Photo: LeadNow / flickr
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on Bill C-38: It's time to 'take this to the streets'
Award-winning artist Kim Crosby talks about anti-racism and SlutWalk
In Conversation with Kim Crosby on Anti-racism Praxis at Slutwalk 2012
Photo: Michael Gretton.
10 reasons to oppose the Conservatives' Bill C-38
Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr
"We can't start the revolution from Starbucks" - For Quebec, for OUR budget, join us in the streets!
Protest against Bill C-31 earlier this year at Immigration Canada offices in Vancouver. (Photo: brent_granby / flickr)
Passage of Bill C-31: A threat to refugees and 'a black eye' for Canada
Protest against Bill C-38 in Whitehorse, Yukon. (Photo: LeadNow / flickr)
10 reasons to oppose the Conservatives' Bill C-38
A 'nude protest' was held Friday in Montreal. (Photo Thien V / flickr)
Love is the movement: It starts in Quebec, but it will not end here...
Children joined the 'River Run' creative protest action at Queen's Park in Toronto Friday. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Grassy Narrows fights to regain control over their territory
Edmonton's Pride Parade. (Photo: DJorgensen / flickr)
Edmonton Pride Festival's political participants a positive sign of the times
Photo: john Bonnar.
McGuinty a 'no show' at Grassy Narrows fish fry
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex: C-38 Special
Red is spreading out well beyond Montreal and Quebec. (Photo: howlmontreal / flickr)
Activist Communiqué: Next Casserole Night in Canada – June 6
Saturday’s Black Mark Budget protest at Kitchener-Waterloo MP Peter Braid’s office. (Photo:
Hill Dispatches: Resistance to Conservatives' omnibus budget bill grows
rabble joins in with #BlackOutSpeakOut action
Today we 'Black Out and Speak Out' for democracy and for the environment
Photo: Sandrine Bérubé
After the success of Casseroles Night in Canada: What next?
Photo:  Thoth, God of Knowledge / flickr
Maude Barlow on the Great Lakes: 'They must be protected for all time'
Photo: Sierra Club of Canada
Dutch Disease denial: Inflation, politics and tar
Livestream: Friends of Canadian Broadcasting talk about 'the CBC we want'
Watch live today! The CBC we want
Pots and pans solidarity from way up in Dawson City, Yukon. (Photo: Wanda Roe)
Casseroles Night in Canada / La soirée des casseroles au Canada
A night rally in Ottawa showed solidarity with Quebec students. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Your guide to 'Casseroles Night in Canada'
(Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr)
Your guide to 'Casseroles Night in Canada'
Roma children in Hungary. (Photo:
Hill Dispatches: Media and politicians fail to investigate facts about so-called 'safe countries'
Teamsters rally on Parliament Hill today against the CP back-to-work legislation. (Photo: Karl Nerenberg /
Workers get railroaded by Conservatives: Understanding the CP strike
Manifestation Casserole - St Henri (Photo: Magdalena O! / flickr)
To the streets! Montrealers tell Charest NO to Loi 78 and tuition hikes
Council of Canadians support for legal challenges 'stirring up strife' according to Conservatives
Jean Charest's 'Special Law' in Quebec is resulting in some of the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. (Photo: ricardoara / flickr)
400,000+ in the streets? Quebec's students are winning...
One of Cape Breton's old-growth forests. (Photo: Clover_1 / flickr)
The environment is dead: Long live Mother Nature
New poll is bad news for Charest in his battle with students
This was the view from the front of the march today in Montreal. (Photo: Justin Ling)
Quebec students are teaching us all an important lesson
Carré rouge pour l'éducation. (Photo: Photomaxmtl / flickr)
Student strike #9 -- jusqu'à la victoire
Chicago hosts NATO this weekend. (Photo: Sarah Bennet)
The whole world will be watching Chicago anti-NATO protests
Photo: (Socialist Canada, Socialist Quebec / flickr)
Quebec students say Charest's authoritarian 'special law' will fail
Mohammad Mahjoub (left) with his lawyer, Yavar Hameed, in Ottawa, May 2012. (Photo:
Tortured by Mubarak, punished by Canada: Mohammad Mahjoub tells his story
This has been the scene for weeks, with police sent out against night protests. Now the Charest government has announced an emergency law against the student strike. (Photo: Hicham Souilmi / flickr)
Student strike enters dangerous phase #7
Ontario welfare workers strike for their rights
Not Rex: Ontario welfare workers - These boots were made for walking
Guy Fawkes masks, as seen here at Occupy Toronto last October, has become a familiar sight at protests the world over. (Photo: pamlau / flickr)
Activist Communiqué: Wearing a mask could soon be an illegal act during 'tumultuous demonstrations'
Pallisade Head on the North Shore of Lake Superior. (Photo: Northfielder / flickr)
Maude Barlow begins Great Lakes tour this Tuesday
Photo: vanremo / flickr
Watch the rebroadcast: End the Nakba -- sharing stories, creating resistance
All across Spain this weekend crowds marked the anniversary of the Indignados movement. (Photo: Occupy Spain)
Spain's Indignados mark anniversary with anti-austerity mobilizations
A little Mother's Day culture jamming. (Photo:
Why we should celebrate the real origins of Mother's Day
The heirloom "Glass Gem" maize variety was recently rescued by seedsperson Greg Schoen and carefully stewarded by the Seeds Trust. (Photo:
Seeds of change
Organizing for a North American Spring
99% Spring: New radical alliances for a new era
Are we losing our freedom to speak out and protest in Canada?
Rick Salutin: Is dissent alive and well in Canada?
Occupy Ottawa will re-emerge this weekend with a new name. (Photo: Obiemad / Flickr)
From Occupy Ottawa to Occupied Ottawa: An update from OO
This clear message from Nadleh Whut'en youth will be carried right to the Enbridge annual meeting in Toronto today. (Photo: Yinka Dene Alliance)
Freedom Train carries message of opposition to Enbridge pipeline
Haida Gwaii's Masset Inlet at dawn. (Photo: Jason Addy / flickr)
Made on Haida Gwaii: Dana Bellis brings new energy from the North
Reimagine the CBC: Special event tonight at Vancouver's Vogue Theatre
Watch live Monday! Reimagine the CBC
Socialist Party supporters in Bastille Square cheered the end of the Sarkozy era in France. (Photo:
Turning point against austerity: Left makes big gains in Greek elections
Screen shot from the film Never Come Back. Photo: Malcolm Hamilton
Hill Dispatches: Hungarian thugs who intimidate Roma -- can they be stopped?
'Not Rex' weighs in on the meaning of anti-choice Motion 312
Not Rex: Delivering the goods on #M312
Kinder Morgan's plans would see close to one oil tanker a day passing through the narrows of Vancouver's harbour. (Photo:
Kinder Morgan pipeline would increase tanker traffic into Vancouver
A line of police looked on as activists denounced Barrick Gold. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Occupy Toronto stages successful protest against Barrick Gold
In Ottawa yesterday, thousands protested Harper's austerity agenda. (Photo: Ariel Troster)
Today's the anniversary of a year of Tory majority rule: It just doesn't get any better than this!
May Day actions in Toronto got started with some human chess at City Hall. (Photo: David Coombs)
Activist Communiqué: Directory of May Day events across Canada and live updates
A spirited crowd celebrates May Day by marching down Halifax's Spring Garden Road earlier today. (Photo: Occupy Nova Scotia)
Activist Communiqué: Directory of May Day events across Canada and live updates
National Day of Mourning honours fallen workers
Ilan Pappe will be addressing audiences across Canada this week. (Photo:
Revisiting the Palestine question: An interview with Ilan Pappe
The Babble Book Club discusses Food, Inc.
Babble Book Club: TODAY Food Inc. discussion 3:00pm EST
For peat's sake: Peat and resource development in provincial parks
Photo by Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore.
A look at the massive student movement shaking up Quebec
Photo by Ali Mustafa.
Egypt in revolt
Photo by Jenn Farr.
Radical Handmaids on Parliament Hill
Roma dancers in Brno, Czech Republic: coming to Canada since the 1990s.
Hill Dispatches: 'Never Again!' (except for the 'Gypsies')
Earth Day vs. Harper and Big Oil (Photo: Dylan Penner)
Earth Day in Vancouver: Resistance to Kinder Morgan's pipeline plan grows
Tonight: Special event looks at women's rights in Sudan and Canada
Watch the rebroadcast. Reflecting realities: Women's rights in Sudan and Canada
A surprise guest at Danielle Smith's photo-op in High River, Alberta. (Photo:
'Stop Harper's Gang' says former Senate Page Brigette DePape in challenging Wildrose leader
Mass student protest March 31, 2012. (
Mass arrests as student protests suspend classes in Gatineau
Champ de Mars camp residents show eviction notice, March 29, 2012 (Photo Stuart Neatby)
'Impossible' to house Haiti's displaced under current political conditions, says international report
Food security: Why hunger is a farm issue
Photo from
Green economy and sustainable development
Hill Dispatches: Turning back the clock on environmental checks and balances
We're celebrating our 11th birthday
It's our birthday! Help us celebrate 11 years of rabble-rousing
H2O, Not F-35s
The Harper regime in question
Beets. Photo: Inner City Farms
Vancouver's urban farming movement growing
Join's Vegan Challenge for Earth Week 2012!
Join's Vegan Challenge for Earth Week 2012!
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex: Quebec student strike -- Vive les etudes libres!
Landfall album cover
Carole Pope: The return of the diva
Screen shot from the film Never Come Back. Photo: Malcolm Hamilton
New film tells about the Roma or 'gypsies' Canada wants to keep out
Rally against Northern Gateway pipeline. Photo: Delores Broten
Comox, B.C. speaks out against Northern Gateway Pipeline
Brace yourself for a collaborative world, courtesy of the Internet
Brace yourself for a collaborative world, courtesy of the Internet
Vancouver occupation of Immigration and Canadian Border Services Agency offices. Photo: No One is Illegal/Flickr.
Refugee and immigrant rights activists occupy Conservative MP constituency offices
Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr
Social movements in the age of information
Photo: Gabrielle de Montigny
An open letter from a Katimavik participant
Photo: pointsdevue/Flickr
Using debt for the common good
Photo: Asif Rehman/Open Book: Toronto
Babble Book Club: Discussion TODAY with Farzana Doctor 6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST
Photo: dugspr — Home for Good/Flickr
Bell Media acquires in bid to woo progressive audience
Photo: Not Rex
Not Rex: Adios Aveos
Photo: Kitty Canuck
Budget 2012: Jim Flaherty is structurally incompetent
Photo: / Greenpeace
Pushing back on the nuclear path: Part 2
Photo: Not Rex
Not Rex: NDP Leadership 2012
Photo: Cat Reporter
Cat Reporter at the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention
Reading Jack Layton's letter to Canadians
Jack Layton's letter to Canadians
2012 NDP Leadership Convention. Photo:
Live updates from the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention
Photo: imekinox/Flickr
Access to water on Canada's reserves
Photo: burgundavia/Flickr
Watch the livestream rebroadcast: There's still time to stop Bill C-30 on Internet surveillance
Photo: Justin Ling/Flickr
Picking a winner in the NDP leadership race
Photo: Elaine Bernard
Activist Communique: Six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street began with joy and ended in terror
Photo: Krystalline Kraus
Activist Communique: Photos from Friday's anti-austerity demo in Toronto
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex: Air Canada tango? You bet!
Photo: Canada's NDP/Flickr
Hill Dispatches: 'I accomplished what I wanted to,' says Turmel