January 17
Joan Bryden | The Canadian Alliance MP was roundly denounced Wednesday by the prime minister and his own party after suggesting Filipino-born Rey Pagtakhan is a bad choice for veterans affairs minister because he
January 17
Judy MacDonald | Ontario's Attorney General, David Young, has announced that Justice Dennis O'Connor's report on the tainted water tragedy in Walkerton will now be released tomorrow. It was initially scheduled to be
January 17
CBC News Staff | British Columbia's Campbell government will cut around 11,700 public service jobs over the next three years. Ministry budgets will drop by an average of 25 per cent. More than a third of the province
January 17
Daniel LeBlanc | The federal government said yesterday that Canada will treat all prisoners of war in Afghanistan according to international law. Critics around the world accuse the United States of ignoring Geneva C
January 16
Heather Scoffield | It is estimated that one-third of Argentina's population, about 13-million people, live below the poverty line, despite being in a country with one of the highest per capita incomes in Latin America.
January 16
Frida Ghitis | Colombian military forces are poised for a major escalation of the civil war. Now is precisely the moment for Washington to tell Colombia, in absolutely unequivocal terms, that paramilitary fighters
January 16
CBC News Staff | Provincial employees are preparing for a tough round of cuts that could see almost 11,000 people lose their jobs.
January 15
Julian Borger | As evidence surfaced of a concerted cover-up of Enron's problems in the months leading up to the bankruptcy on December 2, it also emerged that the Texan company, once worth over US$80-billion, had m
January 15
CBC News Staff | The former British Columbia premier is accused of breach of trust and accepting a benefit in connection to a casino licence application made by a friend, Dimitrios Pilarinos. Prosecutor Bill Smart sa
January 14
Associated Press | More than 1,500 people have been arrested since Saturday, when President General Pervez Musharraf banned five militant organizations.
January 13
CBC News Staff | Colombia's largest rebel group announced Sunday it would pull out of the main towns of their vast enclave by a Monday night deadline set by President Andres Pastrana.
January 11
Terry Weber | Ford Motor Corperation confirmed Friday it is closing five North American plants, including its Oakville, Ontario truck facility, and that it'll take a $4.1-billion (U.S.) restructuring charge.
everyone's a critic January 11
Greg Yarrow | We've received donations of $5,000 (thanks David) and $2 (thanks Kenneth) and amounts in between (thanks all). Some of our writers have even endorsed their fee cheques back to us. Other contributors
January 11
Aaron Freeman | While this may seem perverse to ordinary thinking people, Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano knows that the best way to safeguard one's status in the Chrétien government is be involved
January 10
Basildon Peta | Critics say the new laws exceed the worst excesses of Rhodesia's white minority government or apartheid South Africa but the justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa, told parliament the bills were needed
January 10
rabble staff | A dozen Israeli bulldozers and armoured vehicles drove into the Rafah refugee camp before dawn today and began flattening buildings, witnesses said. Residents fled their homes in heavy rain, and loca
January 10
rabble staff | "The key message being advanced by Alberta is that Canada's healthcare system is not financially sustainable ... I think our job is to make sure we keep the U.S. healthcare disaster in plain and full
everyone's a critic January 9
Linda McQuaig | To think that, only a few years ago, I went to the bank and simply did my banking, and now when I go there, I have an individual situation. It's enough to give me a swelled head. Life doesn't revolve
January 8
Robert Matas | United States President George Bush used the term Pakis in remarks to reporters yesterday, when discussing the possibility of nuclear rivals India and Pakistan going to war. "People use the term when
January 8
Ravi Nessman | A woman named Fatima sits outside her house boiling grass in water to soften it. She then mixes it with a handful of barley flour, and forms it into a patty to bake as bread. Her family has been eati
January 8
Maureen Murray | Angela Chesters' case is the first of its kind to make its way to the Federal Court, challenging legislation that allows would-be immigrants to be rejected on the basis that their disability will pla
rabble news January 7
Jaggi Singh | A Montreal-based extreme-right Website is posting names, addresses and phone numbers of organizations and individuals it calls "enemies of our people and our race ... With this little address book, w
January 7
CBC News Staff | Free trade across North America is not only affecting the air, water and forests of the continent, but is creating a "looming threat" to the survival of certain plant and animal species, says a repor
rabble news December 24
Judy MacDonald | From December 24 to January 6, most of <i>rabble.ca</i> will be taking a holiday break. <i>babble,</i> however, is back up and ready to celebrate the New Year on December 31. Still, there&#146;s a lo
press release December 21
Betty-Anne Daviss | Police realized that information was being passed to other Claus cell members through hand waving during parades and in shopping malls, where Santas were regularly observed. Police refused to discuss
December 20
rabble staff | Riot police firing tear gas dispersed overnight protests outside the seat of government. Demonstrators returned to the presidential palace today and were rounded up by police wielding batons. The cro
December 19
Associated Press | A federal judge threw out Mumia Abu-Jamal's death sentence on Tuesday, ruling that the former journalist and Black Panther is entitled to a new sentencing hearing for killing a Philadelphia police of
rabble news December 19
Judy Rebick | Dr. Sima Simar has seen governments in Afghanistan come and go. She had to outwit the brutal Taliban regime to set up hospitals and schools. Now, she is one of two women in the country's provisional
everyone's a critic December 18
Sarah Blackstock | Given that the U.S. is setting the anti-terrorism agenda, the case of a group of anti-nuclear activists being prosecuted in the U.S. may be a good indicator of what's to come in Canada. It doesn't lo
December 17
John Miller | If you don't speak up, one of Canada's major media owners will have gotten away with one of the worst abuses of corporate ownership in recent history, and one that has the potential of permanently da