November 25
Eduardo Galeano | Half of the population of Brazil lives in poverty, yet Lula’s country is the world’s second largest market for Montblanc fountain pens. The cows of the North earn twice as much as the peasa
rabble interview November 25
Daron Letts | The other ‘Burnt Church’ story. Tucked against the forested shore of Miramichi Bay, Esgenoopetitj First Nation (a.k.a. Burnt Church) is a community ofapproximately 1,500 people (and almost
rabble news November 22
Dan Smoke-Asayenes | Mohawk artist Shelley Niro exposes a monumental misappropriation in her photographic suite “For Fearless and Other Indians,” in which she responds to the figure of the Statue of Liberty &#1
November 21
Erin Anderssen | The House of Commons unanimously passed an NDP motion yesterday calling on Finance Canada to reverse a controversial change in the disability tax credit that makes it harder for people to qualify. Th
November 21
Irwin Block | Concordia moratorium to end on Middle East events. The university’s board of governors announced last night it was lifting the ban imposed after the September 9 conflict over a planned speech by
rabble interview November 21
Daron Letts | As Canadian politicians denounce U.S. racial profiling at border crossings, the son of a Chinese head tax payer insists it’s time for Canada to acknowledge its own racist history. Yew Lee and hi
November 20
CFCR 90.5 FM | At Hamilton’s McMaster University, world-renowned linguist, scholar, political analyst and thorn in the side the American status-quo, Noam Chomsky, discussed U.S. aggression and the intensificat
November 20
Chris McGreal | And fifty-seven per cent of the vote. Amram Mitzna has been chosen to lead Israel’s Labour party into January’s general election. If elected prime minister, his victory will offer voters a
November 19
Harold Pinter | Bullying is a time-honoured U.S. tradition. Addressing the Greek ambassador to the U.S. in 1965, Lyndon Johnson said: “Fuck your parliament and your constitution. The U.S. is an elephant. Cyprus
rabble news November 19
Erin George | Across Canada this past weekend, despite miserable weather, more than 35,000 people demonstrated against the threatened war on Iraq. Confidence is high, and many people believe this war can be stoppe
everyone's a critic November 19
Paul Weinberg | It&#146;s time for Canadians to rethink our love affair with air travel. Yes, it&#146;s a big country, but, on a regional basis at least, riding the rails just makes sense. Or, rather, <i>could</i> m
rabble news November 18
Chris Vedelago | Anti-globalization is global! And so are security tactics. For last week&#146;s meeting of the trade ministers of twenty-five countries in Sydney, there was a three-kilometre fence guarded by hundred
rabble interview November 17
Erin George | A <i>rabble interview</i>.<br>&#147;Our solution is to stop the sanctions and let us lead a normal life, and we will change the situation in Iraq, &#148; says Yanar Mohammed, a member of the Committe
rabble news November 15
David Bernans | Free Speech, Free Palestine. This was the message at today&#146;s talk and rally at Concordia University &#151; or, rather, on the sidewalk out front. The Concordia Student Union-hosted panel discuss
November 15
Michael Bay, director | Ever since wrapping <i>Pearl Harbor,</i> I&#146;ve been looking for a killer follow-up project. Something with all the elements &#151; drama, tension, action and danger. Terrorists are hot right now,
November 15
Silja J.A. Talvi | Today, the televised battles between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians have largely been framed as an ongoing battle of angry men locked in a deadly and senseless spiral of armed conflict. But in the
November 15
rabble staff | Concordia University has been granted the temporary injunction they sought yesterday afternoon in an attempt to prevent a student-union-sponsored talk today with speakers Svend Robinson, Libby Davies
November 15
Jonathan Rutherford | When the New Labour party took power in 1996, it argued that Britain&#146;s national prosperity depended on the creation of a knowledge-driven economy, with higher education at its core. That said, t
everyone's a critic November 14
Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter | Anti-consumerism is more popular, and marketable, than ever. Books deeply critical of consumerism &#151; <i>No Logo, Fast Food Nation</i> &#151; top the non-fiction best-seller lists. You can buy <i>
everyone's a critic November 14
Judy Rebick | If MPs Svend Robinson and Libby Davies and <i>rabble</i>&#146;s own Judy Rebick go through with their plan to speak at a Concordia Student Union-sponsored talk on Friday, Concordia University has pro
rabble news November 13
David Bernans | Now that the public relations nightmare has subsided, Concordia university&#146;s administration is quietly moving forward with activist and student union VP Yves Engler&#146;s expulsion. It&#146;s a
everyone's a critic November 13
Ian Urbina | Without war. The world, or, er, the United States, may want to &#147;bring democracy&#148; to the Middle East and South Asia, but &#151; sorry to spoil your plans, boys &#151; it&#146;s already there
November 12
Thalif Deen | And arm-twisting works! This past Friday, the unanimous vote of the United Nations Security Council in support of the U.S. resolution on weapons inspections in Iraq was a result of Washington&#146;s
November 11
Richard Hatcher | It&#146;s the slogan of the World Education Forums &#151; offspring of the World Social Forum &#151; and it&#146;s becoming a reality in the Southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and its capi
everyone's a critic November 11
Judy Rebick | &#147;Are war memorials to remember so we will never go to war and kill so many again,&#148; asked my niece after visiting the Korean and Vietnam war memorials in Washington, D.C., &#147;or are they
everyone's a critic November 8
Sue Bowness | In its wide-eyed days, e-mail established a reputation as an informal, intimate and barrier-breaking form of communication. It combined the permanence of a letter with the ease of a phone call. It wa
November 8
Vijay Prashad | And the reckless terrorism of GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services). Enronistas worldwide salivate before the enormous market of services: $1 trillion in water services, $2 trillion in educat
November 7
Patricia D&#226;e(TM)Souza | Premier Paul Okalik, minister of justice, introduced Nunavut&#146;s first human rights bill in the legislature last week, a move he hopes will be a powerful step towards ending inequality between Inu
everyone's a critic November 7
Angela Bischoff | The ecological debt of the North to the South continues to grow, and southern countries are demanding compensation, as well as their fair share to a clean atmosphere. Our writer reports from Delhi wh
November 7
Geov Parrish | As you read this, Russian soldiers are once again rampaging through Chechnya, exacting what Russian leader Vladimir Putin is calling "revenge" for the recent hostage crisis in a Moscow theatre. Of co