Oct 20
29th Annual Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for
Bill C-237 would offer financial incentives to ensure gender parity during elections. Unfortunately, it will be voted down by the Liberal government.
Oct 19
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Unless Trudeau's rhetoric turns into reality, the Liberals will usher in an era of record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather events that will make even last summer look mild.
Oct 18
Finally, a call for the mainstream press to take a broader approach to analysing Trump's sexual abuse history.
Oct 17
Flickr/Kent Lins
Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association says it’s imperative for Canadians to participate if they have concerns about the new security powers brought in under Bill C-51.
Oct 14
University of Toronto Scarborugh campus. Flickr/Loozrboy
If you ask universities themselves, Canadian campuses are fertile settings for diversity and marginalized people. The problem is the students don't agree.
Oct 13
Wendy Goldsmith was on one of the women's boats to Gaza. Her boat didn't make it out of Sicily, but they remained in contact with the Zaytouna-Oliva up until it was boarded and kidnapped.
Oct 12
Photo Vancouver International  Film Festival
Obomsawin's documentry, featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival, highlights the lack of services for Indigenous children living on reserves.
Oct 11
Image: Flikr/DonkeyHotey
As ungentlemanly as it may seem, Canadian political parties that ignore U.S. trends in campaign strategy do so at their own peril.
Oct 10
In October 1998, the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee declared homelessness a national disaster. Eighteen years is a long time to wait for a national housing program.
Oct 7
People need to know how social media platforms can evoke the power of code and algorithms to shape entire populations. It's a rough battle.
Oct 6
The 12th annual Calgary Sisters in Spirit vigil drew about 500 participants to a mid-day mid-week march and demonstration downtown.
Oct 5
The inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls is long overdue and is testament to the leadership of Indigenous women and communities who have spent decades calling for an inquiry.
Oct 4
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For nearly seven years, Toronto Pig Save has been building a movement to create a non-violent vegan world and standing for animals in need and a planet in distress.
Sep 30
Image: Flickr/Peoples' Social Forum (Ben Powless)
Many Canadians continue to believe that Canada is immune to issues of water scarcity. Maude Barlow and Sarah Harmer debunk that myth.
Sep 29
Photo: taylorandayumi/flickr
This dependence on commodities continues to shape Canada's body politic -- and for our new government, it will continue to confound attempts to heal relations with First Nations.
Sep 28
Photo: Tim J Keegan/flickr
Geologists say that humanity's impact on the Earth has been so profound that it's ushered in a whole new, deeply unstable, geological era, which they are calling the Anthropocene.
Sep 27
Image: Flickr/Gord McKenna
"Payday loans of the mining industry" are introducing a new, intense pressure on an industry already reviled for Indigenous land theft, dangerous working conditions and environmental infractions.
Sep 23
Here are six reasons why you should participate in the national security consultation about Bill C-51.
Sep 22
Hear Tom Goldtooth, Joseph Wawatie, Jacob Wawatie and Romeo Saganash speak on the need to protect the earth.
Sep 21
It is not enough to fight against first-past-the-post, we must fight for the system that we want.
Sep 20
On the weekend, two separate rallies demanded action on affordable housing in Vancouver.
Sep 19
"To me, just bringing our people together is a form of activism. Because back in the day we weren't allowed to gather together," Kat Norris.
Sep 16
No not that Canadian alt rock band, Big Sugar, the massive sugar industry!
Sep 15
Green Majority Radio discusses the tense situation with the Dakota Access Pipeline and the continuing issues with the NEB.
Sep 14
Photo: flickr/Tom Woodward
Scott Neigh speaks with Steve Stewart of the Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas about his work.
Sep 13
The NDP leadership races continues along, and it serves as a great reminder to remember what the NDP actually stands for.
Sep 12
Photo: flickr/Kevin Gill
Listen to this film review and conversation with the filmmakers of 'River Blue.'
Sep 9
To survivors and victims: I'm sorry that McGill fails you so miserably. I have no words, there are no justifications. But please know that I've been fighting for you, for us, and they can't stop me.
Sep 8
Photo: flickr/Thomas Hawk
Scott Neigh speaks with Stefan Kipfer and Herman Rosenfeld of Free Transit Toronto, an activist network focused on a long-term vision of high quality and completely free public transit.
Sep 7
Join Green Majority Radio for an update on the Indigenous resistance to Keystone XL, green economies and the Liberals actions on both a provincial and federal level.