rabble news June 27
Sarah Blackstock | The mass demonstrations taking place in Calgary all week against the G8 Summit meeting have been the most peaceful in recent memory. “There’s been no conflict with police because the riot p
June 27
Jim Rankin and Daniel Girard | Security's tight ship almost laughable. After yesterday's peaceful snake march through Calgary's downtown streets by G8 protesters, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent (wasted?) on policing and
June 27
rabble staff | <i>rabble.ca</i> debuted with dramatic coverage of the 2001 Summit protests in Quebec City. This year, our writers and photographers are on the ground in both Calgary and Ottawa, serving up the news
June 26
Judy Monchuk | Showdown at the Hoedown. On the first day of the G8 summit in Kananaskis, with a police helicopter thundering overhead, more than one thousand activists took part in peaceful and calm rush-hour demon
June 26
Penney Kome | While F18 jets scream over tanks and armoured personnel carriers in Alberta ... G8 leaders may have thought protest would be impossible in the most conservative of all provinces. Not. As Calgary expe
June 26
Susan Stratton interview | Look out kiddies! It's the Calgary Raging Grannies in interview about their role in the anti-G8 Solidarity march this week in Calgary.
June 26
Sarah Blackstock | While the police and government have done their best to scare protesters away, they haven't tried hard enough. Protesters are making a powerful case against the G8 and its global agenda.
June 26
Roger Burbach | Heating up to a chill for the U.S.A. Luis Ignacio da Silva (&#147;Lula&#148;), the left-leaning presidential candidate of the Workers Party, whose passions include opposing the American-backed free-t
rabble news June 26
Erin George | "The G8 pretends they're solving things but they're just making everything worse," says 15-year-old Meredith Bragg. She's in Calgary with an array of activists from across the country. <i>rabble</i>
rabble news June 25
Shane Schick | Canada's anti-terrorist legislation, passed in the wake of the September 11 attacks in the U.S., increased police powers and limited the public's right to protest, rolling back years of civil rights
rabble news June 25
Sarah Blackstock | There are real alternatives to the path the G8 are taking us down, say activists in Calgary. And they can prove it. Listen in on some of what activists are proposing for a greener, healthier world.
June 25
Sarah Blackstock | Sunday's Solidarity March in Calgary saw thousands hit the streets in protest to the policies of the G8. But while activists are happy with the success of the action, there are grave concerns about t
June 25
Dan Rubinstein | Have no fear boys, the security zone will protect you. Nestled in the woods of Kananaskis Village -- an upscale hideaway in the Rockies (an hour from Calgary, Alberta) -- at this week&#146;s G8 summi
June 25
Linsey McGoey | Coming Together. From the Bikesheviks V&#195;&#169;lorutionnaires, non-motorized, progressive bikers' road trip from Montreal to Ottawa, to the Revolutionary Knitting Circle knit-in, to the "No One I
rabble news June 25
Erin George | Trade unionists, environmentalists, human rights activists, women, ecumenical coalitions, disability rights activists, global justice campaigners and peaceniks from across Canada are dancing and chan
rabble news June 24
Meera Karunananthan | At a conference in Montreal last week, a panel of African speakers denounced the G8's "new" plan for Africa saying it's not that new, and not much of a plan.
June 24
CBC News Staff | Someone's focusing on human rights, civil liberties and food aid? As part of the Group of Six Billion (G6B) conference (held in advance of Wednesday's G8 leaders' summit in Kananaskis, Alberta), thou
everyone's a critic June 21
Krystalline Kraus | No Apologies. In this age of protest, being a woman and running with the black bloc means having to pad places other than your bra. Once a rare breed of super-femmes, are now entering into the black
rabble news June 21
Penney Kome | In preparation for G8 meetings in Kananaskis next week, Calgarians are witnessing unprecedented security measures. So why don't they feel safe?
rabble news June 20
Claude Latour | Visit our slide show of photographer Claude Latour&#146;s latest series, Our Streets  a street-level view of anti-globalization protests. The over forty images paint a potent picture of the state of
rabble news June 19
John Maclennan | The Canadian Labour Congress's annual convention held last week in Vancouver was a battle between left and right &#151; and the left won.
everyone's a critic June 19
Chris Arsenault | This past weekend, G7 Finance Ministers met in Halifax. The Welcoming Committee -- a global justice coalition -- was ready. Over five hundred protestors drew attention to the effects of globalization
June 19
Marguerite Pigeon | Gulping air and clenched fists. Yesterday, I cried in front of a room full of people. Big hot tears. On my not-so-good days, what we can or can&#146;t get across to people on our way to Kananaskis, A
June 19
The New Forum Staff | A friendly walk. Longtime <i>Gazette</i> staffer and columnist Ashok Chandwani is escorted from the paper's newsroom, after receiving delivery of a memo stating: &#147;Ashok Chandwani is no longer in
June 18
Robert Fisk | Publicity you can do without. Starbucks is in the spotlight for its pro-Israel, anti-Arab sentiments, in a new campaign of boycotts of American goods, being launched across five Arab states. Nestl&#1
rabble news June 17
Sarah Cox | Colombia now exports more fresh flowers than any country except Holland. Canadians buy more than $45.5 million worth of Colombian-grown flowers yearly, double what we bought a decade ago. But questio
June 16
Beth Johnston and Keith Bonnell | At one point during the demonstration, half a dozen protesters kneeled, making peace signs in front of riot squad members. Officers kneeled down too, but to place gas masks over their faces as the dr
June 16
David Redwood | Protesters in Halifax faced riot police with tazers as they protested the G-7 meetings. Different estimates suggested at least ten people got shocked by the weapon.
June 15
Michael Scott | Protesters, some dressed in identical Andy Warhol costumes, crashed a Vancouver Art Gallery opening gala where British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell was the guest of honour.
rabble news June 14
Shane Schick | After 52 years in politics, including a stint as Trudeau's defence minister, Canadian Action Party leader Paul Hellyer is tired of working on the sidelines.