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Just to get rolling on this thing, i have three comments:

  1. Way to go! Glad to see thins thing coming to fruition! Well done, so far!
  2. busy, busy, busy.... not sure we can do anything about this. But i find the look of it at the moment simply to be too much work to navigate with the eye. Three columns and five to six layers of rows before you get to the Toolkit... yikes... My experience is that if something is as busy as this i will do what i can to workaround ever having to look at it all. It's discouraging to users. If there's some way to make the thing LOOK like a toolkit, something more congenial, that would be nice. But maybe we're simply living in a bladrunnerish, hyper-stimulated, flashy (ooooh look-at-me, look-at-me) kinda world.
  3. The catgorie "Tool site" i find misleading and confusing. It's confusing given that the whole section is a "Toolkit" and then you have within that a "Tool site" which gives the impression that it is the favoured son. It's also misleading in that "Tools" refers to numerous things while the "Tool" in "Tool Site" seems to be referring only to on-line (web 2.0ish? ; software?) tools. I would rename this either not using the word "Tools" since all the categories are, presumably, tools. Or at least modify the title using an appropriate descriptor: On-line Tools (not great, since, by definition, everything is on-line); Web 2.0 Tools (probably not true of everything); Software tools (a bit prosaic, but perhaps most accurate).


chris  cavanagh

hey chris... 

thnx for the comments. I know the site in general is pretty busy. specific busy things about the toolkit section of the page as it exists now? 


also folks ... I'm thinking that once we are live I should put the toolkit menu over in the MY MENU section so that everything stays in that area. and the toolkit area will be less cluttered. 



yes, we could do that. it might also make sense to put the 'toolkit home' in a different place, or highlight it so that it stands out from the rest of the toolkit menu. i think for now it's a good idea to keep the sections where they are, but i'll work on making the titles and descriptors more intuitive so that navigation is more user-friendly and it's clear where things can fit.



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