everyone's a critic November 8
Marusya Bociurkiw | Our words and images are all we have to fight this war conducted in our names. It seems there will never be enough of this muted chorus to drown out the marching bands, the clarion calls, the clipped
rabble news November 7
Nate Hendley | This skin-care physician spends his off-hours exposing quack medicine - that is, fake cures promoted by fake healers. The doctor works constantly to prod indifferent authorities into action. He says
November 7
Kevin Sullivan | The initial outburst of solidarity after Sept. 11 has frayed considerably as U.S. warplanes bomb Afghanistan relentlessly for the fifth week running. This is true not only in Arab and other Muslim co
November 6
Jon Jeter | "All of this globalization garbage our new black government has forced upon us has done nothing but make things worse ... But we will unite and we will fight this government with the same fury that w
everyone's a critic November 6
Jaggi Singh | At the U.S. border, Jaggi Singh was blocked from making a speech. But he could not be blocked from writing it: "There's a new kind of McCarthyism that's being expressed, whereby opposition to capital
rabble news November 5
Chris Arsenault | A group of international volunteers recently visited a Zapatista stronghold high in the Mexican mountains. They were there to help rebuild the town of Guadalupe Tepeyac, which was destroyed by the ar
November 5
Zulfiqar Ali | The unrelenting U.S. bombing on Afghanistan is playing havoc with the biodiversity of the war-devastated country, which has been a prime sanctuary for variety of migratory birds and wild animals.
everyone's a critic November 3
Jaggi Singh | Jaggi Singh was scheduled to speak at the New England Anarchist Book Fair in Amherst, Massachusetts, on Saturday, November 3. When he was refused entry into the U.S., Singh wrote this piece, which wa
November 2
Contributor | Pakistan's largest newspaper evacuated some of its editorial offices today after lab tests on a letter received last week turned out positive for anthrax.
November 2
Bill Hayton | While corporations have been duelling over access to Central Asia for several years, the military too has been getting ready to intervene. Since 1996, the United States has been moulding and training
November 1
Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish | Among the more remarkable developments since September 11 is that the Western monopoly on global news production has met its first serious challenge from a Third World source. The improbable upstart
everyone's a critic November 1
Ann Hansen | Part Five - As always in the case of any militant political campaign, a corresponding campaign of police repression followed the bombings. It was part of a well- planned counter-insurgency program cr
November 1
Matthew Tempest | Yesterday, the prime minister was forced to listen to a denunciation of the deaths of "hundreds" of innocent civilians in the U.S. bombing raids in Afghanistan from Syria's president, Bashar Assad, a
October 31
Human Rights Watch Press Release and Feminist Majority | Human Rights Watch released a new report this week that details the stories of Afghan women living under the Taliban's horrific system of gender apartheid. It also urges that more aid be directed tow
everyone's a critic October 31
Wayne MacPhail | For the most part, Canadian newspapers have squandered this remarkable global resource, choosing instead to mindlessly dump their print product onto the Web as if it were a landfill site. But innovat
October 31
Ken Hechtman | The house in Pakistan was beseiged by 200-300 small children who'd got word than there was an American in the camp and were throwing twigs and pebbles and shouting "Osama, I like!" and "Bush Mordabad
October 30
Tariq Ali | The offending book was an essay by Karl Marx, <i>On Suicide</i>. The arresting officer gave me a triumphant smile. "After 11 September, you can't travel with books like this," he said. "In that case,
everyone's a critic October 30
Todd Lamirande | The Assembly of First Nations and many other Native organizations often push for the goal of self-government, using rhetoric laced with calls for more sovereignty. A laudable achievement, but not one
October 30
Rory Carroll in Battar and Luke Harding in Islamabad | There were increasing signs last night of a full-blown insurrection in Pakistan's tribal regions, a possible prelude to a wider civil war.
October 29
Judy MacDonald | We're more than halfway to our "rabble-raisers" campaign target of $25,000. And momentum is building. We've got enough to convince us to keep going for the month of November. We're very grateful to
October 26
Tara Atluri | ... you believe murder is an import | just like dishes that are too spicy | you can send it back from where it came ... Well I have a news flash for you ... America was built on mass genocide | for w
everyone's a critic October 25
Wayne MacPhail | What would an interview between the world's friendliest host and the West's most hated villain look like? This author has an idea.
everyone's a critic October 25
Ann Hansen | Part Four - We sincerely regret that any injuries occurred as a result of this action. We never intended any harm to come to anyone. We do not regret, however, our decision to attempt to sabotage the
rabble news October 24
Judy Rebick | One brief Saturday evening made it clear that Sunera Thobani is a hero to many in the South Asian community for the same reasons she was recently vilified in the corporate press. That afternoon, the
October 24
Elaine Sciolino, with Neil MacFarquhar | Even before the discovery that most of the hijackers were Saudis, the attacks had exposed the hidden flaws in the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.
October 24
Sunera Thobani | To successive United States administrations, the deaths resulting from its policies have been just so many statistics, just so much "collateral damage." Rendering invisible the humanity of the people
rabble news October 23
Doug Smith | The Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company went to court in September, arguing that the Manitoba government's workplace health and safety division has no jurisdiction over the company.
October 23
Arundhati Roy | The International Coalition Against Terror is largely a cabal of the richest countries in the world. Between them, they manufacture and sell almost all of the world's weapons. Between them, they have
everyone's a critic October 22
Wayne MacPhail | Online publishing turns content producers into eyeball pimps for advertisers. The thin, underfed content itself is pushed out onto the site in spike heels and a red dress in hopes of attracting wolf
October 21
Jim Rankin and Sonia Verma | Organizers of the October 16 "snake march" into Toronto's financial district have faced harsh words for holding such a protest at a time when people are still in shock and mourning over the September