Respecting historic agreements with the Haudenosaunee and walking to Kanonhstaton for peace: A discussion with Luke Stewart

| April 20, 2012


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Year: 2012
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Show Notes:

The feature of today's show is our discussion with radical historian Luke Stewart on the upcoming Rally, Walk, and Community BBQ taking place on April 28th in Grand River Territory of the Six Nations, hosted by the April 28th Coalition ( This discussion looks at the the intentions of the event organizers (both indigenous and settler), respecting historical friendships and honouring our treaties (such as the Silver Covenant Chain, The Two Row Wampum, and the Haldimand Proclamation) and the resistance to the event from business interests and white citizens' councils, among other topics.

- Check for more information about the upcoming rally, walk and community celebration in Caledonia and @Kanonhstaton, Southern Ontario.

- Audio of the invitations for this event Indigenous Land Protectors and their Settler Allies.

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