El Salvador documentary digs into country's pain and hope.
El Salvador documentary digs into country's pain and hope
George Galloway: rabbleTV from Toronto
George Galloway speaks in Toronto
Photo: marcovdz/Flickr
Not Rex: French citizens demand a new deal
An Anishinaabe dream: Writer and activist Robert Animikii Horton. Photo: Joseph 'J.R.' Shebagegit
I Dream: An Anishinaabe dream for the future
Canadian delegation to Palestine
Canadian delegation to Palestine
Then U.K. MP George Galloway speaking to the media at Trafalgar Square, London. Photo: Tristam Sparks/Flickr
Federal Court slams government interference in Galloway ban
Security Council summit on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Sept. 2009. Photo: United Nations
We don't deserve a Security Council seat
July 2010: Protesting an activist's arrest for blowing bubbles during the G20 protest. Photo: Krystalline Kraus.
Not Rex: Protests and the rise of the bubble
Marc and Jodie Emery hug before Marc is taken away, Sept. 28, 2009. Photo: Dave O/Flickr
'They held Marc in solitary for three weeks': An interview with Jodie Emery
An Iraq War protest in San Fransisco in 2008. Photo: Alex Robinson/Flickr
Conscientious objectors given a lifeline by private member's bill
Abousfian Abdelrazik, a portrait, September 2010. © Darren Ell 2010/www.darrenell.com
Federal Court allows Abousfian Abdelrazik to sue foreign affairs minister
Saturday June 26, 2010 Toronto: Get Off the Fence Rally. Photo: David Coombs/Flickr
G8/G20 Communique: The re-arrest of Alex Hundert – Why the police should be charged with obstruction of justice
Five hundred Sears Canada warehouse employees remain on the picket lines.
Video: Sears continues lock out of warehouse employees
Taxpayers have no voice.
Not Rex: Spend my tax dollars on heroin, please
'I look up at a net hanging above the souk. It’s full of garbage and other debris. The Jewish settlers, who number about 500, have built homes above the market street. I am told the net is to protect the Palestinians below.' Photo: Rachel Marcuse.
Post Taglit-Birthright: Hebron -- 500 settlers, 2,000 soldiers and the tensest place I've ever been
Photo: Kevin Edmonds.
The hidden costs of Canada's banana market
The tar sands action during the visit of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, on Sept. 9. Photo: Ben Powless
An Indian Summer for the tar sands
Duo Lakes, the Peel Watershed, Yukon. Photo: Shannon Thompson
Mining plans endanger a fifth of the great Peel wilderness
A candlelight vigil in Union Square, New York, September 2001. Photo: September Mourning/Flickr
Let's make September 11 a day without war
Toronto vegetarians support local farm sanctuaries walk
Toronto vegetarians support local farm sanctuaries walk
Reclining Woman on Leopard Skin by Otto Dix (1927). Part of Rouge Cabaret: Love, Death, the Terrifying and Beautiful World of Otto Dix at Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts.
Who's Degenerate now?
Condominiums in downtown Vancouver. Photo: Gord McKenna/Flickr
Suburbs vs. cities -- whose utopias?
The long and the short -- census, guns and more. Photo: publik16/Flickr
Not Rex: The long and the short - census, guns and more
'A little girl puts on my hat and sunglasses. She doesn't speak English, but as always with kids, it doesn't really matter.' Photo: Rachel Marcuse
Post Taglit-Birthright: 'We're not stereotypes'
House for sale in Newfoundland. Photo: Emily Urquhart
Newfoundland: Some tourists buy post cards, others buy houses
Indie Inside: Jasper Sloan Yip
Indie Inside: Jasper Sloan Yip
Humberto DaSilva chews on the future of food and inaction by Canadian regulators.
Not Rex: The future of Canadian food security
Representatives of Enbridge received formal notice from Wet'suweten hereditary chiefs that the company was trespassing on Wet'suwet'en lands. Photo: Pat Moss
Enbridge issued final notice of trespass by Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs
Playing chess at a 'leftie' bar in Haifa, Israel. Photo: Rachel Marcuse
Post Taglit-Birthright: 'Don't do the tours in English'
Aug. 9, 2010: People wade through flooded streets in Charsadda, Pakistan. Photo: U.K. Department of International  Development/Flickr
Climate change, capitalism and war produce disaster in Pakistan
Haitians in Cité Soleil queue for food after the earthquake, in January 2010. Photo: The United Nations
Money flows uphill: An update from Cité Soleil
A 2006 memorial march to commemorate Black July in 1983 -- where the Sri Lankan government and Sinhalese ethnic nationalists massacred thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Photo: Noaman Ali/Flickr.
Not Rex: Terrorists, traffickers and Tamil Tigers? Oh my...
Honey Dejarlais and Clayton Thomas-Muller lead 100 people in a 13-kilometre healing walk around the tar sands on Aug. 14. Photo: Velcrow Ripper/Fierce Light Films www.evolvelovelive.com.
A healing walk around the tar sands dead zone
Environmental activists in Las Crucitas protest against the open-pit Canadian gold mining project. Photo provided by: Centro Humboldt
Canadian gold mine plan stirs anger in Central America
Canadian mortar crew at Tarnak Farms outside Kandahar Air Field in 2006. Photo:  lohan1025/Flickr
Afghanistan, another Vietnam?
The MV Sun Sea (right) and the impromptu refugee processing centre set up to received 490 Tamils. As seen from across the harbour on the shore of the Esquimalt First Nation after the ship’s arrival on Aug. 13, 2010. Photo: Wongo888/Flickr
Canada's treatment of the Tamil refugees is a defining moment
Not Rex Murphy: No more stimulus, unless you are in the police or military.
Not Rex: Still proud to be Canadian?
Photo: The World Economic Forum/Flickr
Harper's lousy, pre-election summer: A review
Civil disobedience is centre stage now as the closure of the federal prison farm program, 100 years after it was established, is going ahead.  Arrests in Kingston, Monday, Aug. 9, 2010. Photo: Margaret Hughes
Aged 14 to 87 -- the 24 Kingston protesters arrested fighting prison farm closures
How one Haitian school is trying to help its students and teachers.
The struggle for education in Haiti
Not Rex: The good, the bad and the worst at the G20
Not Rex: The good, the bad and the worst at the G20
The evidence points to many failures by the coalitions forces and the horrible price ordinary Afghanis have paid.
The Afghan War diary data -- an initial look
Is the U.S. Social Forum primarily an arena for movements to propose a diversity of alternatives or is it a political agent of the left that pulls movements together into a counter-hegemonic program? Photo: Sasha Y. Kimel/Flickr
After the U.S. Social Forum 2010: The potential for a multi-scalar strategy
Prison farms provide meaningful work experience for inmates and contribute to local food sustainability. Photo: jayneandd/flickr
Conservatives shutting down prison farms
Cutting back on air travel is essential -- a single flight across the country wipes out the benefit of a person’s environmental good deeds for an entire year. Photo: caribb/Flickr
Up in the air, destroying the planet
Activists take action against Arizona's anti-immigration law
Environmentalists say: Stop ALL of Arizona's anti-immigrant law
CEP union president Dave Coles files a complaint over G20 police actions
Police ethics update: Mocking the Charter
My Taglit-Birthright Israel Experience: 'Outing' myself on a kibbutz
My Taglit-Birthright Israel experience: 'Outing' myself on a kibbutz
Activists get creative on National Day of Action against Jason Kenney
The People vs. Jason Kenney
Whistler homeowners rally against asphalt plant
Whistler municipality gaining more opponents as asphalt plant controversy escalates
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Photo: mostlyconservative/Flickr
Not Rex: Deport Jason Kenney!
Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld is arrested and taken away to the detention centre. Photo: Activestills
Arresting the G20 press
Haiti six months later by Al Jazeera.
Haiti: Six months on
G8/G20 Communique: Take that, Officer Bubbles!
G8/G20 Communique: Take that, Officer Bubbles!
Not Rex: The battle of all mothers
Not Rex: The battle of all mothers
Thousands call for G20 public inquiry last week. There are more rallies this weekend. Photo: John Bonnar
G8/G20 Communique: Saturday's Civil Liberties rallies across Canada and other solidarity events
Kevin Neish and Farooq Burney share their accounts of the flotilla raid that killed nine and Israeli detention.
Gaza flotilla eyewitness reports: Kevin Neish
Men and women, young and old, gay and straight, union and non-unionists came to the exact spot, where two weeks ago the designated protest zone turned into the designated arrest zone. Photo: John Bonnar
Thousands call for G20 public inquiry
The untold story of the Toronto G8 / G20 Summit.
Velcrow Ripper's 'Love versus the G20'
Sergeant Credit D. Fault (aka Jim Stanford), takes bankers to bootcamp for a crash course in financial literacy.
Not Rex: Jim Stanford takes bankers to financial bootcamp
Canadian singer-songwriter Zack Borer recently finished recording his new EP 'Dollars Spent on Nothing.'
Indie Inside: Zack Borer
Toronto Pride 2010: How the campaign to pinkwash Israeli apartheid backfired.
A case study in failure: the Israel lobby at Toronto Pride
The annual Toronto Pride Parade was held Sunday afternoon. Photo: John Bonnar.
Photos: Toronto Pride Parade
An arrest at Queen's Park during the G20 protests on Sat. June 26, 2010. Photo by Ben Powless
Of my illegal detention (with 899 others) and the G20 protests
On his first day as a resident of Toronto, Dan Hamilton was a bystander during a protest when he was caught with his boyfriend in a mass arrest for 'breaching the peace.'
Watch: Eighteen-year-old detainee recounts experience of being held inside G8/20 police cage for 26 hours
After the crowd stops to sing "Oh Canada" during a a peaceful G20 protest at Queen and Spadina the Toronto police charge.
Hair-raising footage of police charging peaceful protesters singing 'Oh Canada'
Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld.
#111 - In his own words: Guardian journalist arrested by G20 security forces
After the widely condemned police brutality during the G20 Summit in Toronto, crowds gathered for a protest in front of Police Headquarters in Toronto on Monday, June 28, 2010. Naomi Klein spoke to them there.
Naomi Klein to police: 'Don't play public relations, do your goddamned job!'
A man arrested during the G20 Summit in Toronto and held at 629 Eastern Avenue is released on Sunday, June 27. Photo: Kristin Hanson.
Conditions for detainees at 629 Eastern Avenue are illegal, immoral and dangerous
Peaceful protest was the order of the day for most of Saturday's march. Photo: Ariel Estulin/flickr
Toronto is burning! Or is it?
An anti-riot policeman grabs a protester by the wrist during the anti-poverty protest on Friday in Toronto. Up to 10,000 protesters are expected to gather at Queen's Park today at 1 p.m. EST. Photo: Kristen Hanson.
All out 1 p.m. Queen's Park: Protest police state in Toronto and G20 in the world
This is what a rubber bullet wound looks like. Photo: Yee Guan Wong.
G20 police let rioters run amok and then struck back hard at all activists
Police and security oversee Thursday's march for indigenous rights. Photo: John Maclennan.
Indigenous leaders reject G8/G20 decision makers
Watch Live Now: Shout Out for Global Justice!
Massey Hall, the scene for Shout Out for Global Justice! on June 25. Photo: Carleen Pickard/Council of Canadians
Time to scrap the summits, build alternatives
Robert Lovelace
Photo blog: Toronto pre-G20
Toronto G20 security
How can a Canadian summit cost taxpayers 66 times more per day for security than the FIFA World Cup?
Ruth Scalplock, a 66-year-old residential school survivor, came from Alberta's Siksika Nation to Winnipeg to attend the opening of the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings. 'I want to support the survivors,' she says.  Photo: Kaj Hasselriis.
Majority of residential school survivors decline to give statements
Five of the hundreds of police charged with G20 Summit security check in at Toronto’s downtown Delta Chelsea Hotel. Meanwhile, The People's Summit takes place this weekend. Photo: Kristen Hanson
G8/G20 Communiqué: Protesters will throw skinny vegans and trees at the police!
Speak the F**k up! -- Antonia Zerbisias
Speak the F**k up! - Antonia Zerbisias
rabble.ca & This Magazine present Speak the F**k up!
rabble.ca & This Magazine present Speak the F**k up!
Indigenous challenges to RBC's tar sands policy, Toronto. March 4, 2010 Photo: Rainforest Action Network
In support of Indigenizing activism
Filmmaker Claudia Medina on 'Life After Growth'
Filmmaker Claudia Medina on 'Life After Growth'
Lalo Espejo in this week's Not Rex Murphy video commentary.
The Dartmouth, N.S., singer-songwriter Ruth Minnikin has a new album, Depend On This.
Indie Inside: Ruth Minnikin
On board the Mavi Marmara as it was under attack: An Israeli commando soldier is panicked, but being treated for injuries after being captured by peace activists. Photo: Kevin Neish.
Kevin Neish's photos of Mavi Maramara attack published, plus full interview
Twenty-three people -- including former Grand Marshals and  Honoured Dykes --  protested the censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, and the banning of the group from Pride 2010. Photo: John Bonnar.
Humberto Humberto Da Silva on Stephen Harper and his buddy Benjamin Netanyahu.
Not Rex's Humberto: Shalom
Stefan Christoff. Photo: Valerian Mazataud -- www.focuszero.com.
Two activists speak out about G8/G20 CSIS intimidation: Stefan Christoff's story
The MV Rachel Corrie, which left Ireland last month with aid and relief supplies, is due to arrive in Gaza early next week.
The Rachel Corrie ship and crew sail to Gaza
The AMUN Marchers reached Ottawa after a month-long protest march. This photo is from earlier in the march. Left to right: Viviane Michel, Danielle Guay, Sharon McIvor, Michele Audette.
B.C. First Nations groups criticize Bill C-3 as marching aboriginal women reach Ottawa
Vancouver Island peace activist Kevin Neish, missing after the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, spoke to rabble.ca on May 28 about why he put himself at risk.
#106: Interview with Canadian Kevin Neish as he boarded Gaza flotilla
Not Rex's Humberto: Tax the bastards!
Not Rex's Humberto: Tax the bastards!
Over 100 protesters showed up at a Toronto Pride press conference Tuesday to voice their displeasure after the Board of Directors voted last week to forbid the use of the term ‘Israeli Apartheid’ at this year’s Pride Parade.
Decision to ban use of 'Israeli Apartheid' angers gay rights activists
Photo: Stefan Christoff
The Philippine elections: People power rising in Payatas
A contemplative Emery spoke earlier this year about his extradition and five-year prison sentence.
Marc Emery: An interview before U.S. prison
Sharon McIvor wants MPs to vote against the upcoming Bill C-3, Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act.
Fighting for disenfranchised First Nations women
Listen to supporters of the No Bill 94 campaign speak out against the proposed ban of the niqab by the Quebec government.
People speak out against Quebec's 'racist, sexist and Islamophobic' Bill 94
Not Rex's Humberto DaSilva is at it again, this time slamming the Conservatives' stance on abortion.
Not Rex's Humberto: Odious Oda on abortion
Jack Layton: 'We've had three elections in seven years... and we're making progress'
Jack Layton: 'We've had three elections in seven years... and we're making progress'