rabble news June 3
rabble staff | Robert David had just returned from Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. Judy Rebick was preparing to join a new mission to the region. They discussed the roots of a conflict that has defied solutions. He
May 31
Ken Georgetti | Scary close-up. Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper's recent history as the National Citizens's Coalition prez gives a true glimpse of his real beliefs.
press release May 31
rabble staff | <I>rabble.ca</I> is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Rundle as its new Editor. Lisa is an experienced journalist and respected activist in the women's movement. She comes to <i>rabble</i>
rabble news May 30
Chris Bradshaw | By 7:00 a.m., workers were strapping a huge effigy of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell into a cardboard S.U.V. Two hours later, the behemoth would be wending its way through dowtown - barely clearing tra
rabble news May 29
J.B. MacKinnon | Inside Sudan, the refugees of war say oil companies - including Canada's Talisman Energy - are a principal barrier to peace. And as the world's eyes fix on the Middle East and Afghanistan, Sudan's ni
May 28
Hilary Wainwright | With the latest far-right successes throughout Europe, with France's National Front party, Britain's National Party and the Netherlands' Lijst Pim Fortuyn - each being hailed as the new champions of
everyone's a critic May 27
James Terral | Elad Lahav is a Staff Sergeant in Israel's infantry reserves. And though he's a Zionist, he's refusing to fight in the Occupied Territories. Visiting Toronto after a month in military prison, he expl
May 27
Ahmed Rashid | You go girl! In Afghanistan&#146;s post-Taliban era, Afghan women continue their fight for civil rights, this time through the upcoming Loya Jirga - grand tribal council - elections, where 150 of the
May 23
Ryan Pintado-Vertner | Ten years ago, when Gap Inc. and Levi Strauss & Company gazed into the future of their clothing empires, youth of colour were an irrelevant demographic. And believing hip-hop was a violent fad, passi
rabble news May 23
Anne Marie Aikins | "I am very, very afraid of the actions I've taken against the police." Words of a Toronto City Councillor who resigned from the Police Services Board in March. He was addressing a public meeting on p
May 23
the ONION Staff | Real news getting you down? Check out the ONION's hard hitting reportage on how Ted's Ultimate Brady Bunch Site rocked the Internet.
May 22
CBC News Staff | Global Knit-In. Outside the upcoming G8 summit in Kananaskis, Alberta, the Revolutionary Knitting Circle (alongside other activist groups such as the Raging Grannies and the G-8 Bike Brigade) will ch
May 22
Luke Harding | Left hanging. With the deadly face-off between India and Pakistan heating up along the ceasefire line in Kashmir, while London and Washington are now promising tough action, the West's traditional do
rabble news May 21
rabble staff | Secret video from a Toronto homeless shelter shows people packed into spaces tighter than United Nations standards for refugee camps.
rabble news May 21
Nate Hendley | <i>rabble</i> publisher and political activist Judy Rebick has been appointed to the Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Toronto's Ryerson University.
rabble news May 20
Milorad Ivanovic | In a CBC documentary, correspondent Nancy Durham shows how she was tricked into spreading propaganda for the Kosovo Liberation Army in 1998. Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic plans to use
May 20
Cynthia Peters | Good News! Take a moment to celebrate with the East Timorese. After nearly five-hundred years of Portuguese colonial rule, twenty- four years of Indonesian occupation, and two more years of United Na
rabble news May 17
Judy Rebick | Journalists in Quebec have rejected CBC/Radio-Canada's offer to end its eight-week lockout. So Quebecers can expect more re-runs, more commentary-free hockey games, more managers stuttering through n
May 17
Dawn Walton | Plans for a solidarity village site near Kananaskis, Alberta have fallen through and activists are left wondering where to go. Will they call off the Alberta protests to focus on actions in Ottawa in
May 16
Martin Jacques | The Wild West and beyond. Martin Jacques' May 9 words warn that the rise of racism and threat of irrational barbarism across Europe is no transient phenomenon, but the harbinger of a new politics - i
May 16
Ian Black | Swing more to the right, more, more &#226;e&#166; With new leader, Jan Peter Balkenende, at the helm - following in the odious anti-immigration footsteps of the assassinated Pim Fortuyn - the Dutch
May 15
Colin Perkel | Spontaneous combustion. Spreading across the province through e-mail, Internet chat rooms and word of mouth - to protest the Ontario's government's new curriculum and treatment towards their educatio
May 14
Sonali Kolhatkar | Leave your pity at the door. This Afghan woman finds Western feminists, like Helen Caldicott and the Feminist Majority, to be more interested in portraying Afghan women as mute creatures, covered fro
rabble news May 13
Krystalline Kraus | These are the days that many Palestinians and Jews prayed would never come. With gunfire still ringing out on the streets of several West Bank cities, global pressure mounts for an end to violence on
May 13
BBC News Staff | Give the people what they want. In the largest demonstration by Israelis since the intifada began in September 2000, hundreds of thousands demanded the Israeli government's immediate withdrawal of th
rabble news May 11
Mike Kaulbars | Careful examination of photo reveals irrefutable proof, and raises disturbing questions about source of mystery Barney.
May 10
Akiva Eldar | Down to brass tacks. In 2000, at the height of negotiations between then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak's government and the Palestinians, over a final settlement, economics professor Haim Ben-Sh
May 9
Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello | Lilliputians Stand Tall. Since the Battle of Seattle two years ago, activists and grassroots groups around the world are forging a new internationalism that is less about anti-globalization, and more
May 9
Guardian Staff | More fuel, more fire. Described as state-condoned reprisal killings, the latest violence between Muslim and Hindus in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, adds to the nine-hundred - mostly Muslims - killed sin
May 9
Penney Kome | What, not good enough for you? For Calgary's upcoming by-election, a debate between New Democrat Member of Parliament candidate, Bill Phipps, and new Alliance Party leader, Stephen Harper, would cert