Ed Broadbent: Inequality in Canada is the result of political choices
Ed Broadbent on inequality: What kind of Canada do we want for future generations?
Chavez supporters celebrate. (Photo: Venezuelanalysis.com)
Chavez re-elected with 54 per cent of vote: 'Venezuela will never return to neoliberalism'
Hundreds marched in Toronto on the weekend against an attack on Iran.
Photo essay: 'Don't attack Iran'
Velcrow Ripper and Nova Ami at VIFF. (Photo: Ethan Cox / rabble.ca)
Occupy Love: The story of an idea whose time has come
Alberta cattle at auction. (Photo: bulliver / flickr)
Behind the tainted meat crisis: Regulation and public health
Photo: Marco Vigliotti / rabble.ca
Vigils honour missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada
Arctic melt: Cause for an emergency debate in Parliament?
Urgent: House Speaker blocking emergency debate on the massive Arctic ice melt
Livestream tonight: Watch the final event of the 'Maple Tour' -- 10pm EST / 7pm PST
Watch live tonight: #MapleSpring tour wraps up in Vancouver with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Judy Rebick
Former Member of Parliament Jim Manly to join Ship to Gaza challenging Israeli blockade
Staying Human: A Canadian reports from the Swedish Ship to Gaza in La Spezia
Photo: DrDawgsBlawg.ca
Victor Toews demonstrates how wedge politics biteth like a serpent
Photo: John Bonnar
Bramalea Secondary School students stage Queen's Park protest against Bill 115
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, CLASSE and the 'Maple Tour' arrive in Toronto
Lessons from Quebec's Student Strike: A cross-Canada speaking tour
Omar Khadr is back in Canada
The Omar Khadr repatriation thread - Part 1
Climate action on Parliament Hill demands end to subsidies for Big Oil
Subsidizing climate chaos: National youth climate convergence calls for an end to polluter payouts
Photo: Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF)
The Toronto Palestine Film Festival: A grassroots gem of the city's cinema scene
Activists say: Get Shell out of the tar sands
ACTION ALERT: Stop the tar sands at their source, Say NO to Shell
Sarah Kathryn York is pictured here on the right.
Babble Book Club today 7:30pm EST: The Anatomy of Edouard Beaupre
The rabble.ca table at Toronto's annual Word on the Street Festival.
Photos: The Word on the Street Toronto Festival
A rally earlier this year protesting 'robocalls' and voter suppression.
Voter suppression revealed: The stealth attack on Canadian democracy
Photo: andres musta / flickr
A plea to Ontario's citizens: Support your teachers and their union
Cirque du Soleil presentation of OVO. Photo by  Ed Schipul
The politics and art of Cirque du Soleil
Protests across North America against deportation of war resister Kim Rivera
U.S. veterans call on Canada to let war resister Kim Rivera stay
Photo: Occupy Vancouver
Occupy turns one year old
Parliament's back in session, starting today. (Photo: Cailean VIII / flickr)
Parliament resumes: Do the Cons want the Peace Tower to become the War Tower?
Photo: DoctorTongs / flickr
Activist Communique: This is not an Occupy eulogy
Spreading the Maple Spring: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois to tour Canada
Together, we can block Harper: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and CLASSE to tour Canada
Meet the MP working to save Katimavik
Charmaine Borg versus James Moore: Irresistible force meets immovable object
Not Rex: Quebec shooting and the reality of right-wing terrorism
Not Rex: Quebec shooting and the reality of right-wing terrorism
Photo: http://www.bctwa.org/
What's the fracking problem with natural gas?
(Photo: peoplesworld / flickr)
Chicago public school teachers on strike
Over 50 members of cycling community gathered Wednesday.
Bryant book launch angers cycling community
Indigenous trek for justice wraps up on Parliament Hill after more than 4,000km.
March 4 Justice completes 4,400 km trek from Vancouver to Ottawa for Indigenous justice
'Not Rex' presents Eastwooding North
Eastwooding North: Talking to the chair (McGuinty, Hudak and Harper)
Mourning for Quebec: Attack on PQ victory party leaves one dead
Shooting at Pauline Marois Victory Speech
Photo: The Brain Toad
Meet the 13-year-old girl taking on bottled water
Expect to see more of the red square in Quebec, regardless of election results.
Quebec Solidaire and Montreal's east end, a love story?
Rallies like this one in Toronto will become a more common sight across Canada.
Labour Day 2012: Get ready to rumble
Punished for refusing an illegal invasion: War resister Kim Rivera faces deportation from Canada
Activist Communique: War Resister Kim Rivera to be deported from Canada on Sept. 20
Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video / flickr
Harper in the Arctic: The end of ice tour?
Ontario teachers, support staff, parents and other unionists came to Queen's Park on Tuesday. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Thousands of teachers, support staff ready to take on Liberals over 'anti-collective bargaining' bill
Photo: Marie Berne / flickr
'Caribou hunt' in Quebec: One week until the vote
A conversation with Amir Khadir of Quebec Solidaire
Amir Khadir: In conversation with Quebec Solidaire's co-spokesperson
A mass meeting of workers at the Marikana mine in South Africa.
Creation of cheap labour a means to profits: Marikana mineworkers massacre in South Africa
Another 'mega manif' took place yesterday with 100,000 people protesting.
Tens of thousands march for social justice in Montreal
Events across Canada today to remember Jack Layton
Remembering Jack Layton: A celebration of love, hope and optimism
An unidentified woman voiced her opinion at Friday's demonstration.
Three Pussy Riot members sentenced to two years behind bars
Harper failed to appear at the 2006 AIDS conference.
Harper's response to AIDS epidemic has been a tale of disappointment
Harper government covers its eyes and ears when it comes to health and the tar sands
Let's study the health impact of the tar sands too!
Ecuadoreans protest outside the UK Embassy in Quito. (Photo: Peter Boyle)
WikiLeaks' Assange in Ecuador embassy London: Seeks political asylum
KI Nation paddles to protect their watershed
KI Nation to paddle to protect their watershed
Mourners observe a moment of silence at Tuesday's homeless memorial vigil.
Homeless death toll continues to climb
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Europe has a German problem
Activists presented Canada with the Fossil award at the Durban UN climate talks.
Passing gas: Peter Kent and Canada's bogus GHG emission targets
Babble Book Club discussion on The Wayfinders today!
Join us today at 12 p.m. PT and 3 p.m. ET for Babble Book Club's discussion of The Wayfinders!
Beautiful Trouble: Murray Dobbin reviews new book looking at creative tools for social change
Beautiful Trouble: Creative tools for social change
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois resigns as CLASSE spokesperson
'I leave with only one regret': Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois resigns as co-spokesperson for CLASSE
Photo: Pivotlegal.org
Prisoners speak out against Harper's omnibus crime bill
A candlelight vigil was held last night for victims of the mass shooting.
Kulpreet Singh on Wisconsin shooting: We all have a responsibility to act and raise awareness
A look at Pride across Canada: Today is Vancouver's parade and celebration
The growth and spread of Pride across Canada: From protest to celebration
Tomorrow is the third annual tar sands healing walk.
Activist Communique: Tar Sands Healing Walk
The 100th nighttime protest of the Quebec student strike. (Photo: ScottMontreal)
Thousands declare 'defiance' of Charest government in the streets of Montreal as election is called
A protest this April at the BC Legislature. (Photo: jennzebel / flickr)
Canada's energy future: Wise strategy or rapacious sellout?
CEP and CAW planning a new union: Watch the livestream today
Watch the video: CEP and CAW launch blueprint for a new union
Many impacted communities testified at the People's Tribunal. (Photo: Allan Liss
People's Tribunal on mining impacts: Why we found Goldcorp guilty
On Saturday, July 28, the Counter Olympics Network (CON) held a demonstration.
Counter Olympics Network holds protest on opening weekend of London Games
Nurses keep watch for health care as premiers, prime minister meet in Halifax
Addressing health care at the Council of the Federation
Long overdue: Bring Omar Khadr home to Canada
Why is Vic Toews delaying Omar Khadr's return to Canada?
Dr. Ryan Meili on the future of medicare in Canada.
A Healthy Society: An interview with Ryan Meili
Maher Arar on myth and reality in the struggle for Syria
Myth and reality in the struggle for Syria
Activists with used crime scene tape to make a point this morning at the Interna
Harper government denounced at International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC
The front of another 'mega manif' in Montreal, Sunday, July 22. (Photo: xddorox)
Election call looms in Quebec: Can Charest pull off a fourth term?
A rally against the Enbridge pipeline, earlier this year in Vancouver. (Photo: S
B.C. Bitumen Busters! Who ya gonna call? Greg Selinger?
Election officials at the Assembly of First Nations oversaw three rounds of voting for the national chief. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Activist Communiqué: Report back from Day Two of the Assembly of First Nations - Election Day
The importance of QuAIA's win at the Toronto Pride Parade
Not Rex: Israeli apartheid and Toronto's Pride Parade
A sign at the December 4, 2010 Rally for Public Healthcare at the Alberta Legislature.(Photo:  dave.cournoyer / flickr)
National Day of Action for a 2014 Health Accord
Protest against drone attacks. (Photo:  Syracuse Peace Council / flickr)
Obama's drone attacks and Tuesday death club
Photo: Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa
Activist Communiqué: Algonquins of Barriere Lake in standoff with the Sûreté du Québec to prevent logging
Photo: howlmontreal / flickr
Batten the hatches Ontario! Quebec's student movement is coming to a city near you
New 'Best of rabble.ca' book now available
Introducing the 'Best of rabble.ca 2011' book and special iPad multimedia edition!
Protesters have been demanding the expulsion of South American Silver from Bolivia. (Photo: http://www.jornadanet.com/)
Bolivian government, Indigenous communities resolve to nationalize Canadian mining company
Photo: TheFutureIsUnwritten / flickr
Death of Evidence: No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy
#YoSoy132 and other social movements organized massive protests across Mexico this weekend.  (Photo: Latino Rebels)
#YoSoy132: Meet the new social movement shaking up Mexico's election
Bev Oda will no longer be representing Canada abroad. (Photo: http://trilbypolitics.wordpress.com/)
Defending Bev Oda - but not for the reasons you think
The Harper Vision explained: An unauthorized message
Not Rex: The Harper Vision explained
July 4, 2011. Activists on board the Tahrir, which was prevented from sailing by the Greek authorities. (Photo: Tahrir.ca)
Canadian activists file for return of boat seized by Israel
What the latest attack ads tell us about Harper's Conservatives
Risky theories… Dangerous economic experiments…. Can we afford Harper's Conservatives?
July 1: Make it a day to support independent media in Canada
Canada Day is a great time to support independent media: Join rabble today!
Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Cuts to refugee health care are 'shameful'
Fifty nine cents: An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Photo: André Pichette (Quebecprotest.com)
Quebec court rejects emergency injunction against Bill 78. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, legal experts weigh in
Photo: John Bonnar.
Mohammad Mahjoub detained without charges for 12 years under security certificate
A protest against the KeystoneXL pipeline, September 2011 on Parliament Hill. (Photo: tarsandsaction / flickr)
2015 will be too late: We need an unprecedented mass movement to really stop Harper
Ta'Kaiya Blaney singing at a rally earlier this year in Vancouver. (Photo: Forest Ethics)
'Mic check!': 11-year-old Ta'Kaiya Blaney delivers a powerful message at the UN Rio+20 Summit
Join us today for the Babble Book Club with Kevin Chong
TODAY 3pm EST/12pm PST Babble Book Club: Beauty Plus Pity by Kevin Chong
Montreal, June 22. (Photo: André Pichette)
Bombshells left and right at hearings into political corruption in Quebec
Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr
Brigette DePape: 'It's time to take the uprising in Quebec from coast to coast to coast'
People's Summit closes with march for environmental justice at Rio+20
Fossil of the Day goes to all world leaders: Activists call Rio+20 an 'epic fail' so far
Indigenous peoples met and signed the Kari-Oca 2 Declaration. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Rio+20: Indigenous peoples march to deliver Kari-Oca Declaration to world leaders
Health care workers all across Canada took action Monday in defence of refugees' access to treatment. (Photos: Jesse McLaren)
Photo essay: "Healthcare for refugees, stop the cuts now!"
Navanethem Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. (Photo: http://researchandadvocacyunit.wordpress.com/)
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights criticizes Quebec
Photo: LeadNow / flickr
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on Bill C-38: It's time to 'take this to the streets'