Eco justice and Indigenous resistance updates and report

| March 21, 2012


Artist: AW@L Radio
Title: AW@L Radio - 2012-03-09 - adamecoindig
Album: AW@L Radio
Year: 2012
Genre: podcasts
Length: 0:29:47
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Show Notes:

Community organizer and known enemy of the G20 states, Adam Lewis joins the conversation during the eco justice and indigenous resistance updates, where we see continued impunity from Barrick Gold -- #stopbarrick -- and unwavering resistance from Cheif Donny Morris of KI in the face of threats of armed invasion by mining interests -

We also talk about the 70,000-plus km of poetry and a hunger strike against tar sands oil pipelines.

Check for more Adam Lewis more anti-austerity, more decolonize

Originally from the March 9th edition of AW@L Radio