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Against the current: 12 blogs that fought back in 2015
Read the best rabble columns of 2015
2015's best in rabble columns
The big 15 news stories of 2015 that will really make you think
The year that was: 15 stories from 2015
A Canadian labour movement year in review
The Twelve Days of Strike! Highlights from workers' struggles in 2015
Resolution 2016: Help new Canadians understand their role in reconciliation
Here's how you can help new Canadians understand their role in reconciliation
How to end food waste through taxation
The feasting season and a new idea for ending food waste through taxation
Shawnigan Lake residents appeal to government over dumping of contaminated soil
Protests continue in Shawnigan Lake over dumping of contaminated soil
Morneau and Trudeau bring in promised tax rate cut
Trudeau cuts taxes for six-figure members of the 'middle class'
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The day of the TRC Final Report: On being in this world without wanting it
Strike looms for Nova Scotia teachers
Nova Scotia teachers brace for government reprisals as strike looms
Labour action in Quebec sees over 400,000 workers on strike
Over 400,000 went on strike Dec. 9 in historic labour action in Quebec
Canada's Big Banks rake in record-breaking profits
Canadian banks continue to forecast gloom while raking in record-breaking profits
Help your church educate about its role in residential schools
Here's how you can help your church educate about its role in residential schools
Photo: flickr/Confédération des syndicats nationaux
Quebec public sector unions plan strike for Dec. 9, government barely budging
Shoe Memorials across Canada serve as reminder of women affected by violence
Annual Shoe Memorial remembers victims of violence against women
Is Canada really back? Trudeau thinks so.
Trudeaumania 2.0: Avoiding the trap of high hopes and low standards
Canada goes to Paris!
Green Majority Radio: Canada goes to Paris
Photo: Jesse Mclaren
Photo essay: 25,000 march for climate justice in Ottawa
Resolve to help eliminate the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth in custody
Here's how you can help eliminate the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth in custody
Are Canada's post-secondary institutions ready to divest?
The push for divestment in Canadian universities
The threat of the fossil fuel lobby at COP21
Fossil fuel lobby seen as main threat to meaningful progress at Paris climate talks
Photo: flickr/ 4BlueEyes Pete Williamson
Canada needs real action for climate justice
At every level, UBC failed students who reported sexual assault
UBC failed its students who reported sexual assault at every level
How to build community between Muslims and non-Muslims
Ten ways to build community between Muslims and non-Muslims
Preparations to welome Syrian refugees underway in Canada
Across Canada, preparations are underway to welcome Syrian refugees
Bill C-51 has to be completely repealed, say advocacy groups
Advocacy groups ramp up campaign to repeal Bill C-51
Get ready for the assault on our privacy
After Paris, now comes the assault on privacy
Photo: flickr/ Bianca Dagheti
How not to treat Muslims after the Paris attacks
Will action follow G20 promises in Antalya?
Report from Antalya: Will action follow G20 promises?
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A question on torture for Canada's new defence minister
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'Indigenous Nationhood' speaks a truth that Canada needs to hear
Photo: Twitter/@jean_jullien
Paris attacks: Unimaginable horror but imaginable violence
Karl Nerenberg is your watchdog over Trudeau's Liberal promises
To remember is to work for peace
Photo: wikimedia commons
Remembrance Day should also confront Canada's colonial past
Examining our ideas about living and dying
Being Mortal: Examining our ideas about living and dying
Photo provided by David Climenhaga
Rachel Notley sticks to her fiscal guns at 'state of the province speech'
Photo: Wikimedia commons
Trudeau's cabinet has diversity, but conservative white men will keep the purse strings
Now that the election is over, can we please talk about gender inequality?
The election is over. Now can we really talk about gender inequality?
What's the future for progressive movements in Canada? Find out here.
WTF: What’s the future for progressive strategy under Trudeau? A rabble video debate
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'Anything but first-past-the-post' is not the answer to Canada's electoral problem
Photo: flickr/ Paul Gorbould
Ten promises Justin Trudeau's Liberals could deliver in their first 100 days
Photo: flickr/ Robert Fairchild
Alberta Budget 2015: You'd almost think Rachel Notley's NDP has concluded its job is to govern this province!
The dark side of the 2015 federal election
'Trust me, I'm lying': The dark side of election 2015
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Finally: A decisive end to the Harper era
How the Liberals outflanked the NDP
Tax the rich: How the Liberals outflanked the NDP
Photo: flickr/ anne campagne
The NDP: Minting a new political currency
Let's remember to continue the fight for rights post-election
Continue the fight for civil, political and environmental rights
What can science centres teach us?
Science centres kindle passion for the natural world
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Surprised by Quebec: Election SoundUp wrap-up
Photo: flickr/ Renegade98
Anti-Harper sentiment delivers Liberal majority government, sends NDP to third
Go vote! Then join the Election Day discussion right here on babble
Go vote, then join the discussion here: Election watch 2015!
Saskatchewan's Regina-Lewvan riding a battleground for labour
Votes count here: New riding Regina-Lewvan a crucial battle for labour
Will the Liberals' increase to student aid fix the student debt crisis?
Fact check: The Liberals' band-aid fix for student aid will help some students, not all
Will Canadian lose more than gain under the TPP?
Fact check: Canadians likely to lose more than they gain under TPP
Be sure to check your ballots! Dirty ballots reported in three ridings
Dirty ballots reported in three ridings at advance polls
Votes count here: Winnipeg's Elmwood-Transcona an NDP vs. CPC battleground
Votes count here: In Winnipeg's Elmwood-Transcona it's NDP vs. CPC
Will the TPP give Big Pharma control over Canada's health system?
Fact check: The TPP puts Big Pharma in the driver's seat of Canada's health system
Fact check: Is the TPP good for the auto sector? (No.)
Fact check: If the TPP is good for the auto sector, why is Harper promising $1B to save it?
Can Justin Trudeau really be trusted with Canada's economic decisions?
Conrad Black to Bay Street: Justin can be trusted
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Indian and Cowboy lays the foundation for an Indigenous media revolution
Election 2015: Looking ahead to E-Day
rabble radio 169: Looking ahead to E-Day
It's debate time! Follow the TVA debate tonight on rabble.
Follow the TVA French-language debate right here on rabble
Election question? rabble president Duncan Cameron has the answer
Town hall with rabble president Duncan Cameron LIVE at 8pm EST
Fact-checking the many, many claims in the Munk debate
Fact check: Teasing out the bunk and the junk from the Munk debate
NDP prove to be most fiscally responsible of any federal party
The NDP, by far, have the most fiscally responsible record of any federal party
Why aren't we talking about Big Oil this election?
Waiting for the elephant to be mentioned in the 2015 election
Tonight, follow the Munk debate on foreign policy on rabble
Follow the Munk debate on Canada's foreign policy right here on rabble
'Never Home' illustrates years of horrendous immigration policy in Canada
Push to welcome refugees to Canada intensifies with month-long call to action
Leaders battle it out in Quebec. What is at stake?
Eye on Quebec: Leaders' debate in French on Thursday in Montreal
Fact-checking the Liberal attacks on NDP child-care plan
Fact check: Liberal attacks against NDP child-care plan more rhetoric than truth
Fact-checking the Bloc's statement on the NDP pipeline position
Fact check: Untangling the NDP and Bloc's pipeline wrangling in Quebec
Unearthing the refugee crisis created by Canadian mining in Eritrea
Eritrean refugee crisis continues to escalate due to Canadian mining
Watch LIVE today: Young, Canadian and Muslim - Making Our Ballots Count!
Watch LIVE September 18: Young, Canadian and Muslim - Making Our Ballots Count!
Is it too much to hope that the leaders might link other vital concerns to the economy?
Will Trudeau again choose to target Mulcair rather than Harper?
Is the federal surplus really a 'triumph of good fiscal management'
Digging deeper into the federal 'surplus'
Leap Manifesto calls for radical change in Canada's extractive economy
Leap Manifesto calls for radical changes to Canada's extractive economy
Is Harper's warning of refugee security threats just cynical fearmongering?
Fact check: Harper's warning of refugee security threats is cynical fearmongering
Access to education needs to be a priority across Canada
Rising tuition fees across Canada highlights need for Newfoundland-style grants program
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Fact-checking Harper's 'savings' plan for post-secondary education
Fact check: How likely is it that Elizabeth May will get to work with a new government?
Fact check: Can the NDP and Liberals meet Elizabeth May's requirements for co-operation?
Harper thinks his environmental record is good. He's wrong.
Fact-checking Stephen Harper's environmental record
Minimizing the Conservative electoral fraud scandal
Suppressing our knowledge of voter suppression
Photo: Fatin Chowdhury
'Refugees Welcome' rallies shine light on Canada's exclusionary immigration policies
Labour Day 2015: Canada's unions fight back
This year in labour: Canada's unions keep up the fight
Photo: flickr/ Siebuhr
Why so few federal election debates on women's issues?
Photo: video still
Watch then act: 'Refugees Welcome' actions spread across Canada says: 'Get out and vote!'
rabble radio episode 168: Get out and vote!
Chris Alexander Speaking  Photo: Flickr/Alex Guibord creative commons
Fact-checking the refugee crisis: Chris Alexander calls Canada 'model of humanitarian action'
Will your candidate spend $2.04 per person per week to solve the housing crisis?
Is your candidate willing to spend $2.04 per person per week to solve the housing crisis?
Photo: Flickr/Andrew Steele Creative Commons
Faith groups have lots of questions for candidates this election
Photo: flicke/ Howl Arts Collective
Grassy Narrows declares a state of emergency over poor water quality
Photo: flickr/ @sage_solar
Fact-checking the Conservatives' rural broadband strategy
There are more environmental issues than just pipelines this election
Pipelines are not the only environmental issue in the 2015 election
Photo: Flickr/Marc Falardeau
Activists meeting, learning, and recharging in rural Nova Scotia
Photo: Flickr/Wolfram Burner
Rape is no joke: Federal language program comes up short in sexual assault policy
Photo:   Flickr/alex proimo
The ugly reality of Canadian aid to Haiti
Canadian families need a national child-care plan this election
Quality child care shouldn't be just a matter of luck
Join the call for a national housing strategy
Join our call for a national housing strategy
It's time to commit to changing Canada with
Commit to Commit to changing Canada. #WIN2015