September 17
Eric Schmitt | While Iraq welcomed the return of U.N. weapons inspectors “without conditions” yesterday, the U.S. continued its “preparations for war” that look a lot like, well, war. American a
September 16
Ben Thompson | The Canadian government announced last week that it is appealing a decision handed down by a Quebec court that declared Canada’s marriage laws unconstitutional because they discriminate against
September 16
Jaggi Singh | Smears, insults and smoke screens have been the modus operandi of former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career, against even domestic Israeli opponents who offer minor con
September 16
Feminist Daily News Wire | Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, Rwandaâe(TM)s minister of family and womenâe(TM)s affairs, is the first woman to ever be charged with rape as a crime against humanity. She faces eleven charges at th
everyone's a critic September 13
Alejandro Bustos | It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta police the police. In Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Pivot Legal Society is helping the people who suffer most when the powers that be let the pow
September 13
ten young photographers | Street-Level Youth Media in Chicago offered ten youth the opportunity to participate in an intense four-week training and photo essay project with an internationally recognized photojournalist. What
September 12
Gordon Lockheed | It is now closing in on six months since the collapse of Stoddart Publishing and General Distribution Services (GDS), and the admission of surrender contained in Jack Stoddart’s court affidavit.
September 12
Jonathan Steele | Yasser Arafat suffered one of the biggest humiliations of his career yesterday when his government was forced to resign to avoid a parliamentary vote of confidence. Although the Palestinian leader ha
rabble news September 11
Judy MacDonald | There was a lot to identify with. The planes that slammed into buildings had ordinary people in them. The workers jumping from so high up could have been anybody. The rescuers were never coming out o
September 11
Nancy Carr | The standing ovation received by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his audience in Toronto last night was in sharp contrast to the scene outside the performance hall. Up to 1,000
September 11
Paul Weinberg | One year after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, it is difficult to know how many people have been affected by Canada’s new anti-terrorism measures. Wider police powers and
September 11
Chris Lombardi | Afghan women’s liberty remains in peril. Last week’s assassination attempt against Afghanistan's president and the same-day explosions in the nation’s capital that killed twenty-five m
everyone's a critic September 10
Audra Estrones Williams | As flights were grounded and travellers stranded across the country a year ago, Canadians opened their homes and did what they could to help. Here is the story of one of those unexpected visits &#1
September 9
Michael Smith | About one hundred American and British aircraft took part in an attack on Iraq's major western air defence installation yesterday in the biggest single operation over the country for four years. The
rabble news September 9
Judy Rebick | The situation is still precarious. Both President Hugo Chávez and the Venezuelan people are prepared for another coup. But the people feel strong. It was they who returned Cháve
September 9
Noam Chomsky | And there will be no more mosquitoes. Attacking Iraq will only invite a new wave of terrorist attacks. A decade of harsh sanctions under U.S. pressure has already strengthened Saddam Hussein while le
rabble news September 9
Jaggi Singh | Riot police were deployed against Netanyahu protesters at Concordia University in Montreal this afternoon. The rightwing former Israeli prime minister was to begin a Canadian speaking tour this after
September 9
Stan Winer | South African arrests of eleven conspirators, including three senior army officers, who planned to overthrow the government and replace it with a military regime run entirely by white supremacists re
everyone's a critic September 6
David Bernans | The 1980s were a bad decade. And history can be such a nuisance. But it’s hard to forget that both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were supported by the U.S. in order to fight wars against Am
September 5
CBC News Staff | Bell Canada has tentatively settled a long-running pay equity dispute with thousands of its mainly female staff. But the ringing hasn't stopped yet, as the corporation continues talks with employees
September 5
Tim Naumetz | A Senate committee has unanimously called for the legalization of marijuana in Canada, with government-licensed production and sale of the drug to any Canadian citizen over the age of 16 and amnesty
everyone's a critic September 4
Anne Marie Aikins | The last few school years have seen headlines scream “Teen violence out of control.” In response, parents and politicians have called for more punitive young offender legislation; school bo
September 4
David Guy | Next to my love of children and small animals, I luuuvvv world peace and if crowned I will change the world. Really. An Islamic court in Nigeria has sentenced a young mother to death by stoning, prov
everyone's a critic September 2
David Rapaport | Yes, public sector strikes are irritating. We want our kids to go to schools that are open. We want to wait for buses that, you know, come. But public sector unions — and the fights they wage ag
September 2
Clifford Scotton | Sure, Labour Day had its first “official” celebration in New York, September 5, 1882. But the inspiration for the annual demonstration and public holiday honouring workers worldwide hails f
August 30
Radio Broadcast | To hear first hand what’s being said at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, tune in to Radio Earth Summit’s daily broadcast. (In English, Español and Fra
everyone's a critic August 27
Abby Lippman | Now we know that hormone replacement therapy for women was, as many women’s health advocates suspected all along, no cure-all. But beyond this most recently learned lesson — don’t use
everyone's a critic August 27
Luke Eric Peterson | Issues? What issues? If this summer’s contest between Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin has taught us anything it’s that knives aren't the best implement for sketching out a politica
August 27
Stefan Christoff | He was fired from his job as a high school teacher in Regina for expressing pro-indigenous views in the classroom. Now Wolf Smoke, activist and member of the Lakota Nation, has been fighting a public
everyone's a critic August 23
Starhawk | In the Occupied Territories of Palestine, gunshots and explosions are the normal sounds of morning, and the targeting of the innocent is the overriding condition of life. But it doesn't have to be so