everyone's a critic September 4
Anne Marie Aikins | The last few school years have seen headlines scream “Teen violence out of control.” In response, parents and politicians have called for more punitive young offender legislation; school bo
everyone's a critic September 2
David Rapaport | Yes, public sector strikes are irritating. We want our kids to go to schools that are open. We want to wait for buses that, you know, come. But public sector unions — and the fights they wage ag
September 2
Clifford Scotton | Sure, Labour Day had its first “official” celebration in New York, September 5, 1882. But the inspiration for the annual demonstration and public holiday honouring workers worldwide hails f
August 30
Radio Broadcast | To hear first hand what’s being said at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, tune in to Radio Earth Summit’s daily broadcast. (In English, Español and Fra
everyone's a critic August 27
Luke Eric Peterson | Issues? What issues? If this summer’s contest between Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin has taught us anything it’s that knives aren't the best implement for sketching out a politica
August 27
Stefan Christoff | He was fired from his job as a high school teacher in Regina for expressing pro-indigenous views in the classroom. Now Wolf Smoke, activist and member of the Lakota Nation, has been fighting a public
everyone's a critic August 27
Abby Lippman | Now we know that hormone replacement therapy for women was, as many women’s health advocates suspected all along, no cure-all. But beyond this most recently learned lesson — don’t use
everyone's a critic August 23
Starhawk | In the Occupied Territories of Palestine, gunshots and explosions are the normal sounds of morning, and the targeting of the innocent is the overriding condition of life. But it doesn't have to be so
August 22
Paul Street | The dream gone mainstream. Black-white integration might be an accepted ideal — official policy, even — but the lived reality of race in America is far from the ideal. In Chicago, Illinois
rabble news August 22
Finbarr O'Reilly | Forget Afghanistan under the Taliban, says one foreign aid worker, eastern Congo is the worst place in the world to be a woman. Women are the forgotten victims of Africa’s biggest war, where mor
August 20
SatireWire Staff | And give them a break from the blather. Hackers spend thousands of hours intercepting and cracking open encrypted e-mails only to find most contain little more than “Hi Bob, here’s my new e
everyone's a critic August 19
Lauren Carter | The media covered the long waits at disposal stations and excitedcommunities coming together to deal with illegal dumpsites. They covered the city’s fear of infestation by rodents and the threat
August 15
Edward Said | Stripped of context. In the West, there has been such repetitious attention paid to Palestinian suicide bombing that a gross distortion in reality has obscured something much worse: the official Isra
rabble news August 15
Penni Mitchell | What's the status of women in Canada these days? Still low, it would seem. Status of Women secretariats or directorates review government legislation and policies to assess their impact on women. Not
August 14
Neri Livneh | The more the merrier? At the order of the Ashkenazi chief rabbi, a delegation of rabbis travelled to Peru where, in two weeks, they converted ninety South American Indians to Judaism — with one
everyone's a critic August 13
Raywat Deonandan | While tensions built towards a possible nuclear war between India and Pakistan, the papers had their own priorities. The conflict over Kashmir could have ended with nuclear disaster, so why didn&#146
August 8
THISDAY Writers | Doing it their way. In the latest match against Chevron Nigeria Limited, concluding their men were not effective enough in the fight against injustice, the Itsekiri and Ijaw women of Niger Delta have
everyone's a critic August 8
Emily Pohl-Weary | Forget novels, thinks our writer. I was born to make porn! Not the strung-out commercial, ugly stuff. Her film&#146;s main character would be a riot grrrl. Not <i>no</i> porn, but <i>better</i> porn,
August 7
Toronto Star Staff | Perfect points? Nope. When Canada presented its status reports to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the experts were critical on several counts. Canada's treat
August 7
Colin Barraclough | In Latin America's rapidly changing political landscape, how key a role are millions of middle-class voters -- disappointed with hollow promises and disgusted by years of unchecked political corrupti
August 6
James Carroll | Today marks the anniversary of the American atomic bomb falling on Hiroshima, Japan. The unfinished debate about whether that attack and the subsequent bombing of Nagasaki were justified has focused
everyone's a critic August 6
Dorothy Woodend | Single mothers have always been a vulnerable group, but raising kids today is even harder than it used to be. You must maintain visual contact at all times lest they be kidnapped the moment you take
August 5
Roger Burbach | Lula in the Lead. The votes of confidence are high for Luis "Lula" Inacio da Silva, Brazil's left-leaning candidate of the Workers Party, and his ability to lead the country out of its economic quagm
August 1
Esther Addley | Israeli architect, Eyal Weizman, calls the midnight blue smudges, representing Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank, "the stains." And his colour-coded map, with case studies showing the fra
everyone's a critic July 31
Judy Rebick | &#147;I am in Palestine. Even the term makes me uncomfortable. I am Jewish, born and bred. Israel is supposed to be my homeland.&#148; But, says our writer, she&#146;s become increasingly disturbed b
July 31
openDemocracy | What about those at the sharp end of global poverty? A discussion about the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, and the value of international summits and the social goa
July 30
Patrick Bond and Thulani Guliwe | Group Dynamics. In the four weeks leading up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development, or "Rio+10", in Johannesburg, South Africa, resolving bitter divisions between mass-based organizations an
July 29
Mike Oduniyi and Onwuka Nzechi | When the Ijaw women of Nigeria agreed to end their eleven-day occupation of the U.S. oil company's crude oil flowstations last week, it was due to pressure from their leaders. Angered, the women have
rabble news July 29
Krystalline Kraus | As the Pope John Paul II leaves Toronto today, 60,000 people in the city continue to wait for social housing. Hundreds of thousands more across the province of Ontario face the daily potential of evi
everyone's a critic July 25
Gregory Boyd Bell | If voting could change anything, it would be illegal. Maybe. But the alternative to electoral participation is marginalization. If one of your group's defining characteristics is that you don't vote,