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House of Sound and Story February 12
The challenges of getting three (interesting) square meals north of the Arctic Circle. Whale blubber .. yum!<br />
Healing the Earth February 11
In what ways are women disproportionately affected by the many dynamics of climate change? Cayetana Carrion of the Women's Environmental Development Organization talks about the myriad ways our cultu
Archived February 10
Call it: Through a Scanner, Darkly! If you thought the tattooing trend was big, wait until slicing open your hand and sticking an RFID tag under your skin hits the streets.<br /> Plus, why meditation
Redeye February 10
Organic has become mainstream. Walmart says that it's the fastest-growing food category in its stores. Local brewer Rebecca Kneen says this mass marketing of the organic label is somehow missing the p
rabble radio February 10
In this episode, Keith deconstructs the state of the union address, we'll hear from the World Society on the information society, Auntie answers some gender questions, and Clumsy stops by to entertain
Archived February 8
Keep your eyes on the road...your car could be watching you!<br /> Plus, next stop in the privacy wars: your cell phone.
Healing the Earth February 8
Linda Buzzell Saltzman, an ecopsychologist, psychotherapist, and permaculturist, talks about her ways of healing the human/nature split. Within life in cities, how does one have meaningful connections
Redeye February 8
Despite all the uproar about fundamentalism, Mordecai Briemberg says that this was not an election about religion.
Archived February 8
Judy Rebick and Cathy Bond debate whether violent female action heroes in pop culture are appealing or appalling.
The Simple Journalists February 7
This week a special guest mc throwbot makes an appearance in the TSJ Studios, we find the origin of Mondays and get salty and greasy with our quote of the day!!!!
Redeye February 7
Brian Jungen startling simulations of Northwest Coast Aboriginal masks are made from disassembled athletic shoes. Josh Brandon reviews his new show at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Also in this show, a r
Archived February 6
Forget about tricking out your car, check out the funky way people are messing with their iPods!<br /> Plus, why your purse may be about to rat you out!
Redeye February 5
The provincial government announced plans this week to spend $2500 billion on highways in Greater Vancouver. Many fear this will turn Vancouver into a Los Angeles of the north.
Archived February 3
Cathi tips us off to &quot;Base&quot;... join the tribe at the hippest place she's found since forever.<br /> Plus, she's scooped a sweet tune for you to check out.....hear it right here on thesniffer
Redeye February 2
Journalist and activist Adriana Paz talks about her hopes for the new government of Evo Morales and the challenges that it faces. Also in this show, a look at the current situation in Nepal on the ann
Archived, Rabble Rumble February 1
A teaser for Round One of our first rabble rumble featuring Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond. The debate, &quot;Violent Chick Flicks - Slick or Sick?&quot; starts right here, February 8. Join us here and in
Archived February 1
Startling new findings on treating depression!<br /> Toss your office in the garbage can!<br /> Tonight we're going to party like it's a 1999 Hatchback!
Redeye January 31
Dr. Ahmad Sadri, an Iranian professor now teaching in Chicago, unravels some of the dynamics driving the intensifying crisis between Iran and the USA.
Africafiles: The Pulse January 31
The emergence of new oil producers in Africa begs us to ask whether African communities will benefit from this resource. Also a look at various issues such as the African Union, Martin Luther King an
The Simple Journalists January 30
In this episode the simple journalists introduce the latest enviromental craze along with the newest and coolest social trends for men. Joey decides to be the drama queen she is and introduce our new
Sizzle January 30
I'b zick. I need something to clear my head, and that something is a steamy, fragrant bowl of Thai Chicken Coconut Milk soup.
Archived January 30
E-Books and Electronic Paper: just another 'robot maid' pipe dream? Maybe not. Cathi and Nora have new tools for greener reading.
Redeye January 29
Greg Albo of York University says the left should take a very sober reading of the election results, despite the gain in NDP seats. He outlines what kind of social policies he thinks the Conservatives
Archived January 27
Don't let that boomerang hit you on the back of the head! Cathi and Nora tip you off to three trends set to make a comeback<br /> Plus, why The Washington Post is sick of getting sand kicked in its f
Redeye January 26
Volunteers at a community centre in Vancouver have met their fears of homeless people head on by participating in a breakfast program. Also in this show, residents of a Downtown Eastside hotel are sui
Archived January 25
Cathi and Nora are jonesing for the hot new thing....old technologies! <br /> Plus, slave to your work station no more! Slip that keyboard in your back pocket!
Archived January 25
Happy New Year, and welcome back to Nodcast! I'm glad you could join me for a brand new episode, with a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.
Redeye January 24
Laura Lamb reviews the world premiere of a new play by Governor General's Award winning playwright Kevin Kerr. This is an original, multi-media play inspired by the works of the 19th century photograp
The Simple Journalists January 23
In this first episode it's all about the election. Oh, yeah, and the man purse and Mariah Carey and her large brain. Brought to you by Ashley Martin, Joey Close and Andrea Loznsky
Archived January 23
Looks like our old friend the film camera may be going down for the count, as digital cameras reign supreme. But wait, audio king, Tom Waits comes back to take out the trash!