Mar 24
While the transit credit did not curb car use, it did help blur the sharp line between merely surviving in the city and thriving.
Mar 24
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Despite the charming style of Prime Minister Trudeau and the apparent kindness of his Cabinet ministers, Russ Diabo advises First Nations to look for substantive changes in federal policy and law.
Mar 23
The federal government, says David Macdonald, "took the 2016 budget out and put a new cover on it... Now you have the 2017 budget. They’ve gift wrapped last year’s budget."
Mar 22
Photo: CPAWS, hunter from Fort McPherson on Peel River (public domain)
Yukon First Nations took the territorial government to court over its betrayal of a commitment to protect the Peel watershed. The case will establish a precedent for many other Indigenous groups.
Mar 21
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
The current federal budget process is a textbook example of the propaganda model. On budget day, a nonsense detector comes in handy. Here is Duncan Cameron's.
Mar 19
Kenney's victory as Alberta PC leader marks a new era of social conservatism for the provincial party.
Mar 19
A lot was on the table at the party's first leadership debate a week ago. Canada's involvement in international affairs wasn't.
Mar 17
Image - M.Rais on Wikimedia
Political change has gripped Tunisia more than once and a new book by Monia Mazigh tells the tale of a mother and daughter affected by revolutions old and new.
Mar 16
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
The Liberal government of Christy Clark is not so much a government as it is an anti-government: contemptuous of both the public good and of the citizens it is supposed to be governing for.
Mar 14
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos
The B.C. Liberals are under scrutiny for accepting significant donations from lobbyists, including those connected to the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline project, sparking an RCMP investigation.
Mar 14
Image: Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance
The "Beyond 150 Years" film festivals asks: what exactly is Canada 150 celebrating and who is invited to the party?
Mar 13
Photos: Karl Nerenberg
While the 14 Conservative leadership candidates squabble and attack each other, the four NDP aspirants agree on most issues.
Mar 10
Stand up. Fight back.
Mar 9
Donald Trump is doing damage, daily, to pillars of progressive achievement. But the resistance is growing, offering hope in a time of darkness.
Mar 8
Given all the attention to International Women's Day this year, Judy Rebick is sharing a chapter of her book Ten Thousand Roses on how IWD came to be celebrated in Canada.
Mar 8
If the Liberal government is serious about combating Islamophobia, they should award long-denied justice to those in Canada's Muslim communities whose freedoms were sacrificed for the "war on terror."
Mar 7
Democratic socialist economist Kenneth Arrow passed away recently. His ideas could set the path for a popular alternative that doesn't include Donald Trump.
Mar 5
Former deputy NDP leader Libby Davies share some thoughts on the party's leadership race.
Mar 3
Image: Flickr/kris krüg
Though a number of cities across Canada are adopting "Sanctuary City" declarations, deportations persist and basic public services are still not being provided.
Mar 2
Image: Facebook/Peter Julian
The first-to-declare NDP leadership candidate tells rabble that the party lost touch with the grass roots last time. If he is chosen leader, Julian pledges that will not happen again.
Mar 1
Image: Jonathan Malboeuf/Flickr
Interviews with Jaggi Singh and Nigel Bariffe take a deeper look at the effectiveness of Sanctuary City motions and how they can be fixed.
Feb 28
Across B.C.'s interior, First Nations communities are deciding whether or not they will support Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project through mutual benefits agreements.
Feb 26
As asylum seekers from Somalia and elsewhere cross the Manitoba and Quebec borders this winter, their fates are dictated by U.S. and Canadian policy alike.
Feb 24
PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
The Trudeau government suffers from an acute case of cognitive dissonance, either failing to see (or cynically not caring about) the yawning gap between its lofty rhetoric and its actual policies.
Feb 23
Image: Twitter/realDonaldTrump
Canada and the U.S. have an agreement which states both countries are safe for refugees. If that was once true, it is not today. But Canada fears economic retaliation if it called a spade a spade
Feb 22
Mainstream feminism espouses to speak for and on behalf of all women, but essentially speaks for and on behalf of white, middle-class, cis-gendered and able-bodied women.
Feb 21
The hard-right turn in Canadian public life has been orchestrated by corporations that have had more success influencing politics than in doing business.
Feb 19
Philip Dwight Morgan interviews Indigenous writer and activist Nickita Longman.
Feb 17
Trudeau has continued Harper's blanket support for Israel in recent UN votes and in the process left Canada isolated from almost all other nations.
Feb 16
Image: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter
The Liberal government is in the process of passing an extraordinary piece of legislation, C-23, which effectively cedes Canadian sovereignty to U.S. border officials.