Africafiles: The Pulse

Episode #17: Choices for Women

| May 13, 2007


Artist: Guess
Title: Amai
Album: PULSE 2007
Year: 2007
Genre: Other
Length: 0:13:19
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Show Notes:

Part 3: Women and Leadership Series
Abortion is a hot topic in Africa. It is outlawed in most countries. Some believe it should be legalized. Others believe that it immoral and should not be left to the individula to decide. But whatever your persuasion, it is impossible to ignore the devastating effects of illegal abortion.

According to the World Health Organisation, each year nearly 19 million induced abortions are performed in unsafe conditions by unskilled providers and result in deaths of an estimated 68,000 girls and women.

Winnie Onyimbo reports from Nairobi where hospitals deal with thousands of women suffering the effects of incomplete or unsafe abortions every year.

Report: Winnie Onyimbo/Interworld Radio