Red Square Rising: June 15 - Revving up resistance

| June 30, 2012


Artist: AW@L Radio
Title: 2012-06-15-Redsquare
Album: AW@L Radio - Rabble
Year: 2012
Genre: podcasts
Length: 0:55:56
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

Red Square Rising: June 15 - Revving up resistance

This update from June 15th 2012 on the ongong mobilsations against the neoliberal austerity agenda and the increased repreassion of protests and criminalisation of organisers.

In a piece from, we note the arrest of quebec MNA Amir Khadir, followed by the raiding of his house and the arrest of his daughter, Yalda Machouf-Khadir, an organsiser at her CEGEP.

We highlight the resistance to the extravegant montrèal grand prix that the CLAC did not organise, but were pretty stoked about, read about the disgraceful action by quebec cops who arrested a student on the way to his sisters funeral, read a statement in support of the strike from students and others in Chile, and note the existance of a special section on the websites on the uprising in quebec

I then read the Five Reasons to Support the Quebec Student Strike | from the Toronto Media Co-op, comment on pieces about greedy old people and one from Carmelle Wolfson on the possibility of the red square taking hold in ontario, and finish with talking about playing

Exposing the agenda of the Charest government |, then playing a RNN interview with a rep from CLASSÉ

A tune or two including - Emrical - Combien de morts (clip officiel)