CUPW members in Vancouver. Photo: David P. Ball
Unions rally to support postal workers, as back-to-work law nears
Photo: Evolve Love/Velcrow Ripper
International Stop the Tar Sands Day: A guide to the disaster
Greg Rogers, Michael Shapcott and Nadien Godkewitsch discuss the study with authour John Stapleton at Tuesday's launch. Photo: John Bonnar
John Howard Society hopes to provide transitional housing for ex-prisoners
Vancouver riot police and angry young men, June 15, 2011. Photo: breadfacej/Flickr
Vancouver's hockey riot: How to understand it
Protesting the Conservative Party Convention in Ottawa last weekend. Photo: Marco Vigliotti
#125 - All the summer news: Post-election blues and a call to action for
Kevin Neish: Why I am going back to Gaza on the Canadian ship
Kevin Neish: Why I am joining the new flotilla to Gaza
Photo: Marco Vigliotti
Protesting the coming right-wing storm on Canadian values at the Conservative Party Convention
Let us celebrate vegetarian living
Toronto Veggie Pride Parade celebrates veg lifestyle
Lessons from Spain's Camp Sol and the 'Indignant' movement. Photo: Reilly Yeo
Lessons from Spain's Camp Sol and the 'Indignant' movement
Bring on the axe: Despite their mutual antipathy, Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper are two peas in a pod when it comes wanting to diminish the federal public service and reduce its capacity to deliver to Canadians. Photo: Oravino/Flickr
Sharpening its axes, 'Canada's party' moves to shut down Canada's capital
Protest in Ottawa by the Algonquin people protesting the mining at Barriere, Dec. 2010. Photo: alienbeatpoet/Flickr
Speaking out against an unwanted Quebec mine
Photo: Paul Schreiber/Flickr
Women's Worlds 2011 interview: Kinnie Starr
After almost a month under arrest and four years in hiding, Alvaro Orozco has just been issued permanent resident status by Citizenship and Immigration Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
Not Rex: Fair treatment for queer refugees, Alvaro Orozco and beyond
Senate page holds up a 'Stop Harper' sign during the throne speech
Senate page explains her brave Stop Harper protest on floor of Senate today
One hoax to rule them all: The Hobbit movie tar sands hoax revealed. Photo: Erin Byrnes
One hoax to rule them all: The Hobbit movie tar sands story revealed
A number is never just a number -- money to live. Photo: KittyCanuck/Flickr
A number is never just a number -- minimum vs. living wage
Photo: Saynine/Flickr
Canada's prescription drug problem
What next for Canada? Photo: Adam Scotti/Flickr
Live on rabbletv: Beyond the Ballot Box
Hundreds of McGill University students take on the vote mob challenge, April 2011. Photo: Adam Scotti/Flickr
Citizen engagement: The overarching solution
Marxism 2011
Marxism 2011: What's on at the conference
Photo: kakela/Flickr
Not Rex: Apocalypse soon!
Queer artist Alvaro Orozco speaks from immigration detention
'I won't give up': Queer artist Alvaro Orozco speaks from immigration detention
Good-bye, F-35? Photo: Plaskota/flickr
Israeli newspaper reports U.S. may scrap F-35
Gold-coloured puppets acted out the Canadian government's deadly alliance with mining companies such as Goldcorp. Photo: David P. Ball
Making blood run 'gold': Mining justice organizers take on Goldcorp
Photo: Ecstaticist/Flickr
Prairie strong no longer? Harper's renewed attack on the Canadian Wheat Board
Photo: Dennis Sylvester Hurd/Flickr
CUPW keeps its options open in strike negotiations
Photo: Andrei Z/Flickr
Is Netflix killing the video store? ... And are you helping them?
The power behind the dominant frame at play in Canada's 2011 federal election: our economy in peril. Part one of a four-part series. Photo: Sashamd/Flickr
The politics of fear: An election post-mortem
'A simple, true, self-explanatory expression of what we're sick of.'
63 years of Nakba
'The Morning After': Post-election round table with Libby Davies and Lead Now
'The Morning After': Post-election round table with Libby Davies, Jamie Biggar, Itrath Syed
The celebrations in New York after learning of the death of Osama bin Laden. Photo: Dan Nguyen/Flickr
Not Rex: Osama. Yo mama.
A homeless man in central Toronto, at the end of the G20 summit, June 25, 2010. Photo: nouspique/flickr
Toronto's homeless death toll continues to climb
Lydia Cacho Ribeiro accepting the Ginetta Sagan Award for Women and Children's Rights in 2007. Photo: Steve Rhodes/flickr
Against the misogyny, against the trafficking of women and children in Mexico
Canada's real electoral map: a surge for the left
Canada's real electoral map: A surge for the left
The shifting sands of Libya are miring NATO. The Sahara in Libya by Matteo Caprari/Flickr
What Libya can expect from western democracy
Photo: Lvchen/Flicker
General Motors or general dismay: How cars are pushed on society
We're seeking 2,500 members for rabble. Please join us!
The National Post is right about one thing (reasons to support rabble's annual membership drive!)
Jaggi Singh at the G20 Summit.
Outside the courtroom: The Jaggi Singh trial
To the left are the May 2 election results -- seats won by "First Past the Post"; To the right, the May 2 election results -- seats won by "Proportional Representation". Graphic: Bryan Beça @
Election 2011: Maude Barlow on the election results
The U.S. Wikileaks cables on the treatment of First Nations by the Canadian government tell of a painful tale of Conservative cynicism, intransigence and disrespect that is played out in the cost of real lives.
Wikileaks comes to Canada: Federal failure on aboriginal rights
Jack Layton at Monday's post-election rally. Photo: Yee-Guan Wong
After the election: Time for democratic action
'The most important election of my lifetime'
'The most important election of my lifetime'
Orange crush: Jack Layton at a rally in Saskatoon. April 9, 2011. Photo: Matt Jiggins/Flickr
Not Rex: Orange crush
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad at the opening inauguration of the Baitan Nur Mosque, considered the largest mosque in Canada in 2009. Photo: Itzafineday
Harper's cynical plays for the 'ethnic' vote
Six to see at Hot Docs. From the film If a Tree Falls: A story of the Earth Liberation Movement
Six to see at Hot Docs
Jack Layton's excellent adventure: The election is now an historic opportunity for progressive Canadians and for the social movements to take a place in the mainstream of our politics. Photo: Matt Jiggins/Flickr
NDP surge is an opening for Canada's left
Photo: k-ideas. Flicker
A glimpse behind the curtain that hides the Harper Conservatives: Are plans afoot to kill the CBC?
Photo: Nick in exsilio/Flickr
Why food is an election issue: The People's Food Policy
Photo: Steve Punter/Flickr
Interview with George Galloway: Lawsuit launched against Jason Kenney
Tune in to rabbleTV on April 18 at 4:30 p.m. ET to watch special election coverage.
The choice is between a narrow economic and social appeal to middle and high-income earners, drenched in self-interest and individualism, and a community based, social vision of the country.
The election choice for working families
Michel Martelly wins Haiti's election
Haiti's foreign-orchestrated election hands power to neo-Duvalierist Michel Martelly
Sun News clouds roll in
Sun News to shine on Conservatives from next week
Go vegan for a week -- We dare you!
Barbara Gowdy challenges rabble readers to go vegan
Photo: Matthew Burpee/Flickr
Stephen Harper: He's just not that into you
Baker Lake, Nunavut. Photo: E-90/Wikipedia
Baker Lake struggles under pressure to allow uranium mining
Photo: SeattleRay/Flickr
SlutWalk: Changing a 'don't get raped' culture to a 'don't rape' culture
Launching the Liberal Party platform, April 3, 2011. Photo: Michael Ignatieff/Flickr
The Liberal platform: Targeting the NDP, seducing civil society
Just Love - Fredericton Pride, 2010. Photo: bbernd/Flickr
Not Rex: Voting options for LGBT Canadians
Why are the tentacles of the Kochtopus heading north to lobby here? They fear the campaign by environmental groups and First Nations against the expansion of the tar sands is gaining traction. Photo: Velcrow Ripper
Tar party: The Koch brothers come to Canada to protect their tar sands interests
We can resist increasing Internet service costs in Canada by cancelling and boycotting services connected with the companies behind them. Here's how to cut down your use of Bell Canada or BCE Inc. Photo: Len not Lenny/Flickr
The UBB fight starts with a simple message: Sell Bell
Houses of Parliament, Ottawa. Photo: acameronhuff/Flickr
In contempt of Parliament, in contempt of the reasons for Parliament
If you find it impossible contemplating what Canada will be like under a Harper majority government, here are a few suggestions of its horrific, extremist potential.  Photo: Sophie Harrington/Flickr
Stephen Harper waits impatiently for his majority
The 2011 federal election begins
Why we fight: Labour's stake in the federal election
The ' Anne Marie'  lies sunk on shore after being holed by debris in the Nechako Reservoir at Ootsa Lake, B.C. Fortunately, occupants were not injured.
Dams are a danger in British Columbia
Forget the non-confidence vote, it's on: Thursday night, 8 p.m., Conservative federal candidate for Winnipeg Centre, Bev Pitura, is tooled up for her election campaign.  Photo: Rick Harp
Election fever for one Conservative starts early
Japan is more than its disasters
Activist Communique: The nuclear crisis in Japan is not just about people -- don't forget Mother Earth
Seen through night-vision lenses aboard amphibious transport dock USS Ponce, the guided missile destroyer USS Barry fires Tomahawk cruise missiles in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn against Libya. Photo: U.S. Navy/Nathanael Miller
The five principles driving war propaganda are in play in Libya
Bridget Tolley, right, with a poster of her mother, Gladys Tolley, who was struck and killed by a police car in Quebec in 2001. Photo: Bridget Tolley
Bridget Tolley's search for justice for her mother
Caymen Islands
How corporate tax breaks hurt humanity
Sulaymaniya, Kurdish Iraq: The 'White Group' of self-appointed peacekeepers kept security forces and protesters apart.
A picture of Kurdish protest in Iraq
Judith Butler speaks at Israeli Apartheid Week event in Toronto
Judith Butler speaks about BDS at Toronto's Israeli Apartheid Week
Photo: Kashmera
Why Stephen Harper loves his deficit
Fukushima Nuclear Power Station before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Photo: KEI
Japan's unnecessary nuclear disaster
Watersnake Mound, a burial site for 3,000 years, in Toronto's High Park. Photo: Catherine Tammaro
Haudenosaunee sites of cultural importance damaged in Toronto's largest park
Stephen Harper at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2010.
Stephen Harper: Is this the new normal?
Due to speak in Calgary, the renowned Indian scientist and activist was denied entry into Canada March 9. interviewed her before 'Shout Out for Global Justice' during Toronto's G20 Summit. Photo: Andy Ciordia
Dr. Vandana Shiva: G8/20 created to silence global majority
What you see is what you'll get: Whitehorse's David Skelton protests Harper's vision of the Yukon's Federal Building on Tuesday, March 8. Photo: Meagan Perry.
Government of the Harper, by the Harper, for the Harper
Nawal el Saadawi at the 4th Annual Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture in 2009. Photo: Beowulf Sheehan/PEN American Center
Egyptian feminists: Deep roots and diverse journeys to revolution
Live from the NWT: Celebrating northern women
Celebrating Northern Women Conference
Photo: k-ideas
Not Rex: Crime bill extravaganza
photo: Mark Brooks.
Wisconsin rising
Banghazi, Libya, on February 28, 2011. Photo Al Jazeera/Flickr.
How to help Libya's freedom movement
U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and U.S. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during the playing of America's national anthem at the U.S. NORAD change of command ceremony in 2010.
Will Canada be trapped inside Fortress North America?
DIY Digital is the way to beat usage-based billing
Rob Ford and puppet. Photo: Shaun Merrit/Flickr
Not Rex: Toronto Mayor Ford's Model T
Photo: fauxto_digital/Flickr
Access-to-medicine bill is mired in Parliamentary red tape
The opening march at the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal, Feb. 6, 2011. Photo: Pambazuka News/Flickr.
10th World Social Forum an ever-growing event
Wisconsin budget repair protest. Feb. 19, 2011. Photo: mrbula/Flickr
Labour in the streets: Democratic uprising or last stand?
Teachers in Wisconsin rally, Feb. 15, 2011. Photo: MarkonF1re/Flickr
Wisconsin: An American uprising?
Diamond Rings
Indie Inside: Diamond Rings
Photo: Spacing Magazine/Flickr
The case for an electric car industry in Canada
The 20th anniversary of the missing and murdered women memorial march in Vancouver. Photo: Kim Elliot.
Their spirits live within us: Marching for murdered and missing Indigenous women
Not Rex: Egypt unchained!
SPECIAL: Not Rex: Egypt unchained!
Federal Minister Bev Oda, who is at the centre of a mystery over who is responsible for gutting the aid to KAIROS through the 'doctoring' of a document. Photo: Megan Mallen.
Harper government treatment of KAIROS is worthy of a dictatorship
Survival, strength, sisterhood: The women of the Downtown Eastside
Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside documentary
Members of Team Russia at the Whistler Olympic Park for the cross-country ski and biathlon in February 2010. Photo: Megan Mallen/Flickr
Will Olympics return to Whistler in 2014?
Author and journalist Adhaf Soueif reports from Tahrir Square reports on Feb. 3.
Adhaf Soueif reports from Tahrir Square
Photo: jodigreen/ Flickr
Hockey Fans for Peace an antidote to sour Don Cherry