Dec 10
Another quarter, another multi-billion dollar profit margin for Canadian banks. But when will business media start asking the right questions?
Dec 9
In 2016, resolve to implement the TRC's recommendations into your life. Start here with reconciliation resolution #59.
Dec 8
Quebec public service unions have been in contract negotiations with the government for nearly a year.
Dec 7
December 6 marks the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Across Canada Shoe Memorials reflect the ongoing violence that still affects women.
Dec 4
Here is how we can avoid the trap and high hopes and low standards when it comes to our new government.
Dec 3
Emmay Mah and Daryn Caister talk more about COP and Paris, some challenges, some concerns (no marches!) but also some reasons to remain hopeful.
Dec 2
25,000 marched to say that climate solutions and climate justice are 100 per cent possible.
Dec 1
In 2016, implement the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations into your life.
Nov 30
Canada can't justify its reliance on the tar sands forever -- are our post-secondary institutions ready to make the shift?
Nov 27
The fossil fuel lobby has been able to insert themselves into the UN climate summit. But should they be allowed at the table if they're trying to burn it down?
Nov 26
Photo: flickr/ 4BlueEyes Pete Williamson
On November 29, show the Trudeau government that Canadians want real action on climate change.
Nov 25
At every possible level, The University of British Columbia has failed its students who reported sexual assaults.
Nov 24
How can we better build community between Muslims and non-Muslims? Here are 10 tools.
Nov 23
"The Syrian refugee resettlement has become the Great Canadian National Project. Everyone is involved…it's absolutely phenomenal."
Nov 20
Justin Trudeau's promise to repeal problematic elements of Bill C-51 is not enough for those opposed to this legislation.
Nov 19
We should be wary of the assault on our privacy in the wake of the Paris attacks.
Nov 18
Photo: flickr/ Bianca Dagheti
The fear of all Muslims is unnecessary and cruel. We are all mourning, we are all angry. And as long as we are all united, ISIS will never win.
Nov 17
The 2015 G20 leaders' summit has made welcome progress in tackling the refugee crisis and taken some tentative steps towards the widening gap between rich and poor.
Nov 16
Photo: flickr/ ResoluteSupportMedia
Canada's new national defense minister, Harjit Sajjan, was a high-level intelligence officer in Afghanistan. Did he know about Canada's complicity in torture?
Nov 13
Photo: Twitter/@jean_jullien
How does violence touch people differently? Naming patriarchy and white supremacy as the problems
Nov 13
Photo: flickr/ davidcwong888
Pam Palmater may just be the writer of her time. And, her new book proves that.
Nov 12
Now that the election is over, the hardest part begins. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau bring some unique challenges. But rabble is ready to meet them head-on.
Nov 11
Last year ceramic poppies representing each British and colonial military death in WWI were laid in the Tower of London’s moat. Thoughts on what remembrance is and on working for peace.
Nov 10
Photo: wikimedia commons
The First World War had no clear and compelling purpose other than rivalry between imperial powers. Support for the British Empire was Ottawa’s primary motive in joining the war.
Nov 9
Death used to be a regular feature of everyday life, but today in Canada, it's largely reserved for old age or unexpected events. How can ensure that well-being extends to the last chapters of life?
Nov 6
Photo provided by David Climenhaga
Alberta Premier rejects "immediate, massive, reckless cuts" proposed by the opposition and vows to stay the course on her government’s chosen role as economic shock absorber.
Nov 5
Photo: Wikimedia commons
Diversity in government is especially good if it can raise expectations and lead people to demand that government reflect society in other, more significant ways.
Nov 4
In the election campaign women's equality became a rhetorical tool. Now can we actually talk about inequality?
Nov 3
What's the Future? Join Avi Lewis, Pam Palmater, Amira Elghawaby, Kim Stanton, Eric Pineault, David Climenhaga and Libby Davies to plan some progressive next steps.
Nov 2
Photo: flickr/Andrew Bates
Surely anything but first-past-the-post is better right? Nope. We need proportional representation to truly have equal and fair voting.