Sep 4
It’s Labour Day this week and the message is that unions are good for individuals, for communities and for society at large.
Sep 1
700 workers at Toronto Pearson International Airport have been on strike since July 27th. This little strike has larger ramifications for airport industrial relations and its 50,000 workers.
Aug 30
London police estimate that some 500 counter protesters turned out to protest a rally organized by white supremacists, Islamophobes and other hate groups who were vastly outnumbered.
Aug 29
This isn't really a struggle over monuments, it's a struggle over public space: does the public have a right to determine what is placed our public spaces?
Aug 28
There are strong historic and political reasons for Canadian aid to Palestinian refugees, despite what critics might say.
Aug 25
Stop Hate Vigil - Barrie Ontario. Photo: Edward Moll. Used with permission
Most of the coverage of demonstrations against white supremacy are from big cities. We hear from two small cities -- Barrie and London Ontario.
Aug 24
Tea lights. Photo: Pixabay
The Canadian labour movement lost a formidable champion of women's rights this month with the passing of Joan Gower Gillatt, the first woman president of what is now the BCGEU.
Aug 23
Photo: Exile on Ontario St/flickr
The mainstream media consensus is that anti-immigrant, white supremacist group La Meute was the true winner in Quebec City yesterday because a handful of people smashed glass and threw chairs.
Aug 22 and Olivia Chow of the Institute for Change Leaders are delighted to announce the inaugural launch of the Jack Layton Journalism for Change Fellowship.
Aug 21
Tom Bennett, who is the keynote at this week's Leadership Conference for educators, has connections to very troubling claims about links between student performance, race, and the heritability of IQ.
Aug 18
Prime Minister Trudeau attends National Aboriginal Day Sunrise Ceremony. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Want to get a few billion dollars from Justin Trudeau? All you need is to be a white-settler-dominated provincial government, with a haphazard plan to build an energy mega-project.
Aug 17
Protest against fascism. Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr
The roots of the labour movement are anti-fascist. How do we get the labour movement to take up the fight today?
Aug 16
People hold banner titled "reconciliation" Photo: michael_swan/flickr
Canadian companies have a long way to go to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, a recent report argues.
Aug 15
Demonstrators at London's anti-Trump rally. Image: Flickr/Alisdare Hickson
Many of us are devastated by the news from Charlottesville. The Activist Toolkit has been pulling together tools to help send support.
Aug 14
In condemning the violence that occurred in Virginia this weekend, Trump failed to point out the instigators of that violence - white nationalists and Neo-Nazis.
Aug 11
Newspapers on a desk at a hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Photo: Tony Webster/flickr
Chronicle Herald workers who were on strike for 19 months have mixed feelings from workers about the eight-year deal that passed with 94 per cent approval from the Halifax Typographical Union.
Aug 11
Women’s Memorial March - Vancouver. Photo: Jen Castro/flickr
Since its launch, the inquiry has been criticized for its numerous and lengthy delays, its failures to communicate with the families and its continued failure to provide information.
Aug 10
Image: Flickr/joeandsarah
In the last three years, homelessness has increased not only in downtown Vancouver but also in its outlying suburbs. So far there has been little response from local politicians.
Aug 9
Left to right: Niki Ashton, Charlie Agnus, Guy Caron, Jagmeet Singh
There is a giant, Quebec-sized hole in the NDP leadership debate. The four candidates have said nearly nothing about Quebec, either in their platforms or during the debates.
Aug 8
ACORN CANADA image from 4th National Convention, used with permission
Wade Rathke of ACORN International and Judy Duncan of Canada speak about about the global campaigns ACORN International is now building.
Aug 7
Desmond Cole sits at Toronto Police Services Board table. Used courtesy of @pangmeli on Twitter.
Together with Black Lives Matter Toronto and others in the Black community, Desmond Cole is now one of the strongest voices on the issue of anti-Black racism in Canada. They deserve support.
Aug 4
Baggage handler under airplane. Photo: Alexander Else/flickr
An ongoing strike at Toronto's Pearson International Airport has revealed the harsh working conditions of the airport's baggage handlers and grounds crew.
Aug 3
 Image:  Heather Majaury and Myrriah Gomez-Majaury. Photo by Victoria Fenner
The issue of identity can be difficult for people of mixed Indigenous and settler heritage. With Braden Alexander, Heather Majaury, Myrriah Gomez-Majaury about integrating those two solitudes.
Aug 2
Back of Westjet flight attendant. Creative Commons licensed photo: Cara Grimshaw Photography/flickr
WestJet employees are working in crowded environments -- and not just airplanes. Several campaigns are underway to organize workers, including customer service representatives and flight attendants.
Aug 1
Syrian refugees protest at the platform of Budapest Keleti railway station. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Mstyslav Chernov​
Last week, Advocate General Yves Bot dismissed the claims of Hungary and Slovakia against the EU refugee relocation scheme.
Jul 31
Despite decades of research showing homelessness is bad for your health, the gap between research and action has only widened.
Jul 28
Photo of Judy Rebick from files
Not enough people know that rabble was one of the first independent journalism sites in the world. You can help rabble take it to the next level in amplifying the voices of social movements.
Jul 28
Video still from film "Two Scoops" by Jackie Traverse
VUCAVU is the brainchild of independent video and film distributors from across Canada, concerned by the tidal wave of digitization that has pushed lesser-known artists to the edges of distribution.
Jul 27
Activists at counter march, pro-choice rally in 2014. Photo: Zhu/flickr
On April 25, 2012, a small grassroots group of (mostly) young women donned outfits inspired by Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, and went to Parliament Hill for a little "cosplay."
Jul 26
Singh at 2017 Pride Parade in Toronto. Photo: ideas_dept/flickr
Jagmeet Singh entered the NDP leadership race months after the four other candidates, yet there is polling and anecdotal evidence that he already has higher, and more positive, name recognition.