November 23
Contributor | Somalia's only internet company and a key telecoms business have been forced to close because the United States suspects them of terrorist links.
rabble news November 22
Kaie Kellough | As writer and performer of an upcoming play, Montreal artist nah-ee-lah tackles death, addiction, love and loss. Her one-woman play, Stuck, is an intimate account of a young woman of colour's movemen
November 22
Glenn Wheeler | The New Democratic convention this weekend is supposed to be about renewal for a party boldly charting a new course for the future. The rank and file have had enough of the party establishment, and t
November 21
David Olive | From the start, Lord Conrad Black knew it was feckless to buck the odds in attempting to base a world-class business in such a backward locale as Canada, where only the pursuit of libel actions would
November 21
Robert Fisk | We cannot dominate Afghanistan with the cliches now being honed by our journalists. We may want a "broad-based" government but do the Afghans? We may regard cities as "strategic," but the Afghans hav
November 21
Steven Chase | The federal NDP is under strong pressure to reinvent itself in the face of waning electoral support. Likely the biggest decision facing delegates this weekend will be whether to support a plan put fo
rabble news November 21
Krystalline Kraus | Last weekend's G20 protests in Ottawa were largely peaceful. One window was smashed at a McDonald's. And some folks did throw a lot of confetti. But was there really any justification for the police
rabble news November 20
Kelly Holloway | CUP: Professors across Canada say university administrators are doing nothing to protect faculty from government snooping.
rabble news November 20
Judy Rebick | Across Canada, thousands of marchers were out in force this weekend. Protesting the G20 in Ottawa? No, they were in the streets for non-violent action, global justice and peace. Didn't read about it
rabble news November 20
Kaisa Walker | CUP: A prominent international trade law firm says multilateral trade agreements pose a threat to public education.
rabble news November 19
Lenny Stoute | Osama bin Laden: militant flavour of the month. George Bush: Homer Simpson as United States President. Genetically Modified Food: nothing will be done until someone slices a tomato and a lobster craw
November 19
Straight Goods | Many people are not sure what Bill C-36 actually does or the effects it may have. Here's everything we think you need to know about the pending anti-terrorism legislation.
November 16
Royson James | Ontario has the option of following its provincial counterparts, governments across Europe and elsewhere in expanding support for regulated child-care. Instead, it is dismantling what others are busy
press release November 16
Judy MacDonald | Let the celebrations of rabble begin. Saturday night in Vancouver will witness "A Rabble-Rousing Conspiracy." Wednesday November 21, helps launch the book, Grey: Stories for Grown-Ups, in
everyone's a critic November 15
Judy Rebick | In a polarizing climate of fear, where any critical viewpoint faces immediate and vicious attack, the times are very tough for any movement for social change. But the danger is greatest for the anti-
rabble news November 15
Carla Loewen | CUP: Health Canada experts speculate as many as 20 per cent of the nearly 17,000 people living with AIDS in this country could be aboriginal. Recommendations from a task force studying AIDS in Manito
rabble news November 15
Laural Raine | Globe and Mail columnist and No Logo author Naomi Klein addressed a full house in Vancouver on globalization in our backyards as the World Trade Organization meetings in the Persian Gulf state of Qat
rabble news November 14
Craig Segal | Refugees. Immigrants. Terrorists. Newfound fears are driving new laws that are sure to affect the first two groups, in the name of controlling the third. Chances are that a lot of innocents will pay
November 13
BBC News Online | The Qatar-based satellite channel gained global fame for its exclusive access to Osama Bin Laden and the Taleban. It announced that, while none of its staff had been wounded, the channel's twelve emp
November 13
Global Agenda | The Northern Alliance has conquered Kabul. America's generals are cheering the victory; its diplomats are worrying about the consequences.
everyone's a critic November 13
Anne Marie Aikins | Overreacting vigilante-style to a man like Peter Whitmore, who has sexually abused children, will do nothing to protect our loved ones. It only continues to promote myths about sexual assault. Many t
rabble news November 12
Byron Christopher | Should journalists describe the U.S.-led attack on Afghanistan as the "war on terrorism" - as Washington would like - or should it be described as a war or attack on Afghanistan? It's their choice. I
November 12
CBC News Staff | A twin-engine American Airlines airbus A-300 has crashed in the New York borough of Queens, leaving at least four buildings on fire. No word so far of injuries.
rabble news November 9
Judy MacDonald | Want alternative perspectives on the World Trade Organization meeting in Qatar? Here are some sites to see you through the weekend.
everyone's a critic November 9
Murray Dobbin | Because it can only be passed by a unanimous vote, Canada's opposition will help kill the African declaration on access to medicines at the World Trade Organization's meeting in Qatar this weekend. T
rabble news November 8
Judy MacDonald | Twenty-five-thousand dollars in one month. That's $25,000 as a result of our "rabble-raisers" campaign. Thanks to many of you. Such a resounding show of support has touched the staff of ver
November 8
Robert Fisk | You don't have to spend long in Pakistan to realize that the Pakistani press gives an infinitely more truthful and balanced account of the "war" than The New York Times; and all this, remember, in a
everyone's a critic November 8
Marusya Bociurkiw | Our words and images are all we have to fight this war conducted in our names. It seems there will never be enough of this muted chorus to drown out the marching bands, the clarion calls, the clipped
everyone's a critic November 8
Maggie Helwig | Part six - I remember waking up the day after the bombing, seeing the headlines and immediately thinking, "Oh shit, we're in big trouble now" - a trouble we had no way of foreseeing or forestalling,
rabble news November 7
Nate Hendley | This skin-care physician spends his off-hours exposing quack medicine - that is, fake cures promoted by fake healers. The doctor works constantly to prod indifferent authorities into action. He says