December 13
Dana Lewis | President Bush announced Thursday that the United States has formally notified Russia of its intention to withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, pushing ahead in his pursuit of a national m
December 12
Christina Lamb | The children were not playing, not even crying, and many were too weak to walk. Some sucked at their clothes and hair, seeking nutrition anywhere. Others lay in bundles on the ground. Old women stret
December 12
Josh Mamis | The United States Justice Department has detained more than 1,100 people for questioning in connection with the September 11 attacks. Samir Khalaf was one of those 1,100. He had a bad heart and bad t
column December 12
Naomi Klein | We are going to have "the most modern border in the world," Finance Minister Paul Martin enthused when announcing his latest budget on Monday. This, it turns out, is the legacy of all the years of be
everyone's a critic December 11
Aaron Freeman | Political parties make laws, and those governed by the law have a right to know to what extent private special interests are bankrolling the political process.
December 11
Janelle Brown | It took just two days for the 50 delegates to the first Afghan Women's Summit here to come up with a blueprint for the future of women in their country. Building the egalitarian nation they envision
rabble news December 10
Krystalline Kraus | Some communities feel unfairly targeted by Canada's new security measures. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's pledge to help the United States fight terrorism doesn't make many in the
December 10
Robert Fisk | It was a bad place for a car to break down. But what happened was symbolic of the hatred and fury and hypocrisy of this filthy war. How do you walk out of a dream when the characters suddenly turn ho
in their own words December 7
Finn Harvor | Before I came to Canada to study, I worked in a hotel. So I understand how foreigners feel. They want people to smile. So I smile. But at first it was difficult. Because in Korea if a woman smiles, i
everyone's a critic December 6
Nandita Sharma | The existence of vulnerability, abuse and terror in the lives of those who are already the world's most vulnerable, most abused and most terrorized people makes for competitive labour markets - it do
December 5
Katharine Ainger | For the U.S., the war has come home, but for the people at this conference - for the indigenous Kuna living along the border between Colombia and Panama, for the coca growers of Bolivia, for the Braz
rabble news December 5
Judy Rebick | The Canadian Labour Congress has launched a campaign to promote disability issues among union members. Maybe unions are starting to catch up with the rights activists who've been arguing for years fo
rabble news December 4
Anne Marie Aikins | Afghan women aren't waiting to get permission to form the future of their country. Today and tomorrow, fifty leaders will gather in Brussels at the Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy.
December 3
Suzanne Goldenberg | Two suicide bombers and a car bomb in Jewish west Jerusalem killed ten young people on Saturday night. Then Hamas struck again, this time in the port city of Haifa. A lone suicide bomber blew himself
rabble news December 3
Dan Smoke-Asayenes | Ontario Provincial Police officer Ken Deane will find out by the end of this year whether he'll be allowed to keep his badge. He's the officer who shot and killed Native protester Dudley George on Se
December 3
David Stonehouse | "This is a federal department and our members have to deal with top-secret files on a regular basis, and are made aware of privileged information. We want to make sure there is no compromise."
December 2
Canadian Press | Ken Hechtman, who writes for the weekly Montreal Mirror, was turned over to Canadian officials at the Pakistani border outpost at Chaman and was later taken by car to the nearby town of Quetta.
December 2
Todd Lewan and Dolores Barclay | In an eighteen-month investigation, The Associated Press documented a pattern in which black Americans were cheated out of their land or driven from it through intimidation, violence and even murder.
November 30
Alexander Panetta | The provinces said Thursday there's new hope they can work with Ottawa to access $680 million in federal funding to create affordable housing that is in high demand across Canada.
November 30
CBC News Staff | Critics of the new Public Security Act are concerned the government will use the increased powers to shut down political protests at next year's G-8 Summit in Kananaskis.
November 30
Tim Butcher | Four white South African policemen were jailed yesterday for setting police dogs on illegal black immigrants in 1998. Judge Willie van der Merwe dismissed a plea by the defence for non-custodial sent
November 29
Tonda MacCharles | The bill passed yesterday in the House of Commons. It creates new criminal offences, expands police powers to investigate, wiretap and prosecute suspects, and allows the federal government sweeping p
November 29
Stuart Duncan | While the presence of hate groups has dwindled in larger metropolitan areas like Toronto and Ottawa, their scattered remnants seem to be alive and well in pockets of southern Ontario.
November 29
Hans von Sponeck and Denis Halliday | A major shift is occurring in U.S. policy on Iraq. It is obvious that Washington wants to end eleven years of a self-serving policy of containment of the Iraqi regime and change to a policy of replac
everyone's a critic November 28
Judy Rebick | What became clear over the course of last weekend's New Democratic Party convention is that the New Politics Initiative is really about transforming leftwing politics by bringing together the best tr
November 28
Straight Goods | Straight Goods' Afghanistan correspondent, Ken Hechtman, is reported to have been taken prisoner, presumably by the Taliban.
everyone's a critic November 28
Bruce Campbell | Rather than focusing only on specific acts of terrorism, the government has adopted a generalized approach that is far-reaching and unwieldy. Before introducing any new legislation, the government mu
everyone's a critic November 27
Bruce Campbell | Bill C-36, an Act to Combat Terrorism, has a lot of people worried. Here's part one of a two-part critique written by the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
everyone's a critic November 26
John W. Warnock | They were gun-toting slave liberators, rebellious British subjects, Scottish mercenaries and German revolutionaries who somehow made it through a lax immigration process into both the United States a
rabble news November 23
Wayne MacPhail | How a Russian camera created a Web phenom and caused the thunk heard 'round the world.