July 23
Sonja Kuftinec | Performing Democracy. The idea seemed ludicrous to Sonja Kuftinec's father, who maintained a bluff authority about what Balkan people did and did not need. Topping the list of Things Balkan Youth Cle
July 23
Ibrahim Barzak | On the road to nowhere. Only hours after the Hamas leader, Sheikh Ahamad Yassin, makes an unprecedented call for a cease-fire between the Palestinians and Israel, putting an end to suicide bombings a
July 22
Elizabeth Mehren | In one of the first group lawsuits brought by women in the burgeoning clerical abuse crisis sweeping the Roman Catholic Church, this case may signal a new tide of accusations against the Catholic cle
everyone's a critic July 22
Luke Eric Peterson | An irrational desire to affix one's signature to anything touted as a guarantor of further trade, investment or economic growth. Symptoms include willing participation in the North American Free Trad
July 22
Toronto Star Staff | No where to hide. Designed by Vancouver's Arthur Erickson, the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. has been voted one of the ten ugliest buildings in the world. Now what's a building supposed to do?
July 22
Rich Peters | In the second homophobic attack in seven days, four people in a car yelled anti-gay epithets as their vehicle careened towards two young men -- deliberately trying to run them down.
rabble news July 19
John-Henry Harter | The B.C. Liberals may have won their two biggest margins of victory in Chilliwack in the last provincial election. But times they are a changin'. When Premier Gordon Campbell came to town, he was gre
July 18
Natalie Alcoba | Poor Faith. Despite assurances that all legitimate applications would be processed, all World Youth Day participants from countries such as Sierra Leone, Senegal, Cameroon, Guinea, Haiti and Algeria
July 18
Sophie Arie | Opposing interim president, Peronist Eduardo Duhalde, Elisa Carrio, the charismatic leader of the group, Alternative for a Republic of Equals, has emerged as the symbol of hope for a country desperat
rabble news July 16
Nate Hendley | Before September 11, the war on terrorism was a war against homegrown militants. Fringe groups they may be, but domestic terrorists have posed as great a threat as anyone living outside the borders o
July 15
Richard Burnett | From her pioneering days as a female stand-up comic performing in sleazy NYC nightclubs in the 1950s, to her big break in 1965 on The Tonight Show, to now, 20 years later, Joan Rivers is one of the g
everyone's a critic July 12
Luke Eric Peterson | Tax Freedom Day has come and gone, and what do we have to show for it? The Fraser Institute goes out of its way to discourage Canadians from considering the benefits they enjoy in return for paying t
July 11
Ben Lynfield | Clamp down. Only weeks after he called for the end of Palestinian suicide bombings, Israel moved against Sari Nusseibeh, the Oxford-educated academic and Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) com
rabble news July 10
Daphnée Dion-Viens | Quebec voters are tired of the norm. Enter Mario Dumont and the Action Démocratique du Québec. They've got the public's attention with talk of new ideas and new solutions, but w
rabble news July 9
Penney Kome | A wartime mentality has allowed the US government to criminalize dissent. Security for the G8 Summit here at home revealed a certain convenient confusion between “activist” and “terror
July 8
Heather Havrilesky | “Who are you callin' cute?” Striking as these hyper-adorable rabble-rousing icons of girlhood may be, the Powerpuff Girls popularity may not reflect a dramatic shift in our society’s v
July 8
Paul Moloney | Messy stalling tactics. As the strike by 25,000 Toronto municipal workers enters its 13th day, an agreement looks unlikely. What looks likely, however, is the city is waiting for the Ontario governme
July 5
Erin George | Activists marched, bucked, bared themselves and more in Calgary last week to protest the G8 Summit meeting. See for yourself in this global justice slide showdown.
July 4
imc ottawa | It was a long night, to say the least. Early this morning, equipped with tear gas, pepper spray, police dogs, machine guns and a battering ram, riot police carried out an elaborate spectacle, evicti
everyone's a critic July 4
Corvin Russell | Movement must be towards something as well as away from something. Yet the global justice movement in Canada, laments our writer, shies away from discussing political visions, and ways to achieve the
July 2
Alexandra Williams | A cancer that is feeding terror. That's what this affluent Jewish couple, whose daughter Smadar was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber, calls the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories
rabble news July 2
Penney Kome | At a Group of Six Billion (GB6) meeting in Calgary last week, Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham and International Trade Minister Susan Whelan listened to the demands of the people to ratify the Ky
everyone's a critic June 28
Corvin Russell | The gusto with which those that speak for Africa are proceeding seems to offer no hope for improvement in social or economic conditions. Here's a who's who of the guys in attendance at this week's G8
rabble news June 28
Judy Rebick | It takes a world of difference to fight the power. Signs that the global justice movement has what it takes were found at Ottawa’s G8 protests yesterday. Read about and see the “No One is I
June 27
rabble staff | <i>rabble.ca</i> debuted with dramatic coverage of the 2001 Summit protests in Quebec City. This year, our writers and photographers are on the ground in both Calgary and Ottawa, serving up the news
rabble news June 27
Erin George | &#147;We&#146;re not a bunch of radicals here to smash buildings, drink beer or cause destruction and trouble,&#148; says activist Lorie Peacock. &#147;We&#146;re here for a reason.&#148; Find out wh
June 27
Ottawa IMC Reporters | Protesters not allergic to rain. Despite continual downpour and weeks of police intimidation, yesterday in Ottawa, over three thousand protestors took to the streets for a clear show of resistance to
rabble news June 27
Sarah Blackstock | The mass demonstrations taking place in Calgary all week against the G8 Summit meeting have been the most peaceful in recent memory. &#147;There&#146;s been no conflict with police because the riot p
June 27
Jim Rankin and Daniel Girard | Security's tight ship almost laughable. After yesterday's peaceful snake march through Calgary's downtown streets by G8 protesters, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent (wasted?) on policing and
June 26
Sarah Blackstock | While the police and government have done their best to scare protesters away, they haven't tried hard enough. Protesters are making a powerful case against the G8 and its global agenda.