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Episode #8: South Africa - Preparing children for the future

| July 30, 2006


Artist: Silence Genti
Title: Preparing children for Africa's future
Album: Pulse by Africafiles
Year: 2006
Genre: Blues
Length: 0:15:36
Format: 8kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

South Africa - Preparing children for the future
Poverty, Aids, disease and other socio-economic conditions affect children’s capacity to learn. Early Child Development programs are important in addressing the preparedness of children for the education system. An ECD program in South Africa is scoring successes in improving young children’s capacity to develop and learn.
+Child Soldiers demobilized  in Sudan
+Child alert Congo

Guest - Tineke Uys, director of Thusano, South Africa

00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Newsbytes: Sudan and Congo
02:52 - Musical Interlude: Daara J
04:30 - Preparing children for the future: A look at a South African early child development program
15:36 - Ends

News items
Sudan People's Liberation Army child soldiers demobilised in the south
D R Congo: Child Alert - Children caught in war  
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O Sifuni Mungu, It Takes A Whole Village, African Children’s Choir 
Boomerang, Boomerang. Daara J, Wrasse Records

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- Many thanks to Sarah Storm for facilitating the interview with Tineke Uys

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