Jan 31
Cholon after Tet Offensive operations, 1968. Photo:  United States Army Center of Military History/Wikipedia
There were assassinations, massacres, protests and a near-revolution in France -- 1968 was a year of drama and crisis. We still live with the consequences.
Jan 30
The president of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council wants union leaders to work for a solution to avoid damage to the movement
Jan 29
After the attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, candlelight vigils took place around the country, including this one in Edmonton. Photo: Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta
#RememberJan29 was created as a forum to support people in building a web of common experience, connecting the public to the moment of the attack and to each other.
Jan 26
When it comes to listing countries on the basis of the social services they provide to citizens compared to the subsidies they heap on corporations, Canada doesn’t fare well. Photo: Zhu
If the national income were more equitably allocated –- as it is in truly progressive countries –- much of the prevailing social distress in Canada could be alleviated.
Jan 25
 More details Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada, Jimmy Carter, Margaret Trudeau and Rosalynn Carter at State Visit arrival. Photo: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Pierre Trudeau had been in power for 10 years. Nigeria moved toward a (brief) return to democracy. And René Lévesque prepared the ground for 1980’s referendum on Quebec independence.
Jan 24
Picture taken from a Sûreté du Québec helicopter of Lac-Mégantic, the day of the derailment, July 6, 2013. Photo: Sûreté du Québec/Wikimedia Commons
The Quebec town’s citizens were not protected from unsafe transportation practices which remain in place today. They deserve justice.
Jan 23
Message of support in French and English to the muslim community on the front door of Centre islamique de Verdun (4538, rue de Verdun, Montréal), in the Verdun borough of Montreal on 20 February 2017, in the aftermath of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Image: Fredisonfire/flickr
If civil rights movements wait for the politicians, nothing will change.
Jan 22
Photo: Cathy Crowe
A perfect storm created the conditions for the chronic shortage of shelter beds in Toronto, which can no longer be ignored.
Jan 19
Photo: Bradley Weber
Old age need not be dreaded if it is the culmination of a well-spent life
Jan 18
The Mulroneys and the Reagans in Quebec in 1985,
Brian Mulroney is remembered for his unctuous manner and the whiff of corruption that surrounded him. In fact, his was a consequential government. Part 2 of 2.
Jan 17
November 1988 federal election rally in Calgary. With Mayor Ralph Klein, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Premier Don Getty, and former Prime Minister Joe Clark
Brian Mulroney is remembered for his unctuous manner and the whiff of corruption that surrounded him. In fact, his was a consequential government. Part 1 of 2.
Jan 16
Anti-war activists in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, invited for the rally in support of Iranian protesters, with a "US/NATO hands off Iran" banner, photographed here as pro-US interventionists block them with the monarchist flag of Iran discarded in 1979.  Photo: Roberto Morago
A statement to the progressive community in Canada that we weren’t able to read out at a Vancouver rally after being attacked
Jan 15
A coalition has formed to organize poor people in the United States into what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called 'a new and unsettling force' to fight poverty.
Jan 12
When more help is on the way, time to get engaged!
Jan 11
George Lessard virtually taking a picture of Tim Hortons in Yellowknife. Photos by George Lessard
George Lessard and Victoria Fenner talk about how residents of northern Canada survive on minimum wage (spoiler: Tim Hortons pays more than minimum wage in Yellowknife).
Jan 10
The Calgary skyline in 2016 (Photo: Kevin Cappis, Wikimedia Commons).
You can probably count on the nattering nabobs of neoliberal negativity at the UCP to come up with a new reason that is clearly the NDP's fault to explain why the sky is falling.
Jan 9
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kathleen Wynne has been defending workers' rights during the recent backlash against minimum wage increases. By contrast, Andrea Horwath's NDP have only meekly supported the issue.
Jan 8
Ten years ago we had a federal election, the great recession and a prorogation crisis. As well, Justin Trudeau won his first election.
Jan 5
Filmmaker and activist Bonnie Sherr Klein on the need for a Canadian Disability Act
Filmmaker and activist Bonnie Sherr Klein addressing fellow Order of Canada recipients from British Columbia about the need for a National Disability Act in Canada.
Jan 4
plate 26 of Jerusalem the Emanation of the Giant Albion by William Blake. Photo: Wikimedia
Creating an anthology of famous and not-so-famous poems on justice for humanity is thought provoking and inspiring
Jan 3
Photo: flickr/NCDOTcommunications
A look at the system that employs thousands of adults with intellectual disabilities and what comes next for them.
Jan 2
The Electronic Frontier Foundation and a coalition of Internet activists organized a rally at San Francisco City Hall in support of net neutrality. Photo: Dave Maass/flickr
2017 was a rollercoaster for internet advocates worldwide, filled with both exciting, hard-won victories and devastating decisions that will have ramifications as we come into the new year.
Dec 23
Cardinal in the maple tree. Photo: Julie Falk/flickr
What had rabble's attention this year? Here's a look at the best of the best from all our sections and more.
Dec 22
The PM vacationed at the expense of a person involved with a large NGO. Other NGOs should not be disadvantaged because they lack private islands to which to invite Justin Trudeau and family.
Dec 21
Photo courtesy of Gaetan Heroux
Hidden behind the doors of All Saints Church is the long history of the abandonment of Toronto’s poor by all three levels of government
Dec 20
B.C. premier John Horgan at the press conference announcing the government will complete Site C construction on Dec. 11, 2017. Photo: Government of British Columbia
There are times when you think the NDP has changed. But then you get a stark reminder that it hasn’t.
Dec 19
Photo: Klink/Twitter
Both potential employees and employers need to overcome misconceptions of others about returning to the workforce.
Dec 17
According to statistics, at this time of year many of us donate to charitable organizations. This list includes ideas to help build progressive change.
Dec 15
Canadian attitudes toward Indigenous peoples have only recently evolved. In the past, we believed, as one official told me, "the natives would not know how to flush toilets if they had them."
Dec 14
The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons identifies several areas for changes to the laws, policies, and practices of the Canadian penal system to improve life and work inside federal penitentiaries.
The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons identifies several areas for changes to the laws, policies, and practices of the Canadian penal system to improve life and work inside federal penitentiaries.