Jul 6
G20 Oxfam photo demo. Photo: Mike Auerbach/Oxfam
This is a time for seriousness and substantial answers to huge problems. Can the G20 come up with any of them?
Jul 6
Centennial College - HP Campus. Photo: JasonParis/flickr
The summer months are providing little reprieve for staff and representatives at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) who work with college instructors.
Jul 5
Charlie Angus Got Your Back Tour 2017. Image: Facebook/Charlie Angus
Charlie Angus is perhaps best known as a passionate and articulate advocate in Parliament for Indigenous people. He wants to create a discourse that will cross the many lines of division in Canada.
Jul 4
BC NDP Leader John Horgan makes a stop at George Chow's campaign office. Photo: BC NDP/flickr
John Horgan wants to improve the quality of life in B.C. -- and many of the obstacles the incoming B.C. government faces originate in Ottawa.
Jun 30
Dixon Terbasket at the first billboard raising on IR #2 (Lower Similkameen Indian Band) Photo credit: Zeus Helios
An Okanagan-Syilx-led collaborative awareness project called Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth bringing awareness to the work that Canada 150 does to erase and occlude current and historical injustices.
Jun 30
Image: Anti-Canada 150 Poster Pack
As a white settler enjoying life on stolen land and broken promises, I'm unable to join in this celebration. We must work towards meaningful reconciliation with the true founding nations of this land.
Jun 29
Image: Flickr/Sally T. Buck
The world is changed when we all work together. But how do we do that? A look at ways to organize people at the national, provincial and local levels.
Jun 29
"For rent" sign. Photo: Kurt Bauschardt/flickr
The Rental Fairness Act makes some key amendments to the rental law in Ontario. Here's what they mean for affordable housing in the province.
Jun 28
Photo by N Maxwell Lander via Vivek Shraya/Arsenal Pulp Press
Artist and writer Vivek Shraya is partnering with Arsenal Pulp Press to offer a deep mentorship and publication to a writer of Indigenous background or a person of colour who is living in Canada.
Jun 27
Image: Flickr/Ted Eytan​
GREDA and the Activist Toolkit provide a list of active far-right groups in Quebec.
Jun 26
NDP leadership candidates reinforced their commitment to workers and the labour movement at a debate hosted by the United Steelworkers in Toronto on Thursday night.
Jun 23
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Is the Trudeau government merely Harper-lite or is it a beacon of democratic, humanistic internationalism? Based on its record this past year, and at the mid point in its mandate, it is neither.
Jun 22
Image: Mathieu Côté/Wikimedia Commons
Unions need to promote equality for Indigenous people inside and outside of the workforce, but they can't force employers to change how they think and what they do.
Jun 21
'Unsettling Canada' book cover
As Canada Day approaches, the babble book lounge invites you to dialogue about a book which takes a hard look at the relationship between settlers and Indigenous people throughout Canadian history.
Jun 21
Photo: Jim Fischer/flickr
In mid-May the federal government began to release the long-awaited results of the 2016 Agriculture Census. While lots of the detail has yet to be revealed, there is enough to see the big picture.
Jun 20
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
With Parliament looking to summer recess, it is a good time to reflect on what went wrong, and what to like.
Jun 19
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
A year ago, the Trudeau Liberals were still new to power, and yet they seemed to be slipping into the arrogant habits for which they had fervently criticized their Conservative predecessors.
Jun 19
The strike weapon is too important to be used exclusively by unions. Communities need to organize -- and strike everywhere.
Jun 16
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
The federal government's recently announced national child-care framework is a far cry from the kind of universal child care that PSAC, and many other unions, want the government to establish.
Jun 15
Image: Flickr/aa440
Manitoba's labour leaders are pushing back against new legislation they say drastically reduces workers' rights and puts Manitobans' health care at risk.
Jun 14
Image: Wikimedia Commons
The organizers of the Migrant Worker Summer festival speak to the need for mobile clinics and culturally sensitive care for seasonal workers.
Jun 13
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Ministers are trying to shore up support for the Trudeau government at home, not plot a new direction for Canada abroad.
Jun 12
Heryka Miranda speaks with two migrant farm workers about mental health and labour.
Jun 9
Photo: Andy Miah/flickr
Pre-election polls had shown a significant increase in Labour support, but very few had them at the 40 per cent of the popular vote they got on Thursday.
Jun 8
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
In an age when control over energy shapes global politics and the fate of the world, why wouldn't Canadians be happy to leave our energy in the hands of Trump's Washington and Big Oil?
Jun 8
Image via "A Better Man"
"A Better Man" opens with Attiya meeting Steve for coffee 22 years after she literally ran for her life and never looked back.
Jun 7
Photo credit: Manon Parrot
Bill C-27 establishes a framework for target benefit pensions in the federal private sector and Crown corporations. Why are the Liberals resurrecting the Conservatives' pension plan agenda?
Jun 6
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
The government of Quebec wants to put change on the Canadian agenda. Their desire to partner with Indigenous peoples in creating a new agenda for debate should be welcomed.
Jun 4
The recent Write editorial and ensuing debate on cultural appropriation shows how much work there is left to do.
Jun 2
Photo: Maya Bhullar
rabble radio brings you some of the ideas and voices we heard on the convention floor. And, we introduce you to our new labour reporter.