Jun 6
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
The government of Quebec wants to put change on the Canadian agenda. Their desire to partner with Indigenous peoples in creating a new agenda for debate should be welcomed.
Jun 4
The recent Write editorial and ensuing debate on cultural appropriation shows how much work there is left to do.
Jun 2
Photo: Maya Bhullar
rabble radio brings you some of the ideas and voices we heard on the convention floor. And, we introduce you to our new labour reporter.
Jun 1
Photo: thejuniorpartner/flickr
There are a number of concerns that come along with a renegotiation of NAFTA. Canadians enjoy stronger digital rights protections than their U.S. counterparts -- policies that could be placed at risk.
May 31
Images: Fronteiras do Pensamento; Velcrow Ripper/flickr
At the fifth Tommy Douglas Institute, environmental justice activists Vandana Shiva and Clayton Thomas-Müller ask: Unless we stand up for the planet we stand on, how can we stand for anything else?
May 30
Image: BC NDP/flickr
The deal between John Horgan and Andrew Weaver does not absolutely assure that the NDP will get to form a minority government. If it does work out, the rest of the country will be watching closely.
May 28
Photo: British High Commission, Ottawa/flickr
The Conservatives chose Andrew Scheer as a compromise, supposedly inoffensive candidate, as they did Joe Clark in 1976. But Scheer would mean a return to Harper policies Canadians rejected in 2015.
May 27
Screenshot from 2017 Conservative leadership debate in Toronto/CPAC
It will be a big weekend in Canadian federal politics. The Conservatives will get a new leader, while the NDP leadership candidates will debate each other in Sudbury.
May 26
Photos: Matt Jiggins/flickr; BGM Riding Association/Wikimedia Commons
As they choose a new leader, NDP members will decide what they want their party to be. The two candidates who stand in greatest contrast are Manitoba MP Niki Ashton and newcomer Jagmeet Singh.
May 25
Image: Paul Ford/flickr
Workers in reality TV often work in unsafe and unhealthy environments, contributing to professional and personal drama that can rival the action on the shows they create. And, for now, it's legal.
May 24
Image: The White House/flickr
The "peace" deal which Trump maybe able to shove down the Middle East countries throats will not bring any peace because the stake holders have no one at the table advocating for them.
May 23
Photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs/flickr
U.S. President Donald Trump took off last Friday for a nine-day trip abroad that did not begin with (or include) a stop in Canada. The Trudeau government cannot be too disappointed.
May 21
The National Newspaper Awards have a diversity problem, and it's worse than you think.
May 19
Stephen Gowans book cover
With his just-released book, Washington's Long War on Syria, Stephen Gowans blows away the twisted layers of disinformation and war propaganda around Syria, and exposes a great 21st-century tragedy.
May 18
Photo: United Church/flickr
Indigenous child advocate Cindy Blackstock was awarded the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) award for Outstanding Service to Humanity at the congress's 2017 national convention in Toronto last week.
May 17
Photo: Matthew Behrens
According to recently released Access to Information documents, during the spring of 2008, Matthew Behrens became -- and not for the first time -- the subject of an RCMP terrorism investigation.
May 16
Photo: BGM Riding Association/Wikimedia Commons
Jagmeet Singh has joined the NDP leadership race and his long-anticipated candidacy creates a new dynamic in a contest that runs until the fall.
May 14
The government of Canada should make clear its support for constitutional government, electoral democracy, and the rule of law in Venezuela.
May 12
Photo: OFL Communications Department/flickr
On May 11, 2017 activists and delegates of the Canadian Labour Congress gathered at the most hallowed ground of Canada's financial elites, for a street party, and to deliver a message.
May 11
Image: premierofalberta/flickr
Success on the pipeline file is apparently essential to political success in Alberta -- never mind the world market for petroleum.
May 10
Striking Palestinian prisoners are demanding respect for their basic human rights.
May 9
Image: Flickr/bcnewdemocrats
Today B.C. will decide if we want four more years of corruption or a much needed change in government -- please have your voice heard and VOTE.
May 7
What will the BC election on May 9 bring? An increase on the 55% of eligible voters who cast ballots last time? An NDP government? A Green surge?
May 5
Photos: Alexander Pope/flickr, BC Gov Photos/flickr
Is the Green Party in a tacit alliance with the Liberal Party of Christy Clark in B.C.'s election? A lot of people in B.C. think so.
May 4
Image: Mayworks Festival
A standout in this year's Mayworks Festival is the workshop Writing while Black which focuses on zine-making as a social justice and political tool used by folks of colour.
May 3
After years of obfuscation, the RCMP have admitted they are using invasive surveillance devices known as IMSI-catchers or Stingrays to spy on Canadians' cellphones.
May 2
Photo: World Bank Photo Collection/flickr
Tom Pitfield, a childhood friend of Trudeau's and a former IBM innovation expert, went through a top 10 Buzzfeed-like list of What He Learned from the Election Campaign.
May 1
Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
To celebrate May Day, rabble is focusing on the accomplishments of women in the workplace. We spoke with outgoing CLC secretary-treasurer Barbara Byers about her work as a labour activist.
Apr 30
A still from the short film Sunflower Man
The annual Mayworks festival in Toronto features art on the topic of migrant activism.
Apr 28
Image: Joseph King/flickr
Canadian workers' deaths and injuries more numerous per capita than in most other developed nations.