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Alert! Radio # 211: Whither Syria? Budget adversely impacting women?

| April 14, 2012


Artist: Canadian Dimension Alert Radio
Title: ALERT! Radio # 211
Genre: Other
Length: 1:00:02
Format: 22.05kHz, 80Kbps

Show Notes:

Today's interviews focus on foreign intervention in Syria and the federal budget's impact on Women.

(1:10-6:52) HEADLINES
(6:52-13:25) Around the Left - Activities and events of interest across Canada.
(13:35-29:45) Steven Lendman - Broadcaster/writer Steve Lendman makes a strong case against NATO intervention in Syria.
(29:52-43:15) Feminist and community activist Adrie Naylor explains why Harper's austerity agenda hurts women particularly hard.
(43:23-59:12) Music is the Weapon - Mitch Podolak features some of his favourite anthems: The Battle Cry of Freedom (The Weavers), Foggy-Do (Sinead O'Connor), Raghupati, Solidarity Forever (Joe Glazer)