December 11
Mark Bourrie | Canadian aboriginals, who are prone to far higher rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide than the rest of the country’s population, say they are disappointed in Roy Romanow’s
rabble interview December 11
Daron Letts | After serving four years as an Airborne Ranger forUncle Sam, culture jammer Micah Wright has turned his satirical sights on his former employer. Norman Rockwell’s America is turned inside out in
December 10
Lucy Komisar | “Live From Baghdad” (HBO) is a fact-based drama that purports to tell the true story of a cable news crew broadcasting during the Gulf War. But it’s propagating one of the biggest PR s
December 10
Tanya Reinhart | For some time, public opinion polls in Israel have appeared contradictory. On the one hand, there is a large majority in favour of Sharon and an “iron-fist” policy in the occupied territori
December 9
Dana Williams | Sally and Johnny must be the coolest white couple around. They claim to have figured out the secret recipe for being "down" with African Americans and they've got a Website to prove it. Just visit bl
December 9
Mark Weisbrot | Iraq is not the only change the Bush Administration is working on. The U.S. government has apparently decided that President Chavez of Venezuela must go, too. True, Saddam Hussein is a brutal tyrant
December 6
Carol Harrington | Premier Ralph Klein’s constituency office had an unwelcome visitor Tuesday when an environmental protester walked in and locked himself in the vault. The protester, Tooker Gomberg, was in the da
rabble news December 6
Judy Rebick | By putting your money where your mouse is. As the new year approaches, we&#146;re happy to report that <i>rabble</i> is still alive and kicking. Our monthly readership is up to 70,000, and December&#
December 6
Anna Humphrey | <i>More than just a number.</i> It wasn&#146;t just fourteen murders but the loss of fourteen, individual, loved and cherished women, fourteen families grieving, and fourteen futures stolen.
everyone's a critic December 6
Danielle Gauld | Today is a national day of remembrance that commemorates the massacre of fourteen women in Montreal in 1989. It&#146;s a chance each year to renew our commitment to ending violence against women. In
December 5
Andrej Grubacec | Round Two. In the latest instalment of the cycle of trials at the Hague, where Slobodan Milosevic is charged with alleged war crimes in Croatia and Bosnia, the current president of Croatia, Stjepan M
December 5
Lirio da Fonseca | East Timor imposed a curfew on the capital Dili yesterday after a day of rioting in which up to five protesters were shot dead by police and the prime minister&#146;s house was burned down. &#147;Tod
everyone's a critic December 5
Krystalline Kraus | If you want to protect me, says our writer, you&#146;re doing it all wrong. The reality of her terror isn&#146;t international, but domestic. It is not the result of a clash of civilizations, but a s
December 4
Ken Hechtman | I wasn't aware I was a prisoner. Nobody ever said the word "spy." That evening, the first American airstrike of the war hit Spin Boldak, Afghanistan and attitudes changed instantly. The Talibs were c
December 4
George Baghdadi | &#147;After serving fifteen years in prison for telling his students that democracy is the only way out, the teacher is offered freedom by the jailor. The teacher takes one look outside, and decides
December 4
David Fickling | This week&#146;s public row between Australia and south-east Asia has thrown into sharp focus a truth that many in the region have realised for some time: after years of living as a peaceable power a
everyone's a critic December 3
Lynn Coady | Sixty-five women missing. Fifteen murder charges so far, against one man. What we need is a cool-headed critique of the societal circumstances that allowed for this to happen. You won&#146;t find tha
December 3
Deisy Francis Mexidor | When Luis Inacio da Silva &#151; Lula &#151; assumes the presidency of Brazil in January, he will be taking on a tremendous challenge: meeting the expectations of the millions of men and women who pl
December 3
Adrienne Crew | Condoleezza Rice is a cypher &#151; for most people. Press profiles portray the tough-minded U.S. national security advisor as some sort of preternatural mystery. Writers marvel at her articulateness
December 2
Dion Dennis | They first appeared in the summer of 2002. Large, white billboards with few words and evocative graphics, selling &#147;pro-social&#148; virtues. Like the one featuring a young, blond, white girl of
in their own words December 2
Yigal Bronner | &#147;Why does a man of my age &#151; married with two children &#151; &#145;need all this?&#146; Why is it &#145;worth my while&#146; to refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories?&#148; A refusn
November 29
Michael I. Niman | During a recent visit to my local five-and-dime, I purchased a &#147;motion pig,&#148; a small plastic pig with an electronic heart and soul that produces a sickly oink. It cost me $1 and was produce
November 29
Chris McGreal | In a televised press conference apparently aimed at influencing voters on the day Mr. Sharon was seeking re-election as leader of his party, the prime minister accused &#147;Arab terror organisations
everyone's a critic November 29
Jaggi Singh | After two and a half months, Concordia University&#146;s moratorium on Middle-East-related public events and information tables came to an end this week, but not much will change. The moratorium was
November 28
Jan Goodey | The less you live. So, why not participate, or, err, <i>refrain from participating</i> in consumer capitalism on November 29 &#151; Buy Nothing Day. Campaigners around the world will exercise perhaps
everyone's a critic November 28
Dan Smoke-Asayenes | Our cultural industries attract big audiences, writes our correspondent &#151; a panellist and participant in the giant, yearly Canadian Aboriginal Festival, opening in Toronto today. Audiences come
rabble news November 27
Angie Gallop | Real democracy is a messy but creative process. Brazilians know this; their lauded new leader, Lula, does too. And it seems, commitment to citizen involvement is catching &#151; it&#146;s already sta
November 26
David Barsamian | Corporate journalism preaches &#147;objectivity&#148; and scorns those who take the side of the dispossessed and disenfranchised. But the mainstream media in Britain makes a few allowances. John Pilg
rabble news November 26
Daron Letts | Oh, Ralph Klein. Eco-activist Tooker Gomberg understands the tough position you&#146;re in. That&#146;s why when he and his Kyoto-loving friends found a document written by the Alberta government&#14
November 26
Jim Lobe | To stop the madness, at least on this end. According to a recent poll by the Arab-American Institute (AAI) and Americans for Peace Now (APN), Arab and Jewish Americans are both critical of President