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Feminists and the niqab; Quebec's new health care fees; David Noble vs. York University; Quit Afghanistan NOW, NATO too

| April 8, 2010


Artist: Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
Title: Alert! Radio #151 - April 8th, 2010
Year: 2010
Genre: Current Affairs
Length: 0:59:57
Format: 22.05kHz, 64Kbps

Show Notes:

Alert! Radio #151 - 

RebELLE spokesperson Barbara Legault talks about how Quebec feminists view Bill 94 which would refuse government services, public employment and most medical care to Muslim women whose face is covered by the niqab.  She also describes the massive opposition to Quebec’s new budget that establishes a user fee on health care and increases fees on other government services. York University’s David Noble talks about the significance of his court victory requiring York University administrators to answer questions about an alleged pro-Israel orientation shared by members of a key governing body which he contends influences that university’s actions against him and others on campus who question Israeli policy in the Middle East. Steven Staples, President of the Rideau Institute argues that contrary to the request put by Hillary Clinton, Canada should quit Afghanistan now.  He also explains that NATO has just about outlived its role in world affairs.  Mitch Podolak’s Music is the Weapon is all about trains.