Feb 18
Not so fast, Gordo. Looking to win a third straight term on May 12, B.C. premier Gordon Campbell's latest budget will put the squeeze on public services.
Feb 17
Founding father: Manitoba celebrates Riel Day, Festival du Voyageur
While Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario took Family Day off Monday, Manitobans celebrated Louis Riel Day, as part of this month's Festival du Voyageur. (Photo: LouisRielDay.com)
Feb 15
Valentine's Day may be over, but Obama's honeymoon continues. This Toronto restaurant is a sign of the anticipation of the President's Canadian visit this Thursday, Feb. 19 (Photo: Michelle Langlois)
Feb 13
Do you heart rabble? Please help us reach our winter fundraising goal! (Image: Tigana)
Feb 12
The newsstand at Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C., told the story of the return of the 's word' to political discourse in the U.S. (Photo: Kim Elliott)
Feb 11
No generation gap here: Music and message still resonate
Sarah Lee Guthrie, granddaugher of Woody Guthrie, joined Kris Kristofferson, Tao Rodríguez-Seeger and the legendary Pete Seeger on stage at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival.
Feb 10
Nardwuar and the Evaporators are featured in the latest installment of indie inside from rabbletv. (Photo: Rebecca Blissett)
Feb 9
Canada Post is marking Black History Month this year with a postage stamp honouring the late Rosemary Brown, the trailblazing feminist and politician. (http://canadapost.ca/)
Feb 6
Jeff Thomas featured in a self-portrait, alongside Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row, Emperor of the Six Nations in the National Gallery's Steeling the Gaze: Portraits of Aboriginal Artists.
Feb 5
Facing a deportation order, despite a June 2008 vote in the House to let war resisters stay, Cliff Cornell returned to the U.S. and now sits in Whatcom County Jail.
Feb 3
Was last week's budget vote the beginning of another long Liberal-Tory relationship in the House, or just the start of a quick fling before another election? (http://johnmaclennan.ca/)
Feb 2
Gung Hay Fat Choy
NDP MP Olivia Chow and her husband, NDP leader Jack Layton, celebrated Chinese New Year over the weekend in Toronto. (Photo: Kim Elliott)
Jan 30
As corporate globalization remains in crisis, tens of thousands of activists met in Brazil to plan alternatives at the World Social Forum.
Jan 29
To defeat the government, or not to defeat the government, that was the question. Will Ignatieff's decision have tragic consequences for himself and the country? (Image: Tigana)
Jan 28
Ignatieff has weighed his options and it looks like we're heading for a Liberal-Conservative 'coalition' on the budget.
Jan 27
It's budget day in Ottawa and Canada is seeing red. Will Harper stimulate the economy or just opposition from Canadians? (Image: Tigana)
Jan 26
On Sunday, Bolivians voted 'yes' to a new Constitution that will refound the nation with full recognition of indigenous rights. (Photo: Benjamin Dangl, http://upsidedownworld.org/)
Jan 23
With all eyes on Ignatieff ahead of Tuesday's federal budget, the new Liberal leader is keeping his voting intentions covered. (Image: Tigana)
Jan 21
With Parliament set to be un-padlocked next week, Harper Girl is back and lookin' for Stephen...
Jan 20
At 12 noon EST today, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.
Jan 19
As the world says good riddance to George W. Bush, some are making a simple demand of the incoming President Obama. (Photo: thar_denver, http://flickr.com/photos/thar_denver/)
Jan 16
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is confronted over his support for Israel's attacks on Gaza by activist Irene MacInnes in Vancouver Wednesday. (Photo: Susan Stout)
Jan 15
Last week, people gathered in the cold outside the Greek Consulate in Toronto to show their solidarity with protests in Greece. (Photo: Edward Wong)
Jan 13
Activists took to the streets of Washington D.C. demanding that President-elect Obama close Guantanamo within his first 100 days of office. (Photo: Codepink4peace.org)
Jan 12
Two of the many thousands who demonstrated in Toronto for Gaza on Jan. 10. Demonstrations were held in at least 18 Canadian towns and cities. (Photo: Matt Adams)
Jan 9
In Oakland, an unarmed African-American man was shot in the back and killed by police. One protester connects the violence in Oakland and Gaza. (Photo: http://indybay.org/)
Jan 8
A migrant Mixtec farmworker in southern California. In Canada, migrant workers also face difficult living and working conditions. (More photos by David Bacon: http://dbacon.igc.org/)
Jan 7
A group of Jewish Canadian women occupied the Israeli consulate in Toronto in protest against the on-going assault on the people of Gaza. (Photo: Judy Rebick)
Jan 6
On Jan. 4, thousands in Montreal added their voices to global protests: "Israël: assassin! Harper: complice!" (More photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/powless/sets/72157612180000685/)
Jan 4
Organizers estimated that at least 10,000 joined this rally and march Jan. 3 in Toronto. Actions were held across the country this weekend to protest Israel's attacks on Gaza.