H2O, Not F-35s
The Harper regime in question
Beets. Photo: Inner City Farms
Vancouver's urban farming movement growing
Join rabble.ca's Vegan Challenge for Earth Week 2012!
Join rabble.ca's Vegan Challenge for Earth Week 2012!
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex: Quebec student strike -- Vive les etudes libres!
Landfall album cover
Carole Pope: The return of the diva
Screen shot from the film Never Come Back. Photo: Malcolm Hamilton
New film tells about the Roma or 'gypsies' Canada wants to keep out
Rally against Northern Gateway pipeline. Photo: Delores Broten
Comox, B.C. speaks out against Northern Gateway Pipeline
Brace yourself for a collaborative world, courtesy of the Internet
Brace yourself for a collaborative world, courtesy of the Internet
Vancouver occupation of Immigration and Canadian Border Services Agency offices. Photo: No One is Illegal/Flickr.
Refugee and immigrant rights activists occupy Conservative MP constituency offices
Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr
Social movements in the age of information
Photo: Gabrielle de Montigny
An open letter from a Katimavik participant
Photo: pointsdevue/Flickr
Using debt for the common good
Photo: Asif Rehman/Open Book: Toronto
Babble Book Club: Discussion TODAY with Farzana Doctor 6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST
Photo: dugspr — Home for Good/Flickr
Bell Media acquires rabble.ca in bid to woo progressive audience
Photo: Not Rex
Not Rex: Adios Aveos
Photo: Kitty Canuck
Budget 2012: Jim Flaherty is structurally incompetent
Photo: andretremblay.com / Greenpeace
Pushing back on the nuclear path: Part 2
Photo: Not Rex
Not Rex: NDP Leadership 2012
Photo: Cat Reporter
Cat Reporter at the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention
Reading Jack Layton's letter to Canadians
Jack Layton's letter to Canadians
2012 NDP Leadership Convention. Photo: rabble.ca/Flickr
Live updates from the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention
Photo: imekinox/Flickr
Access to water on Canada's reserves
Photo: burgundavia/Flickr
Watch the livestream rebroadcast: There's still time to stop Bill C-30 on Internet surveillance
Photo: Justin Ling/Flickr
Picking a winner in the NDP leadership race
Photo: Elaine Bernard
Activist Communique: Six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street began with joy and ended in terror
Photo: Krystalline Kraus
Activist Communique: Photos from Friday's anti-austerity demo in Toronto
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex: Air Canada tango? You bet!
Photo: Canada's NDP/Flickr
Hill Dispatches: 'I accomplished what I wanted to,' says Turmel
Members of MEC are reacting to a proposal to give its board control over the co-op's elections.
Democracy and the value of co-operation: An open letter to MEC members
Photo: PSAC-NCR | AFPC-RCN/Flickr
Resolving the strike at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter
Photo: Christine Wang/Flickr
Economic sanctions against Iran affect students in Canada
The Reimagined CBC logo that participants created at Reimagine CBC's launch social. Photo: Angus Wong
Reimagine CBC: Canadians come together to think big in troubled times
Crisanta Hernandez, at her home in Ágel, showing the cracks in her walls she believes were caused by mining activity in the area. Photo: Ruth Warner
Guatemala women defenders defy Canadian mines and plead for help
Israeli Apartheid Week
Israeli Apartheid Week: Events listings for Canadian cities
Photo: Jesse McLaren
Photo essay: Toronto International Women's Day march
Niki Ashton
TODAY: Niki Ashton answers your questions on her candidacy for NDP Leader
Peggy Nash
TODAY: Peggy Nash answers your questions at 3pm PST, 6pm EST
Photo: Chad Pelley/saltyink.com
Join author Lynn Coady at the Babble Book Club Sunday March 4!
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex: Robocall 2015
Photo: Fiona L Cooper/Flickr
A level playing field: The commodification of play
Photo: Stefan Christoff
Is the Québec student strike a spark?
Montreal filmmaker Sharon Hyman asks questions about growing up in her new film.
Have I grown up yet? 'Neverbloomers' explores adulthood
Paul Dewar
TODAY: Paul Dewar answers your questions on his candidacy for NDP leader
CUPE 3902 members vote on the proposed agreement after a five-hour mass meeting. Photo: Mick Sweetman
No strike today as mass meeting sends U of T agreement to ratification
Bitter Tasting Room, Sean Heather's upscale pub on Hastings St., exemplifies the bitter taste of gentrification and exclusion for Downtown Eastside low-income residents. Photo: Dave Diewert
Moving on up: Gentrification in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
Photo: Jesse McLaren
CUPE 3902 bargaining committee members protest tentative agreement by resigning
Photo: carmichaellibrary/Flickr
Shaping and redefining Canadian writing: A celebration of Black Canadian authors
Photo: Brian Topp
TODAY: Brian Topp answers your questions on his candidacy for NDP Leader
Canadian House of Commons. Photo: scazon/Flickr
Who listens to the Official Opposition?
Chess set of Toronto by Amber Baechler and Mark Baechler. Photo: Theo Skudra/Tom Glass Pictures
Migrating Landscapes exhibit opens in Toronto's Brookfield Place
Nathan Cullen
TODAY: Nathan Cullen answers your questions on his candidacy for NDP Leader
Photo: David P. Ball
Women's memorial march: 'Watch out world! We're coming... and we're still full of love!'
Women's Memorial March. Artwork courtesy of Christiane Bordier
A question of honour: How we remember the dead in Canada
The redevelopment of Regent Park. Photo: Sean_Marshall/Flickr
An in-depth look at the fight to save social housing in Toronto
"Pilgrimage to Freedom," a 12-hour march organized by migrant workers and J4MW in 2009. Photographer: Gerardo Correa
Peruvian lives on Canada's conscience
Women in front of YWCA's Ontario House, 698 Ontario Street - ca. 1912. Photographer: William James/City of Toronto Archives.
Activist Toolkit weekly roundup: Black history month, disability and union organizing, workshops on patient rights
Photo: The Next Web/Flickr
Social media is an opportunity to discuss law, endangered caribou and First Nations rights
Aerial view of KI land. Photo: Laura Lepper
Stop mining on KI lands: What part of 'NO' does Ontario not understand?
Johanna Fernandez, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Heidi Boghosian. Photo courtesy of Johanna Fernandez/freemumia.com
A visit with Mumia Abu-Jamal in General Population
Photo: Jesse McLaren
Photo essay: Feb. 1 Student Day of Action
Photo: Humberto DaSilva
Not Rex: Harpo goes to Davos
Photo: Pantheroux/Flickr
New report on sustaining Canadian marine biodiversity
Photo: Tania Liu/Flickr
A number is never just a number: Grey power
Photo: Mike Barber/Flickr
Global corporate power and the decay of Canada
Breaking down Harper's grand plan
Harper's grand plan: What it is and how to fight it
Photo: Justin Ling/Flickr
An open letter to delegates to the NDP leadership convention
Photo: Matthew Adams
What will it take to win the lockout at Electro-Motive Diesel?
Photo: The Mainlander
Gentrification of Mount Pleasant: Developers, displacement and real estate's new frontier
Photo: Kitty Canuck
Hill Dispatches: Corporate tax cuts create no jobs while starving government of revenue -- new CLC study
Harper and Obama at press conference. Photo: US Mission Canada/Flickr
Harper takes Republican allies
First Nations solidarity. Photo: Mary Kosta/Flickr
A most important gathering: Determining the future for us all
Photo: Humberto DaSilva
Not Rex: Net benefit
Photo: Justin Ling/Flickr
Watch the livestream rebroadcast: Toronto Area Council NDP Federal Leadership Debate
Photo: Kim Elliott
Harper's abandonment of federal responsibility in health care
Photo: iStock
As premiers prepare to meet in Victoria, civil society comes together to protect public health care
Photo: Rishabh Mishra/Flickr
Caterpillar destroys homes from Ontario to Palestine: Standing up to corporate bullies
Photo: Caitlyn Vernon/First Nations say no to Enbridge oil
An open letter on the proposed Enbridge pipeline
Photo: Trees ForTheFuture/Flickr
Remember Haiti: Solidarity still needed two years after the earthquake
Photo Art: John Bonnar
Returning to St. James Park
Photo: Mat Can/Flickr
Dear Ryan: A New Year's leadership wish list for 2012
Health Canada fails to act as drug shortages impact trans men
Health Canada fails to act as drug shortages impact trans men
The EMD picket in London, Ontario. Photo courtesy of CAW
Caterpillar and Rio Tinto lockouts force unions into underdog fight against global capital
Photo: Mausi/Flickr
Women's experiences with sexual assault and victim-blaming
Photo: Intiaz Rahim/Flickr
Hill Dispatches: The 2012 policy agenda, part one
Photo: Derek Key/flickr
#133 - 2011 roundup from rabble.ca podcasts
Scrooge or the mad hatter? You decide. Montage by Stig/www.stig.net
rabble.ca's top stories for 2011 in news and features
Toronto City Hall, Festival of Lights 2008. Photo: wyliepoon/Flickr
'Twas the Night Before Class War
Harper's plan for health care is not healthy for Canada
Bad medicine: Harper's prescription for privatizing Medicare
Photo: BW Jones/flickr
Women in science and engineering
BC NDP leader Adrian Dix. Photo: David P. Ball
Adrian Dix on the way ahead for B.C.'s NDP
Toronto City Hall's Budget Committee says 'Suffer the Children'
Toronto City Hall's Budget Committee says 'Suffer the Children'
Those Attawapiskat numbers vs. Toronto numbers
Compare and contrast: Those Attawapiskat numbers vs. Toronto numbers
Photo: Jesse Winter
The cadets of Hobbema are a good news First Nations story that the media ignore
The Greek and European Union flags shredded. Photo: Iako
Europe trashed: The coming austerity implosion is a scary precedent
Five of the nine candidates at the NDP leadership debate, Dec. 3, 2011. Photo: Chris Zacchia/www.forgetthebox.net
The economics of NDP leadership -- The first debate
Security certificate injustice for Mohamed Harkat: Nine years on, no charges
Security certificate injustice for Mohamed Harkat: Nine years on
Niqabs in the courtroom: why the case of N.S. v. R. is central to the conversation of access to justice for sexual assault survivors. Photo: Alfred Weidinger
Niqab on trial: What is really at stake?
MP Peter Goldring refuses to take a breathalyzer in Alberta after complaining about Alberta's drunk driving laws. Photo: Difei Li
Where's the helicopter when you need it? Tory political liability drives into sunset ... unbreathalized
Photo: John Bonnar
Occupy Canada: City status report
The empty podiums at the NDP leadership debate in Ottawa, Dec. 3, 2011. Photo: Chris Zacchia/www.forgetthebox.net
After the NDP leadership debate: It's the economy, dippers