boilingfrog's Green Town Times

boilingfrog's Green Town Times

This podcast series explores some of the fantastic people and projects the boilingfrog producers encounter along the way on their exploration of off-grid, activist-friendly living. moved to Craik on Earth Day 2007. Since then, Kelly and Bridget have been working on their dreams to develop an off-grid, activist friendly, live/work space. When they're not busy with extensive renovations and construction you can find them involved in a variety of community events.
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Talking Tar Sands with Andrew Nikiforuk

March 31, 2009
| Author and journalist, Andrew Nikiforuk visits Craik and shares his knowledge about the environmental and economic effects of tar sands production in western Canada.
Length: 22:25
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

History in the Making with Glenn Hymers of the CSLP

March 25, 2009
| Glenn connects our historical past to the future of environmental sustainability in Craik, Saskatchewan.
Length: 1:03:39
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Why Craik

February 24, 2009
| A conversation with Shirley Eade, founding member of the Craik Sustainable Living Project (CSLP) and organizer of the annual Solar Fair.
Length: 55:06
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Deer don't have televisions

July 23, 2008
| Dr. Lynn Oliphant presents "Nature as a Model for Human Sustainability" at the recent Solar Fair in Craik, SK.
Length: 20:29
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Craik's 2nd annual Solar Fair

July 5, 2008
| Selected excerpts from various presenters at the 2008 Solar Fair, hosted by the Craik Sustainable Living Project (CSLP).
Length: 19:19
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Anne Rochon Ford interview

February 13, 2008
| NOTE: the following podcasts are from the HMBP tour... Co-ordinator of Women and Health Protection speaks about pharmaceuticals and their impact on womens health, children and the environment.
Length: 14:37
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Kitchener Conversations

February 1, 2008
| Man dies fleeing police; effectiveness of talk therapy; pharmaceuticals linked to seizures and diabetes; yoga makes you happy
Length: 14:49
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Carin Reinhardt interview

January 24, 2008
| Good nutrition beats pharmaceuticals in building healthy bodies, leaving one to wonder about policies that created a generation of drugged out zombies.
Length: 18:01
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Matt Soltys interview

January 16, 2008
| Producer and host of Healing the Earth podcast series here at rabble and co-organizer of the upcoming 'No Olympics on Stolen Land' speaking tour Jan 18 - Feb 7, 2008
Length: 12:23
boilingfrog's Green Town Times

Guelph in Conversation

January 11, 2008
| People share their courage and appreciation for citizen activism as well as alternative ways in looking at our health and health care system.
Length: 15:58