Slamming the Anthropocalypse - interview with 2 BC poets.

| November 22, 2012


Artist: Grand River Radical Radio
Title: 2012-11-08-Johnny McRae + Shane Avec I Grec
Album: rabble
Year: 2012-11-12T14:56:50-05:00
Genre: podcasts
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Show Notes:

Slamming the Anthropocalypse - interview with 2 BC poets.

on their way thorugh the region on a cross continental Anthropocalypse tour, BC slam poets Johnny MacRae & shayne avec i grec, stopped by CKMS for a quick interview before their kitchener performance.

we talk about their tour, their latest work and how it builds on the anthropocalypse is nye album, why they slam and do poetry and what the anthropocalypse is. 

from their web page: ...

More likely to be found trekking through the woods than cruising the streets rockin’ fly rims, 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac are individually known as Johnny MacRae & shayne avec i grec.  Together, MacRae and avec i grec have been a member of the 2005 Victoria slam team and the 2009 and 2010 Van Slam teams, as well as being a long time organizer of Victoria’s Tongues of Fire.  They were also the 2010 Van Slam champion.  Driving under the influence of Bob Holman’s tequila, these 2 Dope Boys have been described as “challenging,” and are said to “push envelopes wherever they are.”


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