Photo: Thox / flickr
Energy East? Use oil from Newfoundland, not the tar sands
Bonnie Sher Klein on receiving the order of Canada: 'I am beginning not to recognize this country'
'I am beginning not to recognize this country': Bonnie Klein on receiving the Order of Canada
Why the coup in Egypt must be defeated
Photo: Mike Alexander/flickr
Canada's burning chambers: A secret Supreme Court hearing in October
Growing calls for immediate release of two Canadians jailed in Egypt
Dear Pierre Poilievre: Let's talk about democratic reform and the Senate
When will the Minister of Democratic Reform reform democracy?
Protests condemn massacres in Egypt
'Silence is complacency': Against the coup in Egypt
Photo: Mohamed Azazy / flickr
Egypt shows the true face of the global war on the poor
Photo: Daniel Incandela/flickr
Musician Questlove challenges 'stop-and-frisk' practice: Racism in the lives of the hip-hop generation
(Photo: Globovisión)
Massacre in Egypt as security forces attack protest camps
Bradley Manning deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, not more hard time
Activist Communique: Update on the Toronto police shooting death of Sammy Yatim
Day of action for students in sanctuary
Students in sanctuary: Time for new Minister Chris Alexander to do the right thing
Vancouver 2014? A sober look at the Olympics and human rights
For pity's sake, George: Don't send the Olympics back to Vancouver
ALBA: Latin America's groundbreaking alliance of solidarity and mutual aid
Russia's anti-gays laws have sparked protests worldwide, like this one in New York City. (Photo: Bosc d'Anjou / flickr)
This is about more than just Russia: Homophobia and the Olympics
Photo: Sheila Steele/flickr
City of Regina, show us your math on P3s!
Photo: An iceberg in Disko Bay, Greenland. Credit: J. Crump
Where icebergs are born: Tracking melting sea ice in Disko Bay
Photo: shannonpatrick17 / flickr
Oil sands: The difficult poster child for Canada's environmental record
Robert W. McChesney (Photo:
Digital revolution: 'Digital Disconnect' analyzes corporate control of our digital communications future
Photo: Rising Tide.
Coal, oil, gas: None shall pass!
Justice for Sammy: Demanding real accountability and oversight for Toronto police
Enough is enough: Time for the public to police the police
Photo: Justin Canning
Critical mass arrest: Eyewitness account of Montreal police repression of monthly bike ride
Photo: photoswebpm/flickr
Is Harper's enemies list the beginning of the end?
Photo: wikipedia commons
Lac-Mégantic a collision of water, oil and transport deregulation
A rally of civil society and public health care supporters at Niagara-on-the-Lake earlier this week. (Photo: Kim Elliott)
Premiers: Tell Harper Canadians need a National Health Accord
Photo: Justice for Muhammed Sillah
One refugee's fight for justice: The case of Muhammed Sillah
National day of action: Honour the apology
Honour the apology: Don't get fooled again
Photo: @Stand4Medicare
As Ottawa retreats from its responsibilities, we need to stand up for public health care
NSA North: Why Canadians should be demanding answers about online spying
Everything Is So Political: A Collection of Short Fiction by Canadian Writers
'Everything Is So Political' interprets 'What is political?' into a diverse and memorable marriage of art and politics
Check out this month's featured band on Indie Inside: Minotaurs
Indie Inside: Minotaurs
The politics of Nelson Mandela Day
Rob Ford's Nelson Mandela Day and other historical ironies
Activists fight against loss of shelter beds in Toronto
Seaton House re-development will result in cuts to services, loss of shelter beds, say anti-poverty activists
Stand with Snowden
Stand with Snowden
Photo: Jamie McCaffrey/flickr
Peddling fantasy: Public choice theory and political failure in Canada
'Justice for Trayvon' protests across North America after verdict
Photos from the Ottawa Vigil for Trayvon Martin
Photo: Sterling College/flickr
Hey you! Food justice movements do draw lines between your local products and agricultural reform
Photo: Stephen Boyle/flickr
The dirty view from Windsor: Canada's petcoke problem
Photo: Michael Lee-Murphy
Oka, 23 years on
Photo: Graeme & Sara Bunton & Peel/Flickr
Weather on steroids: What to expect from a changing climate
Photo: Blaire Russell
Activist Toolkit: An introduction to indigenous-settler relations
Erica Ryan-Gagne displays Eri-Cut & Nailed signage outside of her new salon loca
Made on Haida Gwaii: Entrepreneur Erica Ryan-Gagne launches her vision
Lobbying for a revenue neutral carbon tax on Capitol Hill
Canadians on Capitol Hill to lobby for a revenue neutral carbon tax
Photo: Russ Allison Loar/flickr
Oil train disaster in Quebec as oil shipments by rail in Canada rising at 'breakneck speed'
The stern look of Ataturk over Taksim Square, Istanbul Turkey, the day after pol
Under Ataturk's gaze: On the ground in Taksim Square
Photo: Zeinab Mohamed/flickr
Elections, coups and democracies: Learning from the events in Egypt
Photo: milan.ilnyckyj/flickr
Ten days of Pride: Lighting candles for Pride High Holy Week
Photo: John Bonnar
Video and Photos: Toronto Pig Save all-day vigil
Calgary during last week's floods. (Photo: Wilson Hui/flickr)
Alberta's floods and corporate power in an age of climate disaster
Photo: Sean Smith / Artist: Curtis Wilson
Idle No More co-founder Sheelah McLean on Canada Day and Sovereignty Summer
A banner drop during last night's Canada Day celebration in Toronto's Mel Lastman Square. (Photo:
Sovereignty Summer: Idle No More launches new website to amplify impact of the movement
Forget the Ford brothers, here are some ideas about a different path for Toronto
Design for Democracy: A different path for Toronto
Author Richard Van Camp joins the Babble Book Club today
babble book club discussion with Richard Van Camp on 'Godless but Loyal to Heaven'
Medicine Hat hit by the floods. (Photo: City of Medicine Hat)
Water, water everywhere: Will storms and floods like this become the new normal?
Discussion on Keystone XL heats up after Obama climate speech
Obama challenges the world on climate change
Cross-Canada actions: Solidarity with Swamp Line 9 blockade
Snowden supporters in Hong Kong. The whistleblower is seeking asylum in Ecuador. (Photo:
NSA whistleblower Snowden leaves Hong Kong, headed for asylum with aid from Wikileaks
A street scene in Calgary, as tens of thousands of now been evacuated. (Photo: waynerd / flickr)
Conservative Party postpones convention due to flooding in Calgary
Hear Chris Hedges' talk delivered in Ottawa earlier this month
Chris Hedges on Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
Canada? Idle No More has changed the whole conversation
Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka. (Photo: climatalk / flickr)
Why World Refugee Day is so important
Brazil has erupted in protest in recent days. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Agencia Brasil)
'Salad uprising' rocks Brazil ahead of next year's World Cup
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Supporting members make special coverage happen
Actions across the country sent a clear message to the Harper government. (Photo:  Caelie_Frampton / flickr)
Refugee lawyers: Cuts to Interim Federal Health Program are 'wrong and illegal'
The 'G8 leaders' arrive in Northern Ireland ahead of this week's meetings. (Photo: Oxfam International / flickr)
As G8 meets, Conservative government blasted for watering down efforts against sexual violence
A photo from behind the barricades in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Taksim everywhere, resistance everywhere
Five walkers from the Journey for Earth arrived in Toronto this week on their way to Ottawa for June 21. (Photo: Occupy Canada)
Activist Communique: Journey for Earth walkers arrive in Toronto on their way to Ottawa
Photo: @looocey / Twitter
'Stop the tar sands' protest to greet Harper's speech to the British Parliament
Remembering the homeless who have died on the streets of Toronto
Homeless deaths mounting at a record pace in Toronto
Monday protest outside Joe Oliver's office. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Steelworkers rally against Harper's low-wage, anti-worker agenda
With scandal and change in the air, now's the time to support independent media!
Your change makes change!
Edward Snowden: NSA whistleblower explains his decision
Video: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in his own words
Photo: Number 10/flickr
CBC's secret fund story still stands despite belated Conservative denials
Sadness and anger in France after far right murder of 19-year-old student
Rally and vigil in Paris after far right killing of 19-year-old student Clément Méric
Photo by Chris Yakimov / Flickr
Mix of cautious optimism and skepticism greets B.C. government announcement on Northern Gateway pipeline
Happy Environment Week! (Sort of)
Did Harper forget it's Environment Week? Seven reasons he may not want to mark the occasion
Photo: savebradley / flickr
War and the whistleblower: Bradley Manning on trial
Photo: Charlene Vickers
From Mike Duffy to Rob Ford, Canada's right-wing is cracking up
B.C. government makes official statement on Enbridge pipeline
B.C. government formally opposes Enbridge pipeline
Tens of thousands in Greece have protested Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold. (Photo:
Canadian mining company confronted with fierce opposition over Greece projects
Arthur Porter (Photo:
The Doctor of Panama: A strange tale of Harperite politics and national security
Mulcair interrogates Harper over Senate expenses scandal
Video: Mulcair vs. Harper on Senate expenses scandal in Question Period
Dr. Henry Morgentaler (1923 - 2013)
Farewell to a brave, inspiring fighter: Canadians pay tribute to Dr. Henry Morgentaler
Photo: West Annex News / flickr
Rob Ford and the blue-collar-millionaire myth
Electoral fraud: On the Federal Court ruling in the 'robocalls' case
Election fraud finding by Federal Court points directly at Conservative Party
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Who will tell the stories of democratic struggles across Canada and beyond?
HEU: How our union works
Video: How our union works!
The Senate chamber. (Photo: Johnath / flickr, Creative Commons)
Six key points for understanding Harper's Senate scandal
New Union Project telephone town hall attracts thousands
Thousands join New Union Project telephone town hall meeting
Mount Douglas' original name is PKOLS. (Photo: Andy M Smith / flickr)
The PKOLS reclamation: Saturating the land with our stories
Photo: @carlena / Twitter
World media reports on Harper government's growing Senate expense scandal
Elijah Harper. (Photo:
Elijah Harper remembered: 'He will have a place in Canadian history forever'
Hypocrisy, privilege and the real scandal of Rob Ford
Dangerous addictions: Toronto, right-wing hypocrisies and Rob Ford
Harper's Keystone XL sales pitch in New York City greeted by protest
Harper faces protest in New York City over Canada's dismal climate policies and Keystone XL
Harper government in hot water after Chief-of-Staff secretly cuts cheque for Senator Mike Duffy
L'affaire Duffy: Will Harper be held to account?
Venezuela's new labour law: The best Mother's Day gift
Adrian Dix spoke to 1000 people at a 'rally for change' Sunday in Vancouver. (Photo:  brent_granby / flickr)
Filipino community will benefit from BC NDP's policy commitments
Christy Clark and Liberals win a stunner in B.C., Greens' Andrew Weaver picks up first ever seat
BC Liberals pull off stunning election win, Greens pick up first ever seat
The gang at ShitHarperDid is at it again -- using humour to challenge Harper's 'Economic Action Plan.' (Photo:
Can online activism incite political agency? ShitHarperDid keeps apathy in its crosshairs