January 8
Jim Motavalli | So you're an environmentalist — why are you still eating meat? Evidence of the environmental impacts of a meat-based diet is piling up at the same time its health effects are becoming better kn
rabble news January 8
Terra Renton | Think you&#146;re getting the straight dope? Think again. The glossy, colourful magazine <i>Me First</i> is distributed to health centres across Canada. The fifteen-page publication about sex and he
rabble interview January 7
Angie Gallop | Many of us in Canada are inspired by the spirit of Brazilian participatory democracy. But we generally know few details. At the upcoming World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, activists and organization
January 7
Neve Gordon | It was an electrifying moment. In the midst of the bloody conflict and merely a day after the harsh curfew had been lifted, hundreds of Muslims, Jews and Christians, Israelis and Palestinians, stood
January 6
Salman Rushdie | As the world prepares for war, two extraordinary portraits of human conflict are offered at movie theaters. Peter Jackson&#146;s <i>The Two Towers</i> (of the <i>Lord of the Rings</i> trilogy) and Ma
January 6
Rene Ciria-Cruz | As war clouds gather, opposition to a U.S. first strike on Iraq grows in a new and different way than the Vietnam-era peace movement &#151; and faster. Unlike the l960s, today&#146;s movement is more
rabble news December 23
rabble staff | <i>rabble</i> is taking a holiday over the holidays. We'll be back, rested and ready, on Monday, January 6, 2003. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the best <i>rabble</i> has to offer rig
everyone's a critic December 21
Judy Rebick | Jews in North America do not face discrimination. They are well represented in the corridors of power whether political, economic or social. This is why it is hard for people on the left who genera
December 20
Tony Paterson | A leaked report says German and U.S. firms supplied arms to Saddam Hussein. Iraq&#146;s 11,000-page report to the U.N. Security Council lists 150 foreign companies, including some from America, Brita
everyone's a critic December 19
Rinaldo Walcott | Michael Moore is famous for his guerrilla approach to documentary filmmaking. And audiences love him for it. He doesn&#146;t disappoint in <i>Bowling for Columbine</i>, a film that explores gun cult
December 19
Gregory Wilpert | Where the opposition&#146;s efforts to oust President Hugo Ch&#195;&#161;vez via a non-stop media campaign, large demonstrations, a coup and four &#147;general&#148; strikes have largely failed, the
December 19
Tom Price | Last year, biotech company Cargill Dow unveiled their groundbreaking fleece material called Natureworks, which at first blush seemed to be the environmental wunderkind technology always promised. Rat
December 18
Richard Norton-Taylor and Ewen MacAskill | The first preparations for a major British deployment for war against Iraq were revealed yesterday as defence officials disclosed that ships were being chartered to carry troops and heavy armour to t
rabble interview December 18
Justin Podur | Algeria has been wracked by civil war since 1989. In 1997, because of the dangers of the conflict, Canada issued a moratorium on deportation from Canada to Algeria: no one, regardless of their immigr
rabble news December 17
Jennifer O&#226;e(TM)Connor | Heading into the year 2003, with decades of feminist activism behind us, you&#146;d be forgiven if you believe that the battle for women&#146;s basic reproductive rights was firmly won. Statistics ar
December 17
Stefan Christoff | Listen to an interview with Jaggi Singh recorded live shortly after Singh won an appeal, filed by Israeli lawyer Shamai Leibowitz, against the illegal deportation order issued byIsraeli authorities u
December 17
Adrienne Rich | To be &#147;anti-war&#148; is not a simple position. It means disentangling the strands that connect the weapons industry with the lack of will for diplomacy and coherent foreign policy. It means und
everyone's a critic December 16
Yves Engler | Of democracy. Only seven months after a military coup that attempted to topple democratically elected President Hugo Ch&#195;&#161;vez, Venezuela is again descending into chaos. While most Latin Ame
rabble news December 16
Andrea Schmidt | Activist and writer Jaggi Singh, travelling as part of a delegation of the International Solidarity Movement, was interrogated by Israeli security officers upon his arrival in Tel Aviv on Saturday an
December 16
Jane Ciabattari | Katrin Michael, who lived through chemical attacks unleashed by Saddam Hussein on Iraq&#146;s Kurdish population, now lobbies for women&#146;s concerns as part of the exiled Iraqi opposition movement
December 13
Richard Burnett | I&#146;m convinced Jesus Christ was a big fag. But try convincing everybody else that Christmas is the queerest holiday of the year and chances are you&#146;ll be crucified too. While it&#146;s diffi
December 13
Richard Gott | For the past year or more, Venezuela&#146;s upper and middle classes, opposed to President Hugo Chavez&#146;s government, have protested in the wealthy new neighbourhoods of Caracas, while the poor (
December 13
Myrna Kostash | Americans made me a writer. First it was the Chicago Seven. In the winter of 1970, I was sitting in a living room in a country house in England, chugging beer with some ex-pat Canadians, and watching
modest proposal December 13
Bob Beck | Prime Minister Maude Barlow along with Finance Minister Linda McQuaig and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Rohinton Mistry have made a mess of the once-welcome Canada, now rife with Stalinist
rabble news December 13
Krystalline Kraus | From Burnt Church, New Brunswick, to Sun Peaks Resorts, British Columbia. Most Canadians acknowledge basic Aboriginal rights, and that systemic racism leads to social and economic depravation for Ind
December 13
James Crabtree | Or, it could be if we&#146;re not careful. The technologies we use change us and our expectations. They change our society. The way the Internet empowers us &#151; by giving us huge choice over the i
December 12
Geov Parrish | I want a list &#151; a full accounting of every weapon. Not in Iraq. I don&#146;t give a fig about Iraq. It&#146;s halfway around the world; its economy is decimated; it has been disarmed more effect
December 12
Saeed Razavi-Faqih and Ian Urbina | Over the weekend thousands of Iranian students continued their protests to demand political reform. Their voices were raised in support of Hashem Aghajari, the college professor who has been sentence
rabble news December 11
Ryan Kennedy | Cristina Fernandez is a little disillusioned. Growing up in Chile, she was introduced to activism with massive left-wing demonstrations, grassroots protest movements and broad solidarity. When she mo
December 11
Mark Bourrie | Canadian aboriginals, who are prone to far higher rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide than the rest of the country&#146;s population, say they are disappointed in Roy Romanow&#146;s