everyone's a critic November 4
Luke Eric Peterson | We knew the time would come. Americans are finally looking to Canada for a little direction — on health care. Candidates in upcoming elections across the nation are jousting over competing drug
November 1
Sean Gordon and Lynn Moore; image > Phil Carpenter | By the thousands, Quebec students took over the streets of Montreal yesterday to denounce a hemispheric trade deal that they say threatens affordable education in Canada. Protesters expressed fears t
October 31
rabble staff | Talisman Energy is selling its contentious Sudan oil interests for $1.2-billion. The Calgary-based multinational has endured years of criticism for effectively financing the East African country's pr
everyone's a critic October 31
Christina Starr | Lyla Rye&#146;s video art piece <i>Byte</i> showing the artist with her ten-month-old daughter was seized from a local gallery show by Halifax police this summer, raising questions about what kind of
everyone's a critic October 30
Harry Glasbeek | Conrad Black has an invisible friend. So does Lord Thomson of Fleet, Wallace and Harrison McCain and Paul Desmarais. They&#146;re called corporations &#151; and they protect their creators from respo
October 30
rabble staff | Israel's coalition government is on the verge of collapse after ministers from the Labor Party resigned today. First to go were Defense Minister Benyamin Ben-Eliezer and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres
October 29
Paul Weinberg | More than a hundred nationalities are represented among Toronto's 3-million residents. But is the city's internationally-admired model of multiculturalism fraying at the edges? Analysts see warning s
rabble news October 28
Judy Rebick | With a record voter turnout and 61 per cent of the vote, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva became the President-elect of Brazil last night. As the first working class president, Lula&#146;s election gives tr
October 28
Richard Stallman | Most people think their computers should obey them, not someone else. But with a plan they call &#147;trusted computing,&#148; large media corporations (including the movie companies and record compa
rabble interview October 25
Leisha Grebinski | OK, so it <i>was</i> 1939. But the story is still shocking: Eighteen-years-old and pregnant, Velma Demerson was arrested for living with her Chinese-Canadian boyfriend to whom she was engaged. She wa
October 25
Onion staff | The 300,000-ton oil tanker <i>Shell Global Explorer,</i> which sank off the coast of Newfoundland last month, will provide a welcome habitat for endangered marine life, Shell Oil Company executives a
October 25
Marty Jezer | In 1968, an anti-war demonstration in Washington drew more than a million protesters and had a profound effect on government policy. A huge turnout at tomorrow&#146;s demonstrations could have a simi
rabble interview October 24
Joshua Knelman | Long-time investigative reporter Andrew Mitrovica launched a new book yesterday that threatens to shake up Canada&#146;s not-so-secret Secret Service. In it, Mitrovica names names and exposes corrupt
October 24
Mark Bourrie | Most of the world sees Canada as a vast, unspoiled wilderness. But a government-appointed environmental commissioner paints a picture of a nation careless with industrial and mine wastes. This week,
October 23
Nancy Cook Lauer | In the U.S. race between Republican incumbent Governor Jeb Bush and Democratic challenger Bill McBride, Bush is working hard to woo female voters &#151; who typically turn out in greater numbers at t
October 21
John Bermingham | On a breast cancer gene, no less, forcing the province to stop offering a test that helps detect whether a woman will develop hereditary breast cancer. Why? Because Utah-based Myriad Genetics Inc., w
rabble news October 21
Derek Reid | &#147;Politics is too important to be left only to politicians,&#148; says the New Politics Initiative Web site. And, apparently, the group that took over the west block of Parliament this past weeke
October 18
Suzanne Goldenberg and John Gittings | North Korea&#146;s stunning disclosure that it has a nuclear weapons program could force the Bush administration into an unpalatable course of action: engagement with the state that, together with Ir
October 18
Michelle Chihara | Michael Moore&#146;s new film, <i>Bowling for Columbine,</i> is about the root causes of violence in American culture; yet it grossed a healthy $206,000 on a limited release in its opening weekend. T
modest proposal October 18
Rangers Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan | Armed with only the motto &#147;Do unto lesbians as you would have lesbians do unto you,&#148; the intrepid Lesbian Rangers have scoured the continent to bring you the oft-hidden bounty of lesbian wi
rabble news October 17
rabble staff | It&#146;s time to get ready for the <i>rabble rumble,</i> launching right here, Tuesday, October 22. <i>rabble&#146;</i>s first multi-media event, the rumble will be a monthly debates feature that pr
October 17
Stefan Christoff | Safe? Not if Immigration Canada has its way. It has begun the deportation of non-status Algerians who were previously protected by a moratorium (now lifted). This leaves hundreds of families and indi
everyone's a critic October 17
David Bernans | Late yesterday, Concordia student activist Yves Engler was removed from campus by police, banned from returning for twenty-four hours and charged with trespassing. Why? For distributing information o
everyone's a critic October 16
Desmond Tutu | Yesterday&#146;s South African township dwellers can tell you about today&#146;s life in the Occupied Territories, writes Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Divestment from apartheid South Africa was fought by
October 15
Roger Kishi and Jennifer Ahn | The last thirty years have seen an increase in the movement of people to Canada from Asia and many other parts of the world, and the great majority of these workers have no union. But now, Asian Cana
October 11
Arundhati Roy | For reasons that I don&#146;t fully understand, said writer Arundhati Roy in a recent speech, fiction dances out of me, and nonfiction is wrenched out by the aching, broken world I wake up to every m
October 11
Michael Theodoulou and Daniel McGrory | What began two years ago as a low-key protest against U.S. support for Israel has developed into a sustained campaign against America&#146;s best known brands. Threats of a conflict in Iraq have give
October 10
Nick Deardon | Is what you&#146;ll see in the War on Want and International Transport Workers&#146; recent report &#147;Sweatships &#151; What It&#146;s Really Like to Work on Board Cruise Ships&#148; exposing the
October 9
Richard Burnett | &#147;High school is a very sensitive time, a time when your sexuality is coming to the fore, and when you ask students the worst thing that they can be called, right across the board they will say &
rabble news October 9
Audra Estrones Williams | The legality of abortion may not be at risk in Canada, but the availability of services is. In many cases, Canadian medical schools and hospitals are not offering abortion training for future physici