Barack and Michelle Obama walk the parade route.
Obama's Inaugural Address comes close to a call to activism
Photo: Voice of Democracy, Heather Stilwell and Oudom Tat.
Labour news this week: Backlash on EI changes, Nevsun accused of using forced labour, unions back Idle No More
Idle No More is connected to opposition to tar sands pipelines like Enbridge
Idle No More opposes Canada's energy juggernaut
Photo: MattWansley / flickr
Keystone XL pipeline: Bad for the environment and Canadian workers
Idle No More in West Edmonton Mall last weekend. (Photo: Mike Hudema)
No less than Idle No More
Photo: Zack Embree
Thousands join night protest to 'welcome' Enbridge hearings to Vancouver
Friday saw yet another round dance in Toronto's Dundas Square.
The power of the round dance
Photo: Brent Patterson
Idle No More flexes its muscles in day of action: 'We could shut down the country if we really wanted to'
Today will see close to 200 Idle No More solidarity actions take place.
#J11: Idle No More global day of action this Friday
Photo: John Bonnar
Cutbacks force more homeless to sleep on Toronto streets
Yes, a Federal Court announced a ruling with major implications for Metis people
Federal Court affirms rights of Metis and non-status Indians
January 11: AFN-Harper meeting, plus a global Idle No More day of action
#J11: Idle No More global day of action this Friday
Idle No More rally at the U.S.-Canada border near Vancouver, B.C.
Now comes the real test for #IdleNoMore, Indigenous leadership and Canadians alike
'Know your rights' human rights training in Haiti.
Shared hardships and concerns bind the fates of Indigenous peoples in Canada and Haitians after the earthquake
A banner at a 12-hour road and rail blockade by the Garden River and Batchewana First Nations in Ontario.
Joint statement supporting Chief Spence and Idle No More
Photo: Arnell Tailfeathers / Idle No More Facebook page
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The Idle No More movement has inspired the majority in Canada who are opposed to the Harper government.
Hope on the horizon in 2013: On Harper, social media and #IdleNoMore
Solidarity rally in Port Alberni, B.C. (Photo:
Support for Chief Theresa Spence and Idle No More grows, Harper still refuses to meet
Photo: Sean Carleton
Decolonizing in the Empire State: A view of #IdleNoMore solidarity from abroad
Photo: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Idle No More actions taking place across Canada
Photo: Mike Roy
2012: A year of austerity and strife for workers
Ten inspiring actions from 2012 and tools for the year ahead
Ten activist success stories from 2012, and some tools to recreate them
A sign at a Vancouver Idle No More rally. (Photo: Tamara Herman)
Idle No More: On the meaning of Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike
This month on Indie Inside - Three Little Birds
Indie Inside - Three Little Birds
Photo: Occupy Canada
Wave of support for Idle No More grows across Canada and beyond
(Tim Groves, Media Coop)
Wave of support for Idle No More grows across Canada and beyond
Indigenous peoples from across Canada marched on Ottawa today.
Wave of support for Idle No More grows across Canada and beyond
One of the creative signs at yesterday's Idle No More march in London, Ontario.
Official Opposition urges Harper to meet with Theresa Spence, now in second week of hunger strike
Photo: John Bonnar
Injured workers falling deeper into poverty
Photo: m.gifford
Voter suppression trial concludes: Now it's up to the Judge
The women's memorial march earlier this year in Vancouver.
Gathering as Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry report is released
Idle No More. (Photo: Zack Embree)
National Union calls on Prime Minister to meet with First Nations Chief on hunger strike
Photo: Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace
Tolkien in the tar sands
Students in London, ON walkout in support of their teachers.  (Photo: Mike Roy)
Students across Ontario walk out against Bill 115
How many billions? Official release of new cost estimates on F-35s expected soon
F-35 fiasco: Harper needs to release the full KPMG report
Members of the Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation.
Idle No More: Non-Indigenous responsibility to act
Not Rex: Three sonnets for Rob Ford
Conservatives push ahead with bill targeting Canada's labour movement
Bill C-377 update: MPs debate newly amended union disclosure bill
National Day of Remembrance and Action
Breaking the silence and taking action on violence against women
NFB documentary looks at refugee experience
Film review: 'Last chance' looks at refugee claimants fleeing homophobia
Photo: Brandon L. / flickr
Conservative government counting on public indifference as it rams through Bill C-45
Photo: AraiyaBomazi/Flickr
Government's defeat of Bill C-398 is a betrayal
John Baird spoke on Thursday.
Canada's ruined reputation: no applause for John Baird at the UN
(Photo: percursodacultura / flickr)
UN implicitly recognizes Palestinian statehood, vote passes easily despite Canada's 'no' vote
Photo: Michael Hall
B.C. Federation of Labour forum discusses opposition to temporary foreign worker program
A protest earlier this month in Toronto against Jason Kenney.
'Bogus' claims and 'safe' countries: When will Jason Kenney drop the other shoe?
Solidarity actions today in opposition to the Pacific Trails Pipeline in B.C.
'We're stopping them ... There's no way around us': Wet'suwet'en evict Pacific Trails Pipeline
Close to 200 people rallied Tuesday in downtown Vancouver.
'We're stopping them ... There's no way around us': Wet'suwet'en evict Pacific Trails Pipeline
Irene Lanzinger is Secretary-Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour.
BC Fed convention starts Monday November 26, 2012
Rob Ford guilty of conflict of interest, ordered removed from office
Rob Ford as metaphor: The real culture of entitlement
Photo: Michael Holt
Indie Inside: Michael Holt
Photo: Overpass Light Brigade
Why are Wal-Mart workers standing up to live better?
Toronto protesters say enough is enough -- it's time for Rob Ford to go.
Protesters call for Toronto mayor to step down
After Sandy, Peter Kent may have felt the need to speak about the reality of climate change. (Photo: Chatham House / flickr)
Climate change is real, says Peter Kent, but don't expect us to get serious about it!
Protesters call for closing of U.S. training base at Fort Benning
Seeking peace through justice: An interview with Father Roy Bourgeois
Sunday's rally in Montreal included this banner: "Gaza, je me souviens."
The four main culprits in Israel's latest attack on Gaza
In the wake of tragic cases like the death of Amanda Todd, demands for action at the national level are growing.
Let's do it for the kids: Why Canada needs a national bullying prevention strategy
Protests, like this one in London in 2009, are taking place around the world.
Nous accusons: Mainstream media fails to report on atrocities against Gaza
A huge demonstration today in Trieste, Italy.
N14 anti-austerity protests in Europe: Millions co-ordinate strike action across borders
UFCW members and MP Olivia Chow at a Toronto protest for migrant justice.
Abuse and exploitation inherent to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker program
Wednesday is shaping up as a historic day in Europe.
November 14 'Megastrike': Millions of workers taking action across Europe
Haitian farmers, photo by Elizabeth Whelan, Partners In Health
Hurricane Sandy is another blow to Haiti
Remembrance Day ceremonies are taking place across the country today.
The misuse of November 11: How the Harper government exploits Remembrance Day
'Not Rex' explains Bill C-377
Not Rex: The Harper government's anti-labour Bill C-377 explained
Photo:  World Economic Forum / flickr
Ballistic steal: Armoured Harper in India
Obama and family take the stage in Chicago. (Photo: jntolva / flickr)
Attempts to delegitimize Obama's victory have already begun
Photo: Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla / flickr
Predictions for the U.S. election and progressive politics
A rally was held in Toronto Saturday in solidarity with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.
Activists support former Quebec student leader found guilty on contempt of court charges
Protest planned Sunday as Jason Kenney picks up an award in Toronto
Climate change silence and Jason Kenney's award: Signs of depressing state of our political discourse
Many battles left to fight: The state of media in Canada
Many battles left to fight: The state of media in Canada
Media Democracy Days take place this Friday and Saturday in Vancouver.
Media Democracy Days: Friday workshops (rabble hosts!)
Here's something really scary: Income inequality in Canada
The monster in the closet: Income inequality
Activists take their message to the office of B.C. Premier Christy Clark.
Video message: Say 'No' to Canada-China FIPPA
Large areas in New York City and New Jersey are flooded after Sandy hit.
Bill McKibben on Sandy and climate change: "This is a wake-up call"
PowerShift protest takes over the streets of Ottawa today. (Photo: Cameron Gray)
Toxic trick or treat march to end $1.4 billion in polluter handouts
Today's Powershift protest will demand an end to subsidies to Big Oil.
Toxic trick or treat march to end $1.4 billion in polluter handouts
Marching to stop oil spills and to #SinkHarper in Nanaimo
400 march against Harper agenda in Nanaimo
Jim and Eva Manly at Toronto's Pearson Airport.
Jim Manly returns to Canada, greeted by Council of Canadians
Political satire in Canada: Because sometimes it's better to laugh than to cry
The Satire Project: Why political humour is good for democracy
Photo: Zack Embree
Stop the pipelines: 'Defend Our Coast' actions spread across British Columbia
Understanding the secretive Canada-China investment agreement
The secretive Canada-China investment agreement explained at last
A robocalls demonstration earlier this year. (Photo: rachel_goodine / flickr)
The 'rumble in Ottawa': Main robocall fight is yet to come
Photo: Mike Hudema
'We're winning': Thousands gather at 'Defend Our Coast' action in Victoria
Photo: LeadNow
'We're winning': Thousands gather at 'Defend Our Coast' action in Victoria
Activists in Gaza were waiting to welcome the Estelle.
A message from former Canadian MP Jim Manly: 'Speak out against blockade of Gaza'
Report from the Venice Biennale in Architecture
Feeling good on Common Ground: The Venice Biennale in Architecture
Michèle Taïna Audette, President of the Native Women's Association of Canada. (P
Follow live Thursday: Women's Forum on the future of the women's movement
Photo: SkyTruth / flickr
Failing grades: The Canadian resource economy -- Part 1
(Photo:  Devon Shaw / flickr)
Follow live Thursday: Women's Forum on the future of the women's movement
Photo:  BC Gov Photos / flickr
Premier McGuinty resigns
Dave Coles, President of the CEP. (Photo: John Maclennan,
CEP and CAW new union project: The vote has passed. Now what?
Vigil in Pakistan. (Photo:
'The courage to say no to misogyny': Statement on the attack against 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai
Protest outside Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
Six Nations protests lack of school supplies, still waiting for answers from the federal government
2011 protest against removal of Jarvis bike lanes. (Photo: Metrix X / flickr)
Why ripping up bike lanes in Toronto will hurt students and cost lives
Photo: Tar Sands Blockade / flickr
'Tree-sit' direct action blocks Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Texas
Ed Broadbent: Inequality in Canada is the result of political choices
Ed Broadbent on inequality: What kind of Canada do we want for future generations?
Chavez supporters celebrate. (Photo:
Chavez re-elected with 54 per cent of vote: 'Venezuela will never return to neoliberalism'
Hundreds marched in Toronto on the weekend against an attack on Iran.
Photo essay: 'Don't attack Iran'
Velcrow Ripper and Nova Ami at VIFF. (Photo: Ethan Cox /
Occupy Love: The story of an idea whose time has come
Alberta cattle at auction. (Photo: bulliver / flickr)
Behind the tainted meat crisis: Regulation and public health