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Africafiles: The Pulse
News from Africa via our regular podcast - produced and compiled by Heather Yundt
Asia Pacific Currents
APC first went to air in the mid 1980s. We broadcast stories and issues from the Asia Pacific region from a labour and grassroots perspective. The programs feature regular interviews with labour and human rights activists of the Asia Pacific region, updates on solidarity campaigns and reports of labour and progressive struggles in the region.Presented by Pier, Kavitha and Jiselle (pictured) as well as Diana and Budi.'s interview series
Peace and social justice discussions from campus radio Waterloo.
Constructing change: the activist toolkit
Constructing Change is the biweekly-podcast showcasing tools from the Activist Toolkit, interviews with local activists, mini-docs on resistance and more. To be a toolkit beta tester, comment on the show or suggest themes, contact Go to for more organizing tools.
Democracy North
Democracy North (formerly This Week on Media Mornings) is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the week's top grassroots headlines and commentators reported daily by our team of progressive journalists. Visit
Election Fallout
Co-hosts Mike Cook and Tony Loeffen speak with Canada's premiere political thinkers, do in depth explorations of issues of the day and supply listeners with the kind of conversational ammunition a progressive type might need in order to win hearts and minds at the water cooler or lunch table.

Mike Cook has had careers in underground publishing (Gadfly Productions) and retail (Logos Book Store). He currently resides in Orillia ON, where he is an active member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and the New Democratic Party. Despite being dedicated to the NDP, he is strongly in favour of inter-party cooperation to restore progressive values to Canadian government.

Tony Loeffen is an entrepreneur, journalist, and multi-media artist with a passion for seeing Conservatism in Canada marginalized once and for all. He co-founded Opposition Radio with Mike Cook the day after Harper won his majority, and while loyal to no organization, the NDP is the party of his conscience.

This is a show about change and what’s next. It’s a show that wants to ask questions and peel back the layers of our everyday experience and go beyond scratching the surface. We interview amazing people with incredible stories who have done wild, weird, wacky and wonderful things. Each podcast leaves you with a desire to learn more about the given topic of our discussion and lessons learned that can be applied just about anywhere.
We love films and we love community art initiatives. Film festivals are an amazing way to highlight great art, interesting ideas, important cultural movements, and a fun way to see films. In Toronto there are countless film festivals (70? 100? we're still looking). We have long-term goals of reviewing at one film from every film festival in Toronto in one year (maybe next year?) Well, not every festival, we figure TIFF gets a lot of coverage, so with our project we are hoping to put more spotlight on the many small, diverse festivals that also call Toronto home. We're calling this project Film Festivals in Toronto (or FFIT). Our reviewers range from professors of films studies, students of film studies, Cinephiles and some folks who just love film. Reviews and festival reflections may be written, be on video, be a podcast, be on social media, etc. All will appear on
Product forecaster and change agent Kelly Okamura shares how we can all make better choices and feel good, (really good!) when we spend, and how we can stop acquiring more stuff on a finite planet. It's about conscious consumption, our complicity in over-consumption and fast fashion spin and how we can all make better choices.
Green Majority Radio
Green Majority Radio is an eco-news and politics show broadcasting from CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto and syndicated across Canada since 2006. Nuanced enough for hardcore greens and accessible for casual listeners, GMR's mission is to keep you informed AND smiling, no matter what the weeks news brings.
GroundWire Community Radio News is a bi-weekly 29-minute news radio program featuring headlines, reports and features from the community radio sector in Canada. The program engages Canadians with geographically and culturally diverse stories of interest to a national audience.
Habitat is a podcast about how we live in our environment. We present conversations about transportation, energy, design, development, climate change, agriculture, oceans, natural resources, pollution, air and water quality, and more. Habitat is produced in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!
Two American ex-pats, separated by 7500 kilometers and their levels of optimism, take on the issues of the day in the United States, Canada, Europe and the world. They hunt down news you might have missed, sometimes provide good insights, and shake their heads at the rampant idiocy in the world more often than can be considered healthy ... good thing they live in countries with socialized medicine!
John Bonnar Audio Blog
John Bonnar is an independent journalist producing print, photo, video and audio stories about social justice issues in and around Toronto.
Living On Purpose
Lynn Thompson is the host and producer of "Living on Purpose", a thoughtful, nourishing blend of ideas, conversation and music offered in a spirit of health and well-being. Guests are invited to share their insights and inspirations through how they embrace life's challenges and opportunities.
Migrant Matters
Migrant Matters navigates through the interconnected issues that limit the freedom of people to move across borders (of all kinds) and stay wherever they choose. We bring into focus the individual faces and unique stories of migrant workers, "non-status" people, and racialized working-class immigrants, who are often left out of mainstream media. Airs monthly.
Ever wonder what makes a woman fierce? Join Charlene Sayo every week for lively conversations with unique, trailblazing women in the arts, sciences, literature, music, politics, activism, feminism and more. Behind the Face, a Fierce Woman.
My Personal Canada
My Personal Canada (MPC) is the podcast series that explores the untold experiences of Canadian immigrants through interviews and storytelling. Each episode highlights the universal and unique challenges of Canadian life through the lens of one person. Hosted and produced by TK Matunda, MPC will show you the ever-changing face of Canada, because honestly it is so much more than what we are shown.
Needs No Introduction
A series of speeches and lectures from the finest minds of our time. Fresh ideas from speakers of note.
No One Is Illegal
No One Is Illegal Radio is part of a worldwide movement of resistance, fighting for justice and dignity, and the right to self-determination for migrants, refugees and indigenous people. We broadcast live every month on CKUT 90.3fm, part of grassroots community radio on the island of Montreal.
Progressive Voices
Progressive Voices, hosted by McMaster alumnus and community activist Riaz Sayani-Mulji, examines Canadian domestic and foreign policy with a critical eye and based in anti-oppression, anti-imperialism, and anti-poverty theory. From coup d’etats in Haiti and Honduras, to mining companies operating on Indigineous land, Progressive Voices provides an alternative perspective rarely found in mainstream media.
Cathi Bond leads some of Harper Collins Canada's authors in discussions about their latest work.
rabble radio
rabble radio is the flagship show of the rpn. It's a mix of political commentary, soundseeing tours, movie reviews, and the latest in Canadian music. It's all produced by a country-wide cadre of volunteers.
rabble radio special
rabble radio is the flagship show of the rpn. The program broadcasts every two weeks, but some breaking news calls for special coverage. you know what to do! is holding our donation drive right now, and rpn volunteers have put together some audio to give you some ideas of what you can give. You can listen here.
From the South Pacific to big city streets, from big media to your inner ear, rabbledocs takes you on journeys of discovery with the best Canadian independent radio documentaries.
radio book lounge
Love lit? Tune in to dive between all sorts of covers. Find author interviews, readings, audio reviews, and story-casts for kids and grown-ups. And a few surprises too. Browse the book lounge online at
On the issues of the day - political, social and cultural - Redeye digs deeper. Open your ears to alternative voices. Hear incisive and challenging interviews with activists and progressive thinkers. Produced by an independent media collective, broadcasting over 35 years on Vancouver Cooperative Radio.
Resonating Reconciliation
Resonating Reconciliation” is a project that uses radio to help reconcile all Canadians with the history of Indian Residential Schools. The documentaries were made by over 70 Indigenous producers across Canada, and they share the stories of survivors, their family members, friends, communities, and many more people whose lives have been impacted and shaped by the legacy of Indian Residential Schools.
Speaking Aloud
Commentary from writers, thinkers, and journalists.
Talking Radical Radio
Talking Radical Radio brings you grassroots voices from across Canada. Each week, we hear from an active participant in one of this country's many grassroots groups, organizations, movements, and communities-in-struggle to learn about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. Learn more at!
The Dispatch
On the Dispatch, Briarpatch Magazine invites you to dip into our audio arsenal of essays, interviews, music, spoken word, and satire. With what we're packing, we'll have errorists from the boardrooms of Bay Street to the quail-hunting ranches of Texas quaking in their boots!
The Green Planet Monitor
Communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America are achieving development goals using local knowledge, skills and energy. This half-hour magazine program features original documentaries, news reports and music from around the world.
The Hum Podcast
The Hum cuts straight to the heart of human rights stories. Raw, honest and uncensored, from the people who have lived them firsthand. Real people, real stories.
The Strange Copper Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes
This is the official companion podcast to Harrowsmith Now's Canada-wide treasure hunt, The Strange Wax Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes. This podcast is a ripping yarn about the eccentric inventor Thaddeus Barnes as he outruns enemies on all sides after his amazing devices. He's joined by his brilliant daughter Phillipa, his faithful servant Whitby and his friend and rival, the Serbian genius, Nikola Tesla.
The Swan Song
Hosting live artist interviews and discussing contemporary social issues.
This is the House that Gap Built
From the forgotten destruction of Hogan's Alley to the Italian roots of Commercial Drive, these are the stories of Vancouver's lost neighborhoods, the people we lost with them and the gap that threatens us all with seeing history repeat itself.
Unheard of Sex, Religion and Politics at the Dinner Table!
Eman El-Husseini interviews ordinary people with unconventional lives over their favourite meal. Trying to incorporate eating in her career since her debut in standup, Eman may have finally found the way. As well as never being a huge fan of, what she likes to call, insignificant rules Eman talks taboo topics at the dinner table. An Atheist converts to Judaism, a transgender person, a former Jehovah's Witness, an asexual person to name a few. Giving unorthodox lives a platform in our heteronormative society.
Watch me: movie reviews with Cathi Bond
Tune in as author and arts broadcaster Cathi Bond talks about unusual new releases you can't afford to miss. This is your podcast if you are looking for a cinematic snack that's different than what the rest of the herd is chowing down
WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service is an award-winning weekly half-hour radio program by and about women around the world. Diverse, well produced, and insightful news about women since 1986. Raising women's voices through radio (and now internet) worldwide.
Write Along Radio
Write Along Radio about writing. It's about thinking differently about writing and having fun doing it. Kevin Johns & Catherine Brunelle (fellow writers), invite you to join them each episode as they tackling yet another writing challenge. Everyone is welcome! Come write along. #WriteAlongRadio