods; the perils of UN corporate partnerships: these are a few of the stories Project Censored believes that mai
July 5
Dimitri Katadotis | <i>Lumumba</i>, Raoul Peck's biopic of the first democratically elected leader of Congo, is a kind of exhumation, with a portrait of the man pieced together from available documents, both written and
July 5
Gregory Boyd Bell | Second to the employment of heavy rocks to get rid of people who aren't like you, the most popular and primordial of human entertainments is to lock a bunch of people in an arena and let them fight i
July 4
Finn Harvor | Computers can perform miracles - when they're not eliciting curses. Commands are illogical, cursors jump around like fleas and systems freeze for no reason. It's time for a revolt of the complexity-l
rabble news July 3
Linda McQuaig | The multinational drug industry has fought the generic drug licensing system just about everywhere it has surfaced. Thirty-nine major drug companies jointly launched a lawsuit against South Africa in
rabble news June 29
Joy Pincus | The now infamous Women of Afghanistan petition is still making the rounds, sometimes revisiting the same people five times or more. The irksome e-mail may have alerted millions to the deplorable stat
June 29
Audra Estrones Williams | On this Canada Day weekend, let's take few moments to remember and celebrate some great, unsung Canadian heroines. Some you may know; others you will; the rest you probably should. They are Maple. Th
June 29
Susan Swan | In twenty years, Canadian literature has shed its collective inferiority complex, and assumed a position of renown on the world stage. This was no accident. The transformation was accomplished throug
June 28
Nate Hendley | Despite decreasing crime rates, the Ontario government is obsessed with tough, American-style law-and-order measures. Premier Mike Harris champions mandatory drug tests for welfare recipients, police
June 28
David Jackson and Amy Smith | Yesterday afternoon, Nova Scotia's Hamm government passed its controversial Bill 68, making it illegal for the province's health-care workers to strike. Before the Bill's passage, nearly 3,000 health
rabble news June 28
David Leibl | Wal-Mart, Liz Claiborne and Mountain Equipment Coop were also honoured (or not-so honoured) at the Maquila Solidarity Network's awards ceremony.
June 27
Public Citizen | The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is seven years old. A study released yesterday found that - contrary to promises and predictions - North Americas farmers and consumers have not benef
June 27
Ann Silversides | Twenty years after its first official recognition, AIDS continues to kill off its victims - quietly and steadily. In North America, those victims, increasingly, are the poor and the marginalized. Des
June 27
Miranda Kennedy | Nadine Bloch once sailed an inflatable raft into a nuclear test zone as part of a famed Greenpeace mission. Today, as a civil-disobedience trainer, she espouses the principles of Gandhi and Martin Lu
June 26
National Association of Women and the Law | Press release from the National Association of Women and the Law. Last week, <i>rabble.ca</i> published an article entitled "The Great Canadian Child-Custody Dispute," by writer Susan Delacourt. NAWL
June 25
Judy Rebick | Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman's inexcusable remarks about Africans last week provoked a vigorous condemnation. On Friday, local anti-racist groups held a press conference and demanded Lastman's resignati
June 25
Sarah McGinnis | Nearly 3,000 Nova Scotia health-care workers - including x-ray technicians, lab technologists and nursing aides - are poised to go on strike at 6 a.m. Wednesday, their union leader said last night. T
June 24
Amber Hollibaugh | Homeless transgendered people. Gay immigrants. Lesbian moms working three jobs. Bisexual truckers dozing off at the wheel from too many hours on the road. Gay men in the unemployment line. These are
June 22
Duane A. Gallop | The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched a new initiative aimed at reducing the technological gulf between the developed and developing world. For the first time, farmers in the le
rabble news June 21
David Beers | Before the B.C. government ordered its nurses back to work, those protesting health-care professionals were doing us all a favour. By refusing to work overtime they were - and are - challenging the v
June 21
David Suzuki | Officials slated to attend next month's meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in London, England are bracing for a tough set of talks. Their aim is to set quotas for whale-catches. Bu
June 20
John Vidal and Charlotte Denny | In the wake of the Seattle and Quebec City anti-globalization protests, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has come up with a new tack: hold its next conference online. But protesters earlier this we
June 20
Alejandro Bustos | Skyrocketing electricity costs have California residents pawning their goods to pay their utility bills. But the root of this desperate situation is not, as George W. Bush would have us believe, an b
June 19
Mindelle Jacobs | The other day, the <i>National Post</i> said of federal justice minister Anne McLellan that her voice is so high-pitched it scatters birds from trees. On Sunday, the minister's remarks to a Sun Media
June 18
Paul Pellizzari | Canadians may soon start seeing more questions coming from the floor at annual shareholder meetings. A proposed federal law appears to be a response to widespread calls for more corporate accountabil
June 18
Sarah Gauch | Nawal Al-Saadawi is accused of breaking Islamic law. If found guilty, she would be required to divorce her husband. Her crime: making statements construed as a renouncement of Islam.
June 18
Susan Delacourt | What happens when the Government asks the public for input on new divorce and child-custody laws? The same kind of thing that happens when people divorce: women and men glare at each other from oppos