Nov 30
Image: Facebook/Broadbent Institute
The former Obama White House adviser and CNN political pundit visited Toronto last week and gave Canada some advice on responding to a Trump White House.
Nov 29
Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr
Even as president-elect Donald Trump appoints his climate change-denying senior advisers, scientists report that runaway climate change is already happening.
Nov 28
Fidel Castro
A warm Canadian farewell to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by PM Stephen Harper passed unremarked; PM Justin Trudeau's farewell to Fidel Castro sparks outrage. Explain.
Nov 25
Photo: Janet Cooper
For documenting Indigenous activists' occupation of Muskrat Falls, independent journalist Justin Brake faces a court date with uncertain outcomes.
Nov 24
Photo: Chris Donovan
A generation of climate change student activists find they must navigate an increasingly corporate governance structure that relies on managerial buzzwords, stonewalling and secrecy.
Nov 23
A gorgeous, moving photo essay documents the landmark raising of a monument to the Indigenous women lost and murdered in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside -- and their incredible resilience.
Nov 22
Image: UN Women/Niels den Hollander
During the 16 days of activism wear orange to show your solidarity and commitment to eliminating violence against women in Canada and around the world.
Nov 21
Image: Flickr/Canada 2020
As the deadline approaches for the House of Commons electoral reform committee to make its report(s), the pressure grows on Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to tell Canadians where they stand.
Nov 18
Photo: Melissa A. Forcione
The rally in Toronto was a key opportunity to raise awareness and bring into conversation interrelated issues that warrant attention from the public and from the Canadian government.
Nov 17
Image: Ira Aldridge/Wikimedia Commons
Even after cancelling the production, to defend its choice the directors referenced theatre's history of blackface and a 2011 Berlin production that starred a white, female Othello in a gorilla suit.
Nov 16
The Anti-terrorism Act (2015) has been routinely called out by activists, journalists, and legal scholars for empowering Canadian government with the ability to violate charter rights.
Nov 15
Flickr/Robert J. Galbraith
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's approach to mental health is completely individualist, over-simplistic and useless for most of us who struggle with anxiety, depression and trauma. It's also not new.
Nov 14
Photo: Marco Verch/flickr
While clearly not as grim as the U.S., features in Canadian politics and society mimic those that led to the election result in the U.S.
Nov 11
Image: Twitter/@jordansdiamonds
A first draft.
Nov 10
Police should not spy on journalists. But they should not spy on anyone, either.
Nov 9
Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr
The outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election is a major disappointment to the many people around the world looking forward to celebrating a woman elected U.S. president.
Nov 8
Toronto during the 2010 G20 Summit
It is clear that our national security apparatus equates political opposition to resource extraction and settler-colonial expansion with extremist views that threaten public safety and security.
Nov 7
Zaatari refugee camp. Flickr/Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Stephanie Rickard-Chadda talks about her community's experience with privately sponsoring a Syrian refugee family and supporting another government-sponsored family.
Nov 4
Image: Flickr/dvs
A new report reveals that out of over 4,000 students surveyed from five universities across Canada, a surprising 39 per cent are food insecure.
Nov 3
Image: Flickr/Kat Northern Lights Man
This may be a case of "anti-Islamophobia motion meets Islamophobic media."
Nov 2
Image: CPAC
Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered his Fall Economic Statement on Tuesday with some new commitments to private investment in public infrastructure.
Nov 1
TD, Scotiabank and RBC are providing hundreds of millions in financing both directly and indirectly to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Enbridge also owns a 28 per cent stake in the project.
Oct 31
Photo: SriMesh/Wikimedia Commons
At a time when more and more attention is being paid to off-shore tax havens and the billions we lose to them, Canada needs to make an example of this irresponsible corporate "citizen."
Oct 28
Photo: Courtesy Planet in Focus
Phillip Morgan sits down with renowned scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki to discuss some of the challenges plaguing environmentalism in Canada today.
Oct 27
Photo by Ossie Michelin
Protesters at Muskrat Falls are demanding that Nalcor Energy clear away vegetation and the surface soil layer from the area to be flooded in order to reduce poisoning by methyl mercury.
Oct 26
Images: Flickr/GLOBAL 2000
CETA between Canada and the EU is on life support. Media wrongly call the resisting Belgian region tiny, while everybody has forgotten the Roma, whom Canada has massively deported.
Oct 25
Image: Ello/@MrKeating
Minister Ralph Goodale has shown no sign of turning his promised reforms into action -- leading detainees to the third hunger strike this year and second in less than four months.
Oct 24
While the PM has not said he is ditching his electoral reform promise, he has taken a big step back from it. But is the voting system a matter about which the public is blissfully indifferent?
Oct 21
Photo of Amy Goodman by Aditya Ganapathiraju/flickr
Attempts to criminalize nonviolent land and water defenders, humiliate them and arrest journalists should not pave the way for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.
Oct 20
29th Annual Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for
Bill C-237 would offer financial incentives to ensure gender parity during elections. Unfortunately, it will be voted down by the Liberal government.