Africafiles: The Pulse

African women in online dating: Voices from Cameroon

| August 17, 2010


Artist: Hannah Senge, Victoire Ngome, Judges Mpako
Title: African Women in Online Dating: voices from Cameroon
Length: 0:15:49
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

The Africa culture generally frowns against women exposing their naked bodies in public. But as technological development is shrinking the world into a global village, local cultures are finding it harder to control the way people express themselves or interact with others the world over. The internet for example has made it possible for hither to timid girls to come out of their closets and have their physical and emotional needs met in a manner that was unthinkable barely few decades ago. This episode of the African Pulse is dedicated to discussing African women's involvement in the global online dating phenomenon.