rabble news February 25
Photo: flickr/ Alec Couros
Teuila Fuatai | A group of unionized employees at the University of Regina are about to enter their 20th month without a collective agreement following a year of unsuccessful contract negotiations.
analysis February 25
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Cory Collins | Regina hunger strike highlights the intense politics of private food in public institutions. How does privatization of food affect those who consume and how can we improve the system?
rabble news February 24
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Roshini Nair | "In Canada, the refugee crisis has become synonymous with the Syrian refugee crisis," said Daniel Tseghay. While Canada pats itself on the back, we must adovcate for refuge in Canada for all refugees.
arts/media February 23
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TK Matunda | Controversy struck the Academy Awards again this year when the list of nominees were predominantly white. Is this exclusion of people of colour also happening in the Canadian film industry?
rabble series February 23
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Teuila Fuatai | Paying employees a living wage will always increase labour costs for businesses relying on low-wage workers. Despite this, fairer wages often translate to benefits and savings in other areas.
rabble news February 22
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Teuila Fuatai | Toronto City workers, including inside, outside and public library sectors, are in contract negotiations with the City over precarious work conditions, cuts to benefits and hours among other things.
rabble news February 22
Joshua Davidson | Food prices are skyrocketing across Canada especially in the North. This new campaign seeks to raise awareness about food insecurity in Nunavut and create real lasting change.
rabble news February 18
Photo: flickr/ GoToVan
Alyse Kotyk | Vancouver Translink's new Compass card payment system presents privacy concerns as it tracks detailed information of a transit user's time and location.
opinion February 17
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Michael Geist | The Trouble with the TPP continues with another area of intellectual property that is subject to an overhaul due to largely to the trade agreement: trademark law.
opinion February 16
Photo: flickr/ LoKan Sardari
Michael Geist | The failure to sign CETA before TPP raises the possibility of problems with the Canadian provisions on geographical indications. Here's how this will impact Canada and its businesses.
rabble series February 15
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Teuila Fuatai | In part three of rabble's minimum wage series, labour reporter Teuila Fuatai investigates the case for a guaranteed minimum income in Canada.
rabble news February 15
Alyse Kotyk | The 26th Annual Women's Memorial March took place on February 14 to remember women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside who have gone missing or have been murdered.
opinion February 12
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Michael Geist | Today's post examines the possibility that new policy innovations might also be stymied by the TPP, further limiting Canadian cultural policy.
opinion February 12
Photo: flickr/ Friedemann W.-W.
Michael Geist | Security and Internet experts have been sounding the alarm on the risks associated with exploited wifi routers and pointing to source code disclosures as potential solution.
analysis February 12
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Tristan Markle, Sarah Beuhler | For the NDP to become the real champion of the left, the party will have to finally reform its relationship with social movements.
rabble news February 11
Alyse Kotyk | With the start of B.C.'s new session of legislature this week, Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon read the B.C. Liberals' throne speech bringing with it criticism from environmental groups.
rabble news February 11
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Teuila Fuatai | Thousands of Toronto city workers are facing sweeping contract changes designed to eliminate job security, create less stability for part-time employees and significantly reduce benefits, says union.
opinion February 10
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Michael Geist | Confusion about the scope of the provision and worries about what it might mean longer term are just two of the concerns with the source code rule in the TPP.
opinion February 9
Photo: flickr/ Matthew Keys
Michael Geist | The intersection between the TPP and Canadian cultural policies is likely to emerge as one of the more controversial aspects of the TPP.
briefly February 9
Photo: flickr/BC Government and Service Employees' Union BCGEU
Alyse Kotyk | BCGEU and its 65,000 members have signed a solidarity agreement with First Nations opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal and other tar sands projects in their territories.
analysis February 9
Photo: flickr/Christian Peacemaker Teams Aboriginal Justice Team
Lynn Gehl, Fiona Whittington-Walsh | Indigenous women and girls with disabilities are targeted by predators at a greater rate yet there is a gap in research. Moving forward, the national inquiry must consider these questions.
opinion February 8
Photo: flickr/ Sarah Deer
Michael Geist | In early TPP drafts, Canada opposed including the IP treaty obligations for much of the neogtiations. However, by the end, Canada caved, confirming that the TPP has already begun changing Canada.
rabble interview February 8
Photo: Landscapes of Injustice facebook page
Alyse Kotyk | Upcoming article and research in partnership with Landscapes of Injustice reveals that the City of Vancouver was more involved in the forced sale of Japanese-Canadian property during Second World War.
rabble news February 5
Photo: Leap Manifesto website
Alyse Kotyk | The Leap Manifesto has declared this leap year to be the time to take action on its call for new economic and energy systems.
opinion February 5
Photo: flickr/ Backbone Campaign
Michael Geist | Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Minister of International Trade, has stated that the government is committed to a robust Parliamentary and public review of the agreement.
opinion February 5
Photo: flickr/ Gobierno de Chile
Michael Geist | Canadians must understand the costs and benefits of the TPP before they can provide useful feedback. And, unfortunately, the government is painting a misleading picture of the agreement.
rabble series February 5
Teuila Fuatai | In part two of rabble's minimum wage series, labour reporter Teuila Fuatai looks at who is most affected by low wages and what life can be like living below the poverty line.
rabble news February 5
Photo: flickr/ United Steelworkers
Paul Weinberg | Steelworkers are growing increasingly concerned that U.S. Steel will shut down Canadian operations, costing workers their pensions and benefits.
analysis February 4
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Irina Ceric | A week after the Forcillo verdict, we can draw some lessons from the trial and verdict for both the developments to come in this case and police accountability more broadly.
rabble news February 4
Photo: flickr/ Gunnar Ries
Cory Collins | As the growth in the Aboriginal prison population comes under scrutiny, past recommendations are echoed once more.